How To Rewrite A Blog Post With Real Time Update To Generate More Traffics

One of the most researched words for professional bloggers and webmasters is that Copy past or rewrite of their own posts.It is also seen that a lots of well established bloggers and web page writers use this copy-Edit-Past formula in their real time updating posts. 

How To Rewrite A Blog Post With Real Time Update To Generate More Traffics

How To Rewrite A Blog Post With Real Time Update To Generate More Traffics

Recent days it is also heard that to increase reach cross-posting a blog post or update on a number of other sites and social media platforms will lead to success.In the other hand it is seen that the cross-posting too many automated links will class us as spammers. Before going to main issue I am trying to give an idea about Duplicate content.It is the content that can be accessed on more than one URL,and generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely match other content or are appreciably similar.While it is true that there is no penalty for duplicate content what happens in most cases is that Google drops all but the original to prevent repetition in its results.Today I will discuss the rewrite process of real time blog post or update of blog post either written by own self or any.Here the legality To Rewrite A Blog Post With Real Time Update To Generate More Traffics with out penalty from search engines.
1.Post modification:-
Minor modification in the existing blog post or web page simplify the information with out major rewrite process.One thing always member that if the post is not belongs to you then must give proper backlinks and credit link to the real author(s).

2. Blog Post Improvement:-
When ever Existing blog post or web page needs improvements then classify the areas and gives proper datas and related references.As it is again remember that must give reference link to the real author and proper backlink to the source article.

3. Common source data:-
It has been seen that most of real time blog post having common data source.So first you have determine the common data source and include the data source(s) in updated blog post or web page.

4. Data volume of blog post:-
A study of existing blog post or web page is necessary to determine the data volume of the blog post.It is mentioned that there also needed to give proper backlinks and data volume credit to the real author(s).

5. Fresh Approach to blog post:-
You can collect data from various source like web portals,magazine,publishing media news papers,television,survey reports,seminars etc.Now you can write the blog post or web page with your own words but you must give references of those data source.

6. Logical or review Approach to blog post:-
A lots of successful bloggers and web page writers have expressed that logical or review approach is the better way to rewrite any blog post or web page either belongs to own written or other writers.Because they explain that it will help to improve the blogger or web page writer skills and creativity.
Never use auto content generation tools and it will be penalized your blog or website.Your genuine content will be blocked in SERP as well as Google PR and other rankings too.Auto-generated content is clearly something Google’s does n’t want to rank as stated in Google’s Panda 3.4 algorithms.
It is never useful to have a section of any site or blog that re-posts articles from other sites.Many sites have a press release section, or a news section that re-posts relevant articles.Since it is all duplicate contents, they be better off removing these sections as my 8 years of blogging experience says.So decide yourself to rewrite blog post(s)!!

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