Decreased Of Google Search Traffics Is Lighting 6 Common Factors To Fix

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Recently I have visited a lots of High Page Rank blogs and websites to prepare a list of hunting high page rank blogs and websites those allow guest post and comment luv backlinks. Normally I subscribe the comments on those blog with a real time comment.When I saw my email inbox then a lots of replies come from the bloggers and webmasters where I had commented. Maximum bloggers and webmasters have reported that they are enjoying heavy decrease of Google Search Engine traffics in recent days.They have asked me to solve the problem regain their lost place in Google Search Engine.I have given them a solution as my best of effort to increase Google search engine traffic.
Decreased Of Google Search Traffics Is Lighting 6 Common Factors To Fix
Today I want to share a few key ways to increase the Google Search Engine traffics for blog and websites those are recently losses the pillar.My suggestion in this matter you too can take help of Google's spam team head Matt Cutts' video in Youtube or my site here.Here the Decreased Of Google Search Traffics Is Lighting 6 Common Factors To Fix.
1.Analysis search:-
First thing you have to do that enter “site:” in Google search box to find out the list of all your indexed pages in cache.

Decreased Of Google Search Traffics Is Lighting 6 Common Factors To Fix
Here check it that your listing is increased or decreased or fully deindexed.There after see a snippet which may be cause of robots.txt blocking crawlers.Check if there is any "This site may harm your computer" malware warning message appearing below your post title in search results.
2.Domain Verify search:-
It is very important factor is that your blog ranks for your domain name or not such as searching and Check if your blog does n't appear or if it ranks poorly in search results.If the result is so then it is clear that a manual spam action is taken against it for violations of the Google Webmaster Guidelines.
3.Webmaster Tools Guideline:-
It is normally seen that if there a malware notice then the warning messages on violations of Google quality guidelines like hidden text, doorway pages etc.It is also seen that Google has been noticed no index tag or rel canonical link tag that points to a page unknown to the target blog or websites.
4.High SERP Site check:-
You have to confirm that only your site or blog is affected due to terms of policies or other sites also affected too due to Google’s algorithm change.So you can easily come to confirm decision.
5.Other Search Engine Check:-
It is most import to check your website or blogs in other search engines such as Bing,Yahoo,Rediff,AOL and many more.If it is found that they too are n’t listing your site or blog then it strongly indicates the problem is on your site or blog.Maybe you ran some test on robots.text or no index meta tag,and forgot to reset it.
6.Fix problems of Google Search:-
It is the main factor of the Google search result that how to fix the Google Index matters.You have to revised the findings and very smoothly make your site or blog error less in the eyes of Google Crawler.Fixing the causes you have remember that your all the previous submission in Google Webmasters tools have to delete and re enter new sitemap.xml.Now I am sure your website or blog will be ranking to go up again.
Some times it needs a reconsideration request to Google then Google will tell you if it has taken a manual action on your site and should be able to advise you what further action to take for your site or blog.There are a lots of forums which can help you to fix your problems but personally use Google webmasters Tools Forum for further help or suggestions.

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