Common obstacles of professional bloggers and webmasters in online mission of earning

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Maximum Bloggers and webmasters have to accept the award of 'FAILURE' but my experience says that It is not your fault for which you are not a Successful Blogger Yet.I hve been blogging about my experiences since August 2004 and receive many emails with questions about become a successful blogger via private contact or message boards.I am sure everyone wants to become successful on the internet business either blogging or virtual product marketing but it is a matter of knowing what works and applying that information do well for your blog or website. 

Common obstacles of professional bloggers and webmasters in online mission of earning

Common obstacles of professional bloggers and webmasters in online mission of earning

Today I am trying to find out the common obstacles of professional bloggers and webmasters when they are starting out their online mission of earning.

1.Idea & inspiration:-

Lack of inspiration and no idea what topic to write on the proposed blog or website.

2. Low or no traffics:-

Low or no traffic coming to the blog is one of the major factors of all the bloggers and webmasters.

3. Lack of technical skills:-

Little technical skills in setting up and optimizing their blogs,beyond the default installation causes of low traffics.

4. Poor pinging & trackbacks:-

Little or no familiarity with pinging their own posts or sending trackbacks to related blogs.

Poor effectiveness in generating traffic to their blogs for lack of real time updates.

6. Poor Revenue generation:-

Facing an income ceiling and facing massive resistance in growing blog income beyond $100 a month as it is minimum threshold.

7. Poor motivational contents:-

Difficulty in getting motivational contents which create storm in online arena.To write new contents,it needs more knowledge about your niche with effective real ness.

8. Update blog posts:-

When ever it needs either from readers requests or real time happenings then it will be mean time basis.A mental block when it comes to conveying their personality in their writing, resulting in flat,dull content.

9. Lack of search engine indexed:-

Difficulty in getting their blog indexed regularly by the search engines,even after writing regularly for a couple of months.

10. Generate income beyond just Google AdSense:-

Understanding how to improve blog income by testing and tracking blog effectiveness via Google Adsense ads.It is seen that maximum bloggers and webmasters' first choice is Google Adsense ads to generate income but fail large portion to do so.

11. Write better contents:-

How to write better contents,Which enhancements ,plugins,software to increase their blogging productivity and reduce total time spent in online presence due to updating activities manners as home works of bloggers and webmasters.


It is seen that a lot of people drop the ball when it comes to becoming successful at blogging.Every where are competitions so as much as hard these challenges might be,they should not be a major focus if you want to be successful.Never mind about you are not an expert or becoming a programmer or computer expert.There are more important things that will deposit cash into your bank account than knowing how to create a successful blog. Blogging generates steady,long-term and highly profitable income but it needs study the best-of-the-best bloggers,researching and testing out what works and what doesn't work when it comes to blogging.Last 8 years gives me a lots of things and experiments which may be useful to the newbie bloggers and webmasters as well as experienced bloggers too.

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