Easy way to become SEO expert with most essential SEO resources

Professional bloggers and webmasters must become a SEO expert before coming to blogging profession, which I have already mentioned in my previous blog post "professional bloggers and webmasters Need To Become SEO Before Becoming Bloggers".Recently ,I have recived more than 100 mails via my blog contact form and most of mails carry approximately the same query such as what are the major steps to become a successful SEO as well as professional blogger too.Normally I use to reply all the mails those come via my blog Contact form but this time it has created problem for me because I have least little time to reply all the mails as describing what they want.So I have decided to write a blog which can cover all the SEO related queries those have been come to my mail box.Here most trusted and essential SEO resources are listed for all SEO experts.
Easy way to become SEO expert with most essential SEO resources

The SEO resources have been divided in five various parts [maximum SEO experts have agreed with this classification],those are SEO blogs, SEO tools, SEO guides, SEO forums and SEO conferences.I am sure if any one wants stay in SEO industry and try to learn something new about search engine optimization,then surely utilize these great inbound marketing aspects for all time.Here is the Most essential SEO resources to become SEO expert , Easy way to become SEO expert with most essential SEO resources.
1.Trusted SEO Blogs:-
There are thousands of SEO blogs are available in webs but a few are trusted.I have been touched with some of those to keep updated on the world of SEO with the trusted SEO blogs,those are my personal favorites,covering search engine news, tips, and algorithm changes with real time.
A.Search Engine Land :–
One of the biggest blogs on search engine news and information with real time updates.
One of my favorite SEO blogs, where thousands of SEO contributors, split between the main blog and the YouMoz blog, filled with good SEO articles.
C.SEO Book:-
Aaron Wall creates some truly great articles, love him or hate him, you should be reading his blog.
D.Matt Cutts:–
Head of Google’s webspam team,you should probably listen to him or something new to Google search engine.
E.Search Engine Journal:–
Great blog for link building, PPC, and optimization information with real time update.
F.Google’s Blog:–
Google’s main blog, not much on SEO specifically, but it’s good to know what Big G is up to.
2.Reliable SEO Guides:-
Blogs can be an incredible source of information on seo but it become hard to choose right information on a particular topic.There are a few guide blogs in webs which are really reliable for bloggers and webmasters.My personal favorites are-
i.Google’s SEO Start Guide:–
Official Google guide to getting started with SEO.
ii.Beginner’s Guide to SEO:–
The most essential read for beginners, and it’s pretty too.
iii.The Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors:–
Excellent visual guide to SEO.
iv.SEO Copywriting Guide:–
The SEO Copywriting guide is a must read
v.Marketing Terms:–
Confused about what SEO, SEM, PPC, or inbound marketing ? Learn all of the necessary phrases here.
vi.Search Engine Ranking Factors Guide:–
Another great guide, this time on ranking factors, from SEOmoz
vii.Simplifying SEO Guide:–
Great guide on how to keep SEO simple.
viii.SEO Cheat Sheet:–
Another must read for website owners from SEOmoz.
3.Permitted SEO Tools:-
SEO tools can safe a lots of time for bloggers and webmasters but some time ,these tools bring the bad news for them because some of those tools are banned by the major search engines.So taking a check before playing with those tools other wise those can be immense time sink if do n’t careful.
A.Google Keyword Tool:–
If there is one “getting started” tool that you must learn about, it’s this one. Know it well, you’ll use it forever (or at least as long as Google is around).
B.SEOmoz’s Tools:–
A comprehensive suite of tools that it is started to fall in love with, because very useful.
C.Google Webmaster Tools:–
If you are going to play Big G’s game (whitehat style), you need to use their tools.
D.Open Site Explorer:–
A individual SEOmoz tool that’s perfect for checking competitor’s backlinks, as well as other metrics. More comprehensive if you’re a pro user.
E.Serp IQ:–
One of my recent favorite tools to emerge on the market, tons of great uses from competition analysis to keyword discovery, this tool is insanely fast and has a ton of great features.
F.Scribe SEO:–
A super useful tool (especially if you are focusing on WordPress SEO) because it breaks down keyword density to perfection.
Great for spying on your competitors, specifically their advertising.
H.Wordtracker Keyword Tool:–
It is a classic,must use for keyword research.
I.Market Samurai:–
Still one of the best keyword analysis tools on the market, perfect for checking SEO competition, although it runs somewhat slowly .
4.Authorized SEO Forums:-
It has seen that blogs and guides can offer a ton of essential information for bloggers and webmasters but there are a lots of questions have been un answered, so it is best place to use forum to get reply those queries.
i.Webmaster World:–
One of the oldest forums for website owners.
ii.Digital Point Forum:–
Useful, but can be a time sink: remember, it’s always better to do more work and less reading.
iii.Search Engine Watch Forum:–
Very popular forum tied to Search Engine Watch.
iv.Webmaster Forum:-
Friendliest webmaster forum on the Internet! Discuss lighting,optimizing photographs for web use, best digital choices.

Site Point is good, you don't have so much bad quality like on DigitalPoint, because they don't have nearly as many users. But you can have a signature with links, so that's good enough for me. And the quality of answers there is also really good.
5.Experts SEO Conferences:-
A lots of SEO experts offer conference either paid or non paid so it is a great way to really dive into SEO is to know about the many search engine related conferences.
i.SES Conference:–
SES is the leading global event series about search and social marketing, with a focus on tactics and best practices.
BlueGlass’ Internet Marketing Conferences have quickly become known in the web marketing circles as being premier events for learning the latest strategies, interacting with the speakers and networking.
iii.Search Marketing Expo:–
It is an another leading search engine conference.


I am sure that if any webmaster or blogger regularly follow the works of this websites or blogs, then he /she must become a SEO expert with in a couple of months.If it has a big resource that are liked to see included ? Let me inform some of favorite SEO resources in the comments box bellow.Special thanks to my blogger friend, Gregory Ciotti who helps in Google Plus hangout to prepare the article.

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