Why the number of personal blogs has increased comparison with corporate blogs

Now this days it is seen that the numbers of personal blog has increased than corporate blogs."Why this increment?" Yesterday one of my blogger friend had asked me the question.I have tried my best to reply her and she also agreed with my reply.
number of personal blogs

I think that the reply may be useful to others blogger too.So the summery of our discussion of the query "why the number of personal blogs has increased?" has given for our value able readers.Here the Advantage of Personal Blog than corporate blogs.
1.To make own identity:-
One of the biggest reasons to having a personal blog is that'To make our identity in the virtual world of the internet.'It may be a major factor for the increasing of the number of personal blogs
2.Introduce customize product or service:-
To introduce our new product or service,to promote our product or service,to increase sell of our product or service for all things personal blog is a very effective and tremendous way to marketing.
3.Most Impactful method:-
Personal blogs are easiest and most impactful way to build strong relationship with our customers.Having a personalized relationship with our customers increases more chances to achieve our goal.I think that it will be understood this point.Means what,it can increase the sells rate through this activity.
4.Easy To monetize the contents:-
Personal blogs are very helpful in creating additional income coming through affiliate programs.Marketing of products under affiliate programs becomes simple when you are considering the marketing links that produce a great amount of income.
5.Virtual Ads networks:-
Bloggers can connect the blogs with Google Adsense like many more advertisements to earn from contents.There will be two chances to make money,through adsense and also from affiliate programs.
6.Express own minds to the world:-
And last thing,personal blogs is a platform in that we can share our personal crucial or pleasant experiences in our own style not much professional or corporate style.Keep in mind this thing,people interacts with those blogs which are looking so true so simple not with corporate style blogs.
7.Trust worthy ness of personal blog:-
It is always heard that one of the biggest complaints of most people surfing the internet is the integrity and trust of the information they have in front of them by any website or blog.Personal blog can develop that trust,and keep that trust,Blog subscribers stay with the author if he or she is reliable.Its very easy to betray that trust so opportunity too.If blog subscribers feel that the author is pushing products on them,instead of helping them,they will unsubscribe or the information that the blog is providing is not valued to the subscriber,they will unsubscribe or never visit the blog again.There first have to build the trust with the readers and subscribers.
8.Precautions to avoid Failure:-
A lots of bloggers are seen online who have the high profile corporate jobs but they have left and have started personal blogging.The author is one among those people who are looking towards online programs to earn their live hoods.It is known to all that no need to worry about success or failures in any business as we have to just continue the works.It is true that most of the people fail in earning well through such personal blog,but that doesn't mean the author can n't do good.For getting success with online earning programs,it needs to make a wise selection and observation about the virtual world to real world.So make a bold research before starting personal blogging career.
The importance of having a personal blog vary from one person to another but real target or goal is the same every where and every person. If any body will have been something looking attractive and he/she would like to create a personal blog with in few minutes.

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  1. With due Regards to all your work,
    I would suggest you to work a lot on your grammar.
    There are too many mistakes.
    Eg. Take first line "Now this days it is seen that the numbers of personal blog has increased than corporate blogs."
    It should be "Now a day, it is a trend that number of personal blog has increased a lot more than corporate blogs"

    I hope you donot delete this comment and take it positively.

  2. Thanks @ Mr Ankit Kumar @ I am really proud of you because you have suggested a blogger who has 8 years blogging experience and 12 years corporate experience, also 15 years senior to you with 4 more educational university degrees.
    Here a few points for example :-
    when you use plural number in subject then object must be plural [ With due Regards to all your work]
    donot will be like either do not or don't.
    So my appeal to you that please correct your own grammar afterwards suggest others .
    N.B:It is not possible to give your blog's [ shoutability.com ] blacklink from this site BECAUSE your blog PAGE RANK is 0 which is against our policy.So it is edited to google only.Except this ,nothing has changed .

  3. Mr.Ankit Kumar @ you have done bad things !! whenever you want to suggest some one who senior to you , then must private mail him/her .As the author already the clarification about your suggestion and proudly publish it with out any hesitation.My suggestion to you , first correct your self then say to others.

  4. Ankit @ it is really bad habit for bloggers,I feel so sorry on you as such the author has expressed his polite nature and bravely publish your comment .

  5. As we know that Indian are normally polite nature but what you have commented here about a senior blogger !! APPEAL FOR PARDON TO HIM.
    In future never try this like nonsense activities if want success in life.

  6. Ankit @ you should ask public apology for your insulting words towards a senior blogger.

  7. What a nonsense mr Ankit @ appeal apology for your words.

  8. @ankit you should have message him other than commenting here.
    @umanu I think you should change the font,as the font is thin,its difficult me to concentrate on reading #pain :( . Suggestion Only

    Most difficult is ur comment captcha :P

  9. Thanks a lot @ Vipin for your value able comment ,I shall consider to implement your suggestions.

  10. Firstly I would Like to reply to what you quoted "I am really proud of you because you have suggested a blogger who has 8 years blogging experience and 12 years corporate experience, also 15 years senior to you with 4 more educational university degrees."

    I am actually stunned to see even with 8 years of blogging experience I don't see any improvements in your English...
    Next, how is 12 years of corporate experience not helpful in improving your English. What type of corporation were you working with?

    Lastly, how do 4 degrees help you become a better blogger?

    As per my perception YOU ARE WRONG AND ANKIT IS RIGHT.
    This is just my general feedback. You can take it as whatever you want.
    Have a good time blogging..

  11. Ankit @ as my a little knowledge says that if there is any wrong in his writing style or font or punctuation,it is better way to contact him via contact form.This not good for a professional blogger .In case of argument ,it is agreed you are write but you can not say him directly in thus manner.I am following him last 3 years and i have seen a few articles with poor English .It may be happened to any one when writing some thing mind is going another way.So ANKIT think yourself !! how you have done good here ?

  12. umain30 @ till you are waiting ? permanently block the nonsense guy

  13. Ankit :: you have not to interact like so badly !! if here is any error according to you you have inform the author via contact form.

  14. Brother Ankit // we are same boat brother so we have to treat silently , may not be in publicly.better way to tell him via PM.

  15. @umain30 looking at your blog doesn't seem like you are a blogger with 8 years of experience no further explanation required.

  16. Ujjal Kumar @ I have no personal intention with Ankit if so I have not published this comment .See my profile here or any where to get your reply.However thanks for comment.

  17. jayadrathsingh @ who are you ? asking like so to Brother Main Uddin !! As per information available on internet you are one of nasty COPY CAT makes a blog with in months and sell that to innocent client saying unique content .

  18. jayadrathsingh and Ujjwal Kumar @ both of you are supporting ANKIT ? He has really done bad things.As my least brain says that we have to respect our seniors.However if there is any error in author's article then must be inform the author via contact form.Bloggers should be maintain polite ness to other bloggers.In this way we can show respect to each other .

  19. my concern about the insulting comment ,normally comes from fellow bloggers those fully new in blogging world.So ANKIT is fully fresher in blogging ,we can PARDON him .
    Dear author @umain30 ,Just close the comment facility of this article.

  20. Nora Lamarti @ I fully agree with you.Ankit will be pardon as he is fresher in blogging.However , Dear author ,please close comment section of this article.

  21. Brother Main Uddin @ Please close this conversation.You know better than us that is for why , You can bear this type conversation. In case of us , we never publish such comment but you are an experienced blogger so have the ability to bear such criticism .

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