Close relationship between MIS and blogging system

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Blogging has become fashion ,now this days and a lots of people are doing it professionally .One of my well known blogger friend (Ileane Smith) has recently risen a question that Management of Information System(shortly MIS) is related to blogging or not ? but my limited knowledge can not retrieve the reply instantly.

We (me and my wife) have research the matter in various angle and try to resolve the query.Here we are trying to find out the Close relationship between MIS and blogging system.

1.  What is MIS :-

A management information system (MIS) provides information that is needed to manage organizations efficiently and effectively.Academically, the term is commonly used to refer to the group of information management methods tied to the automation or support of human decision-making.Management information systems involve three primary resources: people, technology, and information or decision making. Management information systems are distinct from other information systems in that they are used to analyze operational activities in the organization.

2.  How does MIS work :-

Management information system (MIS) is one of the important factor to join the all objectives in one place which leads the success in any business either online or offline.MIS support decision making in both structured and unstructured problem environment.General MIS has worked in three major roles.

A.   Match the capabilities of the person(s) to various needs of the environment and specific mission from the available opportunities.
B.  Establish a functioning environment and allocation of resources for maximum productivity.
C.  Manage responsibilities to users and impact on them.

So we can say that focus on management's functions of planning,organizing and controlling from system and information perspectives.So general MIS works in few steps which we can imagine like bellow-

Setting objectives--------> Diagnosis & select course of action--------->Design programmes to achieve objectives-------->Giving direction to programmes------>Controlling performance------>observing trends------->result of targeted goal.

3.  Blogging system and working style :-

A blog is a discussion or information site published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete entries or blog posts , typically displayed in reverse chronological order so the most recent post appears first.Now we can come to blogging the things are gone like bellow-

Choose objectives ------>Area of interest/select niche------->Domain name & hosting------>Software & designing------>Write contents------->Controlling performance------->Analysis of trends------>Enjoy success/failure.

4.  Similarity in MIS and Blogging :-

Here it is noticed that a lots of things similar to MIS and Blogging such as given bellow-
i. Planning:-
MIS and blog ,both needs well planned objectives and goal which is the most effective criteria.
ii. Directing:-
MIS and blog should have the availability to direct the market opportunity as leader to survive.
iii. Community/organization formation:-
MIS and Blog have to form a well furnished community or organization to reach the targeted goal with in due time because community has the strength of viral publicity.

iv. Feedback:-

Feedback is one of the most important factor of both MIS and Blogging system.It recycles the collected information or blog posts by the valued users or experts.Feedback gives the indication of success or failure of the project(s).This process ensure the proper analysis of MIS and blogging.


From this discussion , we can easily say that blogging is part of MIS (management of information system),where MIS is a large dam of information and blogging is a part of that information. Mathematically we can say it as MIS is set and Blogging is an elements of that set.MIS and Blogging both are the finally part of information technology.Either you are agree or not with our replies but don't miss to comment bellow.


1.Information system for modern management by Robert G Murdick,J.E Ross,James R Claggett; page no-50-53.
2.Global marketing management by Warren J, Keegan; page no-90-110
4.Thinking Made Easy

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Google becomes nostalgic on Google talk video chat to be replaced with Hangouts in Gmail

Google becomes nostalgic on Google talk or gtalk which is replaced by the hangout of Google plus.One of the  most popular services provided by Google which was Gtalk or Google talk and Orkut was captured social media market with help of Gtalk. 
Google becomes nostalgic on Google talk video chat

Google Talk was the official video-chat service for Gmail and Orkut users for quite long time, but since Google+ and its 10-person Hangouts now dominate the former’s feature-set the latest out of the Google camp is nothing surprising but they become nostalgic in Gtalk .

1.Google says about Gtalk:-

Fred Brewin, Product Manager (Google) says in latest blog post about Google talk again .Google Talk’s video chat service, which allows members to chat one-on-one with their friends and family,will now be replaced by Hangouts in Gmail.No longer will users be confined to talking to just one soul at a time, though that option is obviously still available if you so choose. You’ll also be able to take advantage of the unique sharing features such as watching embedded YouTube videos anyone posts into the chat.

2.How Gtalk works now:-


Gmail users will need to sign up for a Google+ account to do more than the one-on-one bit, but that should be no issue considering your current Gmail account will also act as your illustrious new Google+ account.

3.Puzzling declaration of gtalk:-

The service is available today for those with personal Google accounts while those on a Google Apps account will begin to see it in the coming weeks.starting today with personal Google Accounts, followed by Google Apps accounts on the Rapid Release track in the coming weeks and later by Apps accounts on the Scheduled Release track.Simply we can say , Google becomes nostalgic on Google talk video chat to be replaced with Hangouts in Gmail.


What’s next from Google ? YouTube as Youtube has already changed comment system,my notion that it would be an awesome combination especially if Google allowed the ability to record Hangouts in near future.

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Easy way to become SEO expert with most essential SEO resources

Professional bloggers and webmasters must become a SEO expert before coming to blogging profession, which I have already mentioned in my previous blog post "professional bloggers and webmasters Need To Become SEO Before Becoming Bloggers".Recently ,I have recived more than 100 mails via my blog contact form and most of mails carry approximately the same query such as what are the major steps to become a successful SEO as well as professional blogger too.Normally I use to reply all the mails those come via my blog Contact form but this time it has created problem for me because I have least little time to reply all the mails as describing what they want.So I have decided to write a blog which can cover all the SEO related queries those have been come to my mail box.Here most trusted and essential SEO resources are listed for all SEO experts.
Easy way to become SEO expert with most essential SEO resources

The SEO resources have been divided in five various parts [maximum SEO experts have agreed with this classification],those are SEO blogs, SEO tools, SEO guides, SEO forums and SEO conferences.I am sure if any one wants stay in SEO industry and try to learn something new about search engine optimization,then surely utilize these great inbound marketing aspects for all time.Here is the Most essential SEO resources to become SEO expert , Easy way to become SEO expert with most essential SEO resources.
1.Trusted SEO Blogs:-
There are thousands of SEO blogs are available in webs but a few are trusted.I have been touched with some of those to keep updated on the world of SEO with the trusted SEO blogs,those are my personal favorites,covering search engine news, tips, and algorithm changes with real time.
A.Search Engine Land :–
One of the biggest blogs on search engine news and information with real time updates.
One of my favorite SEO blogs, where thousands of SEO contributors, split between the main blog and the YouMoz blog, filled with good SEO articles.
C.SEO Book:-
Aaron Wall creates some truly great articles, love him or hate him, you should be reading his blog.
D.Matt Cutts:–
Head of Google’s webspam team,you should probably listen to him or something new to Google search engine.
E.Search Engine Journal:–
Great blog for link building, PPC, and optimization information with real time update.
F.Google’s Blog:–
Google’s main blog, not much on SEO specifically, but it’s good to know what Big G is up to.
2.Reliable SEO Guides:-
Blogs can be an incredible source of information on seo but it become hard to choose right information on a particular topic.There are a few guide blogs in webs which are really reliable for bloggers and webmasters.My personal favorites are-
i.Google’s SEO Start Guide:–
Official Google guide to getting started with SEO.
ii.Beginner’s Guide to SEO:–
The most essential read for beginners, and it’s pretty too.
iii.The Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors:–
Excellent visual guide to SEO.
iv.SEO Copywriting Guide:–
The SEO Copywriting guide is a must read
v.Marketing Terms:–
Confused about what SEO, SEM, PPC, or inbound marketing ? Learn all of the necessary phrases here.
vi.Search Engine Ranking Factors Guide:–
Another great guide, this time on ranking factors, from SEOmoz
vii.Simplifying SEO Guide:–
Great guide on how to keep SEO simple.
viii.SEO Cheat Sheet:–
Another must read for website owners from SEOmoz.
3.Permitted SEO Tools:-
SEO tools can safe a lots of time for bloggers and webmasters but some time ,these tools bring the bad news for them because some of those tools are banned by the major search engines.So taking a check before playing with those tools other wise those can be immense time sink if do n’t careful.
A.Google Keyword Tool:–
If there is one “getting started” tool that you must learn about, it’s this one. Know it well, you’ll use it forever (or at least as long as Google is around).
B.SEOmoz’s Tools:–
A comprehensive suite of tools that it is started to fall in love with, because very useful.
C.Google Webmaster Tools:–
If you are going to play Big G’s game (whitehat style), you need to use their tools.
D.Open Site Explorer:–
A individual SEOmoz tool that’s perfect for checking competitor’s backlinks, as well as other metrics. More comprehensive if you’re a pro user.
E.Serp IQ:–
One of my recent favorite tools to emerge on the market, tons of great uses from competition analysis to keyword discovery, this tool is insanely fast and has a ton of great features.
F.Scribe SEO:–
A super useful tool (especially if you are focusing on WordPress SEO) because it breaks down keyword density to perfection.
Great for spying on your competitors, specifically their advertising.
H.Wordtracker Keyword Tool:–
It is a classic,must use for keyword research.
I.Market Samurai:–
Still one of the best keyword analysis tools on the market, perfect for checking SEO competition, although it runs somewhat slowly .
4.Authorized SEO Forums:-
It has seen that blogs and guides can offer a ton of essential information for bloggers and webmasters but there are a lots of questions have been un answered, so it is best place to use forum to get reply those queries.
i.Webmaster World:–
One of the oldest forums for website owners.
ii.Digital Point Forum:–
Useful, but can be a time sink: remember, it’s always better to do more work and less reading.
iii.Search Engine Watch Forum:–
Very popular forum tied to Search Engine Watch.
iv.Webmaster Forum:-
Friendliest webmaster forum on the Internet! Discuss lighting,optimizing photographs for web use, best digital choices.

Site Point is good, you don't have so much bad quality like on DigitalPoint, because they don't have nearly as many users. But you can have a signature with links, so that's good enough for me. And the quality of answers there is also really good.
5.Experts SEO Conferences:-
A lots of SEO experts offer conference either paid or non paid so it is a great way to really dive into SEO is to know about the many search engine related conferences.
i.SES Conference:–
SES is the leading global event series about search and social marketing, with a focus on tactics and best practices.
BlueGlass’ Internet Marketing Conferences have quickly become known in the web marketing circles as being premier events for learning the latest strategies, interacting with the speakers and networking.
iii.Search Marketing Expo:–
It is an another leading search engine conference.


I am sure that if any webmaster or blogger regularly follow the works of this websites or blogs, then he /she must become a SEO expert with in a couple of months.If it has a big resource that are liked to see included ? Let me inform some of favorite SEO resources in the comments box bellow.Special thanks to my blogger friend, Gregory Ciotti who helps in Google Plus hangout to prepare the article.

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Survey on Technology news coverage and Asian Techno trends-2012

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Asia is the largest continent in our planet where maximum numbers of people live.So there is no doubt about a large number of Asian technological exerts are here and they produce a large number of techno trends in the virtual world of internet.Today I am trying to identify the method of techno trends and Asian technological blogs and bloggers with the counterparts of rest world.Survey on Technology news coverage and Asian Techno trends-2012

Here the full story of the Survey on Technology news coverage and Asian Techno trends-2012.
1.How techno trends identify:-
Today's world is running behind new to newer technology every where.It is better way to spread out with in few minutes of modern news coverage either business news or technology news via web.There are a lots of research teams have attempted to model this process, like,share,bookmark the spread of flu,fashions and forest fires.Researchers have found one of the fundamental insights that these studies have produced is why these phenomenon spread in similar ways.What these things have in common is the networks on which they spread.It is their environment and the way it is linked together that determines how these events cascade.Another thing has come out that the share network of contacts between people and the network of links between websites.It has become because of the connection,the properties of one network can reasonably be assumed to apply to the others from any where to any one with barricade or boundaries.
2.Research on techno trends:-
Berlin Institute of Technology,Germany has studied on social techno trends on the guidance of Professor Felix Biessmann with his a few students.The study has brought the problem of trend setting among news sites around the globe.They are trying to answer a few questions such as which websites lead the news coverage and which ones merely follow. They have approached to take a snapshot of the words generated by a group of websites at any instant in time and compare it to the words generated by one of these websites at an earlier time.This allows them to calculate whether the content of this single website is a good predictor of future content on other websites.On the other hand,whether it is a trend setter.They then rank the websites according to their own metric.
3.Asian Result on techno trends:-
We have already said that Asia is the largest market of any thing,so they have also taken look Asian techno trends.Their study based on 196 Asian technology blogs which are the part of main research and they have identified in same metrics and found the bellow blogs:-
This Week in Asia
Tech in Asia
TechOrange Global
Daily Social EN
Social Median NZ
Digital Inspiration
M.I.C. Gadget
4.World's result on techno trends:-
The research team has monitored near about 598 technology news websites throughout 2011-2012,a process that generated data on some 1000,000 words but they removed the common words on the websites. Here is the top techno trends or blogs in the world as they carries technology news coverage.
We can say it clearly that there are more work to be done in identifying techno trend blogs.Techno Trends blogs in technology news play a similar role to the first victims in an epidemic who spread the disease,the match or lightning strike that triggers a forest fire and the fashionistas that set clothing trends.Perhaps a similar process might help identify the websites that act as matches on the web,those sites that trigger each new wave of news.We hope,near future more clear and reliable trends will come out from other researchers around the world.
1.Tech Talk Asia
2.Technology Review
3.Cornell University Library

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Survey on SEO industry with key measurements of professional bloggers and webmasters

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most efficient and handy job for professional bloggers and webmasters.Recently ,it is seen that SEO services has become one of the most useful and wanted service in the virtual world of the internet.SEO profession has already become a big business and a lots of e- entrepreneurs have established them with this.SEO industry is big enough to get a mention on close to 950 million websites and blogs.Interestingly it is seen that Youtube alone has164,000 videos which are focused by SEO techniques.Here is the full coverage of the Survey on SEO industry with key measurements of professional bloggers and webmasters.
1.Survey on SEO service:- 

BlueCaribu is a internet marketing company,which is located in Spain has published a review of SEO resources online and some of the results are astonishing such as India is the nation most interested in search engine optimization where Germany is in the last position.
2.Factors related on SEO service:-
SEO or Search engine optimization is the black art of ensuing that any website or blog bubbles up to the top in organic or unpaid search engine results which are called unique traffic for websites and blog.It has already become hard to harder,now this days.Amazon has almost 3,000 books on SEO.13 million blog posts have been published with SEO in the title.And Twitter averages almost 250,000 monthly tweets about SEO.
3.SEO service effects on web:-

Here is the full details in the infographic.
[Image credit:Nasirkhan/ShutterStock ]

Survey on SEO industry
SEO services has expanded it's border in recent years and here is the core factors of SEO industry.
a.Global seo mentors:-
863 websites mention SEO and 164,000 Youtube videos are indexed for SEO.
b.Every seconds effects on SEO:-
3.5 people look up SEO on Google and 9.1 million people search SEO on Google.
c.American effects on SEO:-
2.24 million American people looks up SEO per month where 48% are women.
d.Top seArches on SEO:-
SEO services,SEO company and free SEO tools.
e.Top countries on SEO:-
India is placed on top where Pakistan is the second position and United States of America is placed in 4th position.
f.Popular month for SEO:-
Financial year ending month March is the most popular for SEO search.
g.Highest number SEO nation:-
India has the highest number of SEO professionals.
h.Tweet on SEO:-
248,000 Tweets are generated per month about SEO and 60,194 profile created about SEO.
i.Blog posts on SEO:-
13 million blog posts have been written on SEO.
J.Amazon has stored 2696 books for seel about SEO.
k.Corporate world on SEO:-
Entrepreneurs gets more interest on SEO than any other industry.
It has a great scope to become a SEO consultant to earn high income.A lots of Indian bloggers and webmasters provide SEO service and become more popular among the newbie bloggers and webmasters. verification code:  SB6KD4Q7Q9EG

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8 Critical factors of SEO & Usability for professional bloggers

Maximum bloggers and webmasters says that good SEO and good Usability is the same thing but my own experience and other web experts have already agreed that both are different things.There is no doubt that SEO and usability have two completely different goals.The goal of SEO is to rank highly in search engines for specific keywords,and the goal of usability is to make the online experience as user-friendly as possible.
8 Critical factors of SEO & Usability for professional bloggers

It is seen that SEO friendly pages were usually filled with text links and keywords,making the webpage virtually impossible to use.How ever with the changes to the way Google indexes pages,good SEO and good usability can live side by side.These days,it is all about defining goals,and striking the perfect balance.Good SEO is invaluable to achieving online success.Most of web experts express that before investing time and penny in SEO works,webmaster and blogger must take a step on good usability .Normally we can say that SEO and usability are like head & tail of a coin.So,if you want sound benefits from search engine optimization then must to do good usability for getting the most beneficial effects.Here is the 8 Critical factors of SEO & Usability for professional bloggers.
1.Target of site's text:-
It is known to all that content is the king of any website or blog and the text format content is the best for search engine spiders .Flash,JavaScript or image text are best for usability but a few search spiders crawl these contents.
2.Targeted audience:-
It is better to stay in single niche when creating content,stick to one topic for each page or post which can generate targeted readers or visitors.Various topics surely confuse readers and leads to poorer performance & relevancy.Defining your audience will help validate your design, branding and marketing of any type website or blog.Research is must necessary with proper manner or throughly.
3.Checkout keywords of Competitors:-
Stronger keywords is one of the best way to get noticed by search engine if it is used in the first sentence.Manage your sentence in such a way as to help spiders establish a relationship between keywords.competitor’s keywords strategy will enlighten and inspire you.However,there is a noticeable and awkward recurrence of the keywords,then you need to modify the post or the webpage.
4.Post title and headline tag:-
One of the most important area to strike a perfect balance between SEO and usability.The title tag is the most important on page factor for search engine indexing.But it is also the first thing the user sees.Obviously, headers are secondary to titles,but are still important.A good title/headline tag focuses on 1-2 keyword themes,nothing more.Headers and titles should be an extension of your keyword themes,reinforcing them.Every page of your website should have a different title. This makes both good SEO and good usability.
5.Trails via sitemap:-
Providing sitemap is one of the advanced trail to inform the search engine spiders.A simple way to achieve this is by supplying a text-based sitemap with a link to every page on your site that you want the spiders to crawl.This is especially beneficial if your site is relatively new and has few inbound links.Sitemaps are of benefit as well to websites that have a large volume of content pages that are not linked to each other. Due to privacy reasons,learn to use'robots.txt' files to instruct spiders to stay away from such content.
6.Landing Doorway/home page:-
Creating content it must remember that landing or home page must reduce the number of out bond links.These days,this is both bad usability and SEO.The Google-bot is now able to differentiate between genuine webpages and pages used to spamdex.
7.Search engine friendly url:-
When creating internal links,it is important to strike a balance between relevant keywords and good communication.Make sure blog post or web page internal links are relevant and URL must be search-engine-friendly.Use two to three relevant keywords in your URL.In general,simple,easy to remember URLs without too much punctuation are the way to good SEO & usability.
8.Well Furnished structure:-
A well thought-out structure with the relevant names/titles/subdomains will help both usability and SEO.An internal linking structure that links to your most important pages should also be considered.Consider a bread-crumb navigational menu for both good SEO and usability.

[Note:- Special thanks to my blogger friends Freelance SEO consultant,John Romaine and Strategic Guide of Social Business,Henri Stetter for Google+ hangout discussion.]
Normally,spiders look at the page title after the url.When composing titles,use two or three strong keywords that tell the topic of the page and that you want to rank for.Your title is also what is shown to searchers in search engine results pages(SERP).Google shows up to 70 characters of a page title in their results page.Be sure to make each page title unique,even if topics may be similar. This avoids confusion,if you plan on spending a considerable amount of time and effort towards ranking your own website or blog, then it is always worthwhile investing in a SEO training course.This will see you really maximize your efforts on focus of targeted website or blog.

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Top 5 SEO experts talk about how the Google search engine works on query

It is known to all bloggers and webmasters that Google is the biggest,largest and reliable search engine in the world of internet.All most every internet user use Google search for any data either normal user or internet savvy.But only a few of bloggers and webmasters know that how does Google Search works!Google search engine works on query 

Today,I am trying to find the reply here.Most reliable and well known and reliable Top 5 SEO experts talk about how the Google search engine works on query and Algorithm are used in search.
1.Samantha Murphy of Mashable says:-
Samantha Murphy has written in her article that about how the search engine giant thoroughly scours the web on a daily basis to provide the most up-to-date results to users.According to her article 'There are three things you need to do to be the best search engine in the world.First,you need to crawl the web comprehensively and deeply,then you want to rank or serve those pages and return the most relevant ones first,Google then sends that query out to hundreds of different machines all at once,which look through their fraction of the web that has been indexed to find the best match.'She has given reference of Google spam team head Matt cutt's video.
Matt Cutts along with several members of the search quality team have a live hangout in Hyderabad,India.
2.Barry Schwartz of seroundtable says:-
Barry Schwartz has also referred to Matt Cutts,Google's head of search spam,was interviewed at SMX Advanced by Danny Sullivan.The video snippet was of links versus social signals.His notion away was that Matt Cutts says links are still,for the foreseeable future,going to be a more powerful signal for search rankings than social signals.Cutts does say that in ten years that may change but right now,links are indeed more important.Social does factor in big time when you are on Google+ and searching logged in.But in terms of a core ranking signal for users who are not logged in? Well,Matt Cutts would know best.
3.JON MITCHELL of readwriteweb says:-
JON MITCHELL has talked to Googler Ben Gomes.He is one of the elite engineers addressing the never-ending array of challenges we users pose by asking ever-more-complicated questions of Google.He has stated that Ben was introducing him to a brand new Google concept called Search,plus Your World which can able to delve much deeper into the fundamentals of Web search.Computing power at Google's scale is awesome to behold,along for a search query's ride one step at a time.He also stated that the Google team are trying to understand that complexity in order to understand users'intent,and then answer it by understanding the documents and their information intent,and matching the two.
4.ANDREW TARANTOLA of gizmodo says:-
Andrew Tarantola has written in his article that Google's great at finding pretty much anything on the Web—no matter how obscure—but has generally lacked social content thanks to itsongoing standoff with Facebook.But, according to the search giant,the most radical transformation ever has just occurred to its search engine.But maybe not in the good way.Google dubbed this metamorphosis, Search,Plus Your World.It integrates Google+ content directly into search results in three ways.First,it now provides Personal Results which include media—photos,blog posts,etc—that have been privately shared with you as well as your own stuff.Any images set to share using Picasa will also be displayed. Second,Google Search will now auto-complete queries to people in G+ circles and will display people who might also be interested in what the searching for in the search results.Finally,it simplifies the process of finding other Google+ profiles for people or specific interest groups based on the query.
5.Kim Castleberry of just-ask-kim says:-
Kim Castleberry has wrote in her blog post that it did note however it is a newer video and the infamous PR(PageRank)word was used,perhaps dispelling the rumor that it is being phased out for at least the time being.However,it is still only one of over 200 signals used which includes everything from backlinks to navigation to site design for which Google search take an extra algorithm.
It is known that Google’s mandate is clear,to produce high quality,relevant,spam free search results for their millions of users.Ultimately it comes down to individuals and the tactics they decide to employ.If any one wants to get on board with Google’s Quality Guidelines,user will all benefit from a more useful and friendly web that all users can all enjoy the world's biggest search engine with real time and informative data.
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Google rolls out a new Share button to allow users to directly share Google search results on Google+


Internet giant Google introduces new search Share button to share directly in Google+.A few months ago Microsoft has started another social networking site named as and which creates very small waves in virtual world but they introduces a new conception of sharing.Here the full coverage of the Google rolls out a new Share button to allow users to directly share Google search results on Google+. 

 Google rolls out a new Share button

It allows the users to share the Bing search in has quick comes to the point and implements the search share in Google+.As Google says in it's recent blog post that strengthening the connection between Google search engine and social networking site Google+.Google's new feature will allow the users to directly share Google search results on Google+ with their friends and special persons.
1.How Google Search share:-
Google has introduced a new Share feature on its search page.It seen that the'Share' button appears in place of the +1 button in English-language search results,and enables users to share and comment on website links directly with their Google+ friends.
2.Google says on Search share:-
Announcing the launch of this new feature, Sean Liu wrote in aGoogle+ post,'Starting today,we are rolling out a new experiment to show a Share link in Google search in place of the +1 button,making it easier for you to share a great website with your friends.'
3.How Google's search share works:-
The new Share link in Google search allows users to add a comment about why they found a particular link useful.They can then choose to share it publicly or with specific Circles,and it will be posted to their Google+ stream.Currently users can only +1 a listing from the results page,which is not a very effective mode of promoting a page or sharing some interesting information with others.
4.Experts view on Google Search share:-
The new feature was first spotted by Berian Reed,head of search marketing of Auto Trader UK,who then shared the news with others on Twitter.It has confirmed by the Google,the launch of this new feature in a Google+ post.Take a look at the search image above,or head to Google search right away to test this new Share option.Amit Agarwal,one of Google evangelist in India has said that this feature will attract more and more users to Google+.
Google+ has already become one of the most used social media in the world.So there is nothing to new for them to introduce new to newer features.I have already told that is the first one who allows the users to share search result in user's updates.

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Key reason of the fastest growth of successful e-entrepreneur in IT industry

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IT industry has to work hard for a living as a dotbuster era had been over.Indian supply has become intellectual power house in the dot com generation to modern world.This is ratified by the gate way of the Silicon valley,San Francisco(USA)airport as stated that"Phir-Milenge-Hum"(See you again).

Key reason of the fastest growth of successful e-entrepreneur in IT industry
Thinking big is a inherent in the IT world. Today,I am going to analysis of the Indian IT professional's future and Key reason of the fastest growth of successful e-entrepreneur in IT industry.
1.Indian IT professional's mind:-
It is mindbloggling that new generation IT professional is in hurry.They go straight from birth to adulthood because if the speed is slow,it may mean getting killed in the IT market.In proportion to the world statistics says that education and entrepreneurship come naturally to Indians because India has the brain drain either in IT sector or any other sectors.It is also seen that Indian farmers also entrepreneur if he/she takes risk.
2.Entrepreneurs success truths:-
Most successful entrepreneurs swear by hard work and working 18 hours daily.Success is no longer a dream to be chased,it has to be achieved through brainstorming and quick implementation.Things are more difficult with out resources of a big organisation to fall back on.Every penny has to be pinched and well spent.
3.Entrepreneurs management basic:-
The best part of the new management view is that venture capitalists today prefer to back people with one failure,simply because,they know what not to do.There are angel capitalists,who are also active angel investors,as they provide seed capital,the CEO and the Chairman.Some group or individual would like to build their business with their own money since they are a believer in fiscal prudence and discipline.

4.E- Entrepreneur's mindset:-

Running successful internet business looks very simple.Actually is it simple ? The reply is that it is never simple.Internet business either you are selling products or services, both are more harder than physical business.So must remember that never enter any get rich tactics.Now this days, Professional blogging has become hot spot for E- Entrepreneur.This slide can help every professional bloggers and entrepreneur. 
Check it out the E-Entrepreneur success mindset for corporate world. 
5.Entrepreneurs market analysis:-
Success can be achieved but it would be difficult to retain without immediate adaptability to changing the technology and environment.The management provide the strategic focus for the organizational direction.The technical terms provide the tools for interaction with the valued readers,visitors,customers and clients.
Each increment of growth requires a redefinition of the organization,while analyses the stage of growth.Technology must be a major factors all the success stories,now this days.The IT industry has a re-engineered system of management as multiple factors contribute to rapid growth and success.

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Bloggers specialties of Dot 360 Degree apps for iPhone 4

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Actually I am not so much interested in panoramic applications for phone or tablet but one of application has caught my attention deeply.The application is developed by Kogeto team.It is kept named as "DOT 360 DEGREE" which is stylish,durable and downright pocketable 360º(panoramic)lens attachment and app for the iPhone 4.Bloggers specialties of Dot 360 Degree apps for iPhone 4

Here is the query comes that what are the specialties of DOT 360 DEGREE.Here I am trying to describe the Bloggers specialties of Dot 360 Degree apps for iPhone 4. 
1.Works will be done by DOT:-
Dot is not only an apps but lets your iPhone capture immersive,fully navigable,panoramic video in real-time and share with friends on your phone,as well as on Facebook and Twitter,or streamed online using our awesome panoramic video web platform and player.
See the video made by developers here.

2.Developers' view:-
They have stated in a blog post that they are more excited for this apps because normally users are uber lazy,and they could rather put down the camera and enjoy the party.It is making a bet to users would do easily and quickly.
3.Apps pre lunch secret:-
When DOT was under secret beta testers have created a lot of fun taking it to concerts,the park,on moped rides in Italy,momemtums in India,Pyramids in Egypt and showing cramped apartments to mothers halfway around the world.
4.Dot Conceptions:-
The developers has stated that until recently it took major moolah and hefty gear to make a decent panoramic video.Now all you need is your phone and the world around you.

The developer team has stated that they had spent the past few months researching, designing,prototyping and coding.That means they were working hardware and software prototypes.Kogeto team has done great job to bring the cutting-edge panoramic technology to a much wider audience–and even more excited to see what users will do with DOT.I really like this DOT apps.

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Most essential,self earned tips to create a successful professional blog

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It was primary stage of blogging era when I was started blogging as a student of business management in 2003-2004.It was because one of our fellow teacher had asked to all of our class mates to start blogging.I agree that we the fellow students did not know any thing about blogging at that time.Most of us had been started writing online diary which had no informative value of those blogs.After completing MBA,I had joined in corporate world and got busy with works.

In 2008,when I had resigned form Tata Motors Limited then again I have entered in blogging world with the hope of better independent in works.This(Perfect BloggersTech)is the latest version of my previous blog which I was started in 2004 with free subdomain.I don't know,whichever definition is used,while there are constant innovations in blogging, some things I have learned from the start remain true this days successful blogging.I don't know,how much successful myself or my blog but it is sure a lots of visitors come to my blog and they stay hours and hours in my blog.Today I want to share my 8 years experience and Most essential,self earned tips to create a successful professional blog.
1.Become Reader:–
It is said that more you read,the better writer you will be.Read good blogs of other bloggers and note your thoughts to write better contents.

2. Straight one step:–
Don’t be overwhelmed,take one step at a time and keep going.Just try to concentrate in only one task at a time.

3. Informative fun:–
Readers want to find fresh,valuable, entertaining remarkable information.Make an effort to deliver more than just facts.Make the content about the blog readers,not you.

4. Simple & easy:-
It sure that Style,grammar,spelling all count for nothing if your audience doesn’t get your meaning.Make sure you are understood by your readers easily and simply.

5. Direct to points:–
When it is going to write article that must be direct and to the point.Being valuable is more important than following any rules.It keeps readers with boring.

6. All consistent:–
Every post should be one of the best of your blog.You are only as good as your last post

7. Realize quality over quantity:–
Write some evergreen blog posts just like fewer kick-ass articles are better than many so-so posts.

8. Personal develop expertise:-
It is sure that you might not be an expert now but you can be.Dive into your subject and hoover it up.Share what you learn and know.

9. Keep passion:–
Always keep the fires burning,don’t let your subject turn into a chore.Passion can bring the success for bloggers.

10. Connect fascination:–
Conclusion part of any blog post is a great place to share author's own view about the topic.If you love your subject then let your readers know,share your enthusiasm,make it contagious.

11. Better motivation:–
All of us can improve our writing but it takes effort and motivation and long time.

12. Take experience:–
Do new things,broaden your horizons,stretch yourself.When you learn something new,tell your readers about it.Case studies are excellent content.

13. Prepare to explore and experiment:–
Keep trying new things,never stagnate.If you are the same as everyone else,why would anyone visit your blog? Appearances count, both in terms of your blog design and your posts.Make your content zing.

14. Impressive first impression:–
First impression is the best for any readers.
Do new visitors know what your blog is about in under 10 seconds? Can they navigate easily? Where is your best content?

15. Hold great momentum:–
Keep pushing every day,do not be content,it takes less effort to keep going than to stop and start over.

16. Focus & Optimize:–
Keep tweaking,continuously improve.Don’t squander your readers attention,give them what they came for,easily search feature is one of the better way for success.

17. Brand & reputation:–
Know what you stand for and deliver it consistently.Find out what your readers are looking for and write about it which can make your blog as a established brand.

18. Attractive headlines with breaking news:-
Write compelling headlines to get attention, promise a benefit,provoke interest.Supplement your knowledge by interviewing experts.Be first to a story,let everyone know and see the links flood in with information.

19. Easy to Feed subscription offer:-
Attention is more important than page views.Feedburner and email newsletter services are the best ways.

20. Run research,survey,poll & contests:–
Contests are fun and build awareness,Research results are newsworthy and survey gives to bloggers differentiate.

21. Daily stats analysis:-
Stats tell you the health of your blog.Where is traffic coming from? Can you do more of what works? Is your blog growing or sliding? There are many free services in the virtual world of the internet.

22. Inter blogs communication:-
Nurture your audience,make them know they are valued.Comment on other blogs and feedback your own readers' comments.

23. Social media profile activities:-
Social media networks has become one of the hot bed to Make friends,Ask questions, Twitter followers,Facebook fans,Digg,Link generously,Stumble upon and many more.Link generously have to first impression to online viewers of your profiles.

24. Join forums & guest post:–
Break out of your bubble,meet people where they are Give stuff away or great guest blog post to your blog or others by you.

25. Turn rebel:–
Break the rules,go against the flow,zig when others tell you to zag,do your own thing your own way.

26. Success enjoy:–
Keep doing what you do until it stops being fun.When it is no longer fun,bring the fun back with you highest quality blog post.
These a parts of successful professional blogs and bloggers.Other some key factors are Site Design and Structure,Choose your colors and themes wisely,Make your blog organized, Use images,videos and other media,Stuff your homepage with the essentials,archives your posts,Widget for top posts,Widget for recent posts,Widget for related posts,Tag & category clouds,Blogroll and links,Public email address,keyword research and write on topics on niche.Directly it can say that Start by raising an issue,continue with answering it and providing backup or proof,then end with reaffirming the solution to the issue you raised.It pays to plan before writing by having an outline and visualizing how to start and end your article.Keep your blog active,fresh and updated with real time.
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Multi-talent founder Google executive Marissa Mayer is going to become new CEO of Yahoo

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Marissa Mayer is one the top founder executive in Google Inc who is also one of all time best Googler.It is very surprise move for all parties involved,prominent Marissa Mayer may soon be announced officially as Yahoo’s new CEO of Yahoo

Here is the full topic of the Multi-talent founder Google executive Marissa Mayer is going to become new CEO of Yahoo.[Data & image credit:venturebeat]
1.Why yahoo wants Marissa Mayer:-
Marissa Mayer works at Google included the UIs for Google web search and Gmail.In recent years and months,she also headed up location /local services for Google.Today mid night, Yahoo confirms the news in an investors’ release as stated that Mayer is Yahoo’s new president and CEO as well as its newest board member.
2.Google says about Marissa Mayer:-
When we reach to Google about the news,the co-founder Larry Page also confirm it in a statement as say that when she had come to Google just over 13 years ago as employee at age of 20,Marissa has been a tireless champion of Google users.She contributed to the development of Google Search,Geo and Local products.She will be missed by Googler.
3.Why Marissa Mayer in yahoo:-
Marissa Mayer was first approached about the Yahoo job just last month,will begin in her new role starting tomorrow.When the reporters approch to her about the new job,she has stated in a press release as she is happy and delighted to lead Yahoo,one of the internet’s premier destinations for more than 700 million users,and she hopes to work with the company’s dedicated employees to bring innovative products,content,and personalized experiences to users and advertisers all around the world.
4.Yahoo's hopes on Marissa Mayer:-
Mayer’s appointment as Yahoo’s CEO will put a relatively unsmirched executive with a relatively golden reputation at the head of the troubled company.Yahoo’s past two CEOs have been ousted amid public relations disasters galore.All in all,Mayer’s stellar record and public image seem to make her the perfect PR antidote for Yahoo’s hard luck with CEOs.
5.Track record of Marissa Mayer:-
Yahoo chairman Fred Amoroso says in a statement that Marissa has unparalleled track record in technology,design,and product execution makes her the right leader for Yahoo at this time of enormous opportunity.A CEO position might be just what the doctor ordered for Mayer,as well.
6.Experts review on Marissa Mayer:-
While some might question Mayer’s move from the mighty Google to the struggling Yahoo,the jump from vice president to CEO—and not startup CEO—is a big one for her.She should be joining tech powerhouses such as IBM CEO Ginny Rometty,HP CEO Meg Whitman,and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg at the top of the executive ladder.
The Fortune magazine listed Mayer as one of the 50 most powerful women in the world in 2010.Marissa Mayer(37 yrs)is the youngest woman ever to make that list.She is one of such techno woman has taken the availability to control the hardship with in few minutes and maintain the stability of mind to cover the situation.Recently it is reported that 
Marissa Mayer is already pregnant but till not confirmed.We hope that she will be success in her new role.

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Most essential key factors of Public relationship blog & bloggers in corporate world

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Public Relationship(PR)is one of the major factor of any business establishment either online or offline.It is already agreed by the majority business experts that professional blogging is a super skilled business.factors of Public relationship blog

So,the PR(public Relation)is also a part of blogging.One of my blogger friend(Rich Ord)says that blogs and participatory journalism are impacting the practice of public relations.I think that the quoted line has given a quite message for need of PR in blogging and the criteria of PR blogs.Here is the Most essential key factors of Public relationship blog & bloggers in corporate world.
1.Why PR blogs needed:-
It is very easy to say about making a PR blog but the key to making a blog work for you as a business owner or manager is focusing on a topic that relates to your work and expertise .PR blog highlights the knowledge and expertise about public relations thus making it more valuable to the targeted firm even though top levels'are not directly writing on it on behalf of the targeted firm.It is very important to maintain objectivity in the blogosphere to get attention from virtual world as well as real world too.
2.Ways of successful PR blog:-
There are many ways to make a successful blog.That it really comes down to offer readers a unique perspective and commentary, providing links to unique resources and news and updating daily or close to it.Adding own spin and commentary it does n’t have to be long,just interesting for a while.It is essential that PR blog bring the reader more than just facts and links.To keep readers coming back,connecting with the reader is very important.Writing a blog is one way to establish Own self as a thought leader in the corporate world.A blog will help to become as an expert and think tank in own field.
3.How to reach PR blog:-
It is one of the most important thing that how the visitors find Your PR blog ? but here is the reply,try to link with a lot of other blogs and news sites which are related with your PR blog.Your links to them will in time foster an environment that encourages them to link to your PR blog.It should also submit new blog to all of the blog search engines. Engines such as Daypop and Technorati crawl blogs with incredible speed,often spidering for new info hourly.More content will also make PR blog more noticeable in these search engines.
4.Social feed Syndication:-
It is better to offer an RSS/XML syndication feed of your blog.Then submit this feed to all of the feed syndication directories and search engines such as Syndic8,Feedster or check out RSSTop55for an extensive list. Social media profile or fan page will work very speedy,now this days.So it better to making major(Facebook,Twitter ,Linkedin,Pinterest,etc)social media profile or fan page for PR blog.
5.Learn from Top PR blogs:-
It is better to learn from competitors' PR blogs which easily give an idea as how to move forward in PR blog.Here is a list of some successful PR Blog.
These are only a few successful blogs.There a lots of such blogs,you can take example from those PR blogs.
6.Experts' view on PR blog:-
Recently I have read an article in Business Week e- magazine where it is stated about the importance of blog to companies such as blogs or websites with content management systems are changing the model for companies,that really have to engage customers on a one on one level.It has also mentioned Microsoft as a leader of the way blogging,corporations have accepted blogging as an integral part of public relations.Companies now recognize the need to talk to their clients and potential clients in a more intelligent and unbiased way.
Feed back us with bellow queries for better PR blog to your firm or organization or any B2B establishment.Do you have a blog ? Has it been effective in driving traffic to your site ? Has your blog helped you gain clients and business? Have you had trouble promoting your blog ? We will ready to provide you all PR blog related services for free.

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