Google is extending Android new voice search capabilities to web search

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We can say it directly that the Google search is the bread and butter of Google Inc.Google wants to give users the information which needs before it even has to search for that. Recent days,it has come some new feature,announced last week at Google I/O,fascinating,and potentially very helpful, while others are a little creeped out by it,and have concerns about the privacy matters of the users.Others simply are not keen on the idea of Google making their own decisions for them in this manner. Here the main topics of the Google is extending Android new voice search capabilities to web search. 
1.Why Google needs personalized data:-
Google gathers all the data about you at the time of starting point.After that Google uses your data to personalize your Google experience.Google Now gets you just the right information at just the right time with those data collected earlier.
2.What does Google says about features:-
Google(Jellybean team)says that the new feature of Android,included as part of the operating system's latest version.It tells users how the days should be started,how much traffic to expect before the leave for work, when the next train will arrive as user is standing on the platform,or user(s)favorite team's score while they are playing.More interesting that all of this happens automatically.Cards appear throughout the day at the moment it needs them.
3.Coverage of the new features:-
That pretty much sums it up,but it seems clear that this is really just the beginning of something very big.It may only be offered for this one version of Android right now. That leaves out a whole lot of Google users, but there is no way Google will not expand this.
4.Future plan of Google:-
It is assumed the speculate at this time,but It will be expanded to the Web,Google TV,and even iOS devices via an app,should Apple allow it.It seems like too big a deal for Google not to get it in front of as many users as possible.Perhaps users will see it make its way to older versions of Android, but eventually more and more users will catch up to Jellybean,and future versions of Android anyway.It just may take a little while for that to happen.
5.Google's promotion for new features:-
If you are not users of those services then surely don't miss the Google promo for Google Now here:
Android new voice search capabilities to web search
Promo videos from Google are not always necessarily indicative of the actual product. The Google video looks to be a pretty accurate reflection of how it works though.
6.Expert Review of Google's new features:-
Steve Kovach at Business Insider says that Google now puts Apple's Siri to shame,citing some real life examples of where Google Now is living up to its promises.He stated that he was in San Francisco last week to cover Google I/O and meet with some other companies in that area and he had a meeting in Mountain View on Friday morning. Google ha sent him a notification about 45 minutes before his meeting that said he would leave if he wanted to make that on time.That even took traffic into account.Incredible,so a lot of his sports-related Google searches are for the score of the latest game,Google knows that, so Google now automatically sends him notifications with the latest score.He does not even has to ask anymore.
7.Competitors view:-
Google's product,Android new voice search capabilities vs.Apple's Siri.SlashGear shares a hands-on with Google Now:Just check the video here.
Android new voice search capabilities to web search
Google has been talking about this concept of getting users the info they need before they even know it,for years.That is truly speeding up the search process,another concept Google has been pushing for years and one in which Google has accomplished quite a bit with its Chrome browser.Finally they have come a point of success in real time searching experience.
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