Bloggers specialties of Dot 360 Degree apps for iPhone 4

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Actually I am not so much interested in panoramic applications for phone or tablet but one of application has caught my attention deeply.The application is developed by Kogeto team.It is kept named as "DOT 360 DEGREE" which is stylish,durable and downright pocketable 360º(panoramic)lens attachment and app for the iPhone 4.Bloggers specialties of Dot 360 Degree apps for iPhone 4

Here is the query comes that what are the specialties of DOT 360 DEGREE.Here I am trying to describe the Bloggers specialties of Dot 360 Degree apps for iPhone 4. 
1.Works will be done by DOT:-
Dot is not only an apps but lets your iPhone capture immersive,fully navigable,panoramic video in real-time and share with friends on your phone,as well as on Facebook and Twitter,or streamed online using our awesome panoramic video web platform and player.
See the video made by developers here.

2.Developers' view:-
They have stated in a blog post that they are more excited for this apps because normally users are uber lazy,and they could rather put down the camera and enjoy the party.It is making a bet to users would do easily and quickly.
3.Apps pre lunch secret:-
When DOT was under secret beta testers have created a lot of fun taking it to concerts,the park,on moped rides in Italy,momemtums in India,Pyramids in Egypt and showing cramped apartments to mothers halfway around the world.
4.Dot Conceptions:-
The developers has stated that until recently it took major moolah and hefty gear to make a decent panoramic video.Now all you need is your phone and the world around you.

The developer team has stated that they had spent the past few months researching, designing,prototyping and coding.That means they were working hardware and software prototypes.Kogeto team has done great job to bring the cutting-edge panoramic technology to a much wider audience–and even more excited to see what users will do with DOT.I really like this DOT apps.

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