Major 20 key factors of successful blog interactive with social media full potential


It is already agreed by the internet experts that the Blogging is also a form of social media which needs some special interaction for success in this field.There is no doubt about a non-interactive and neglected blog will simply die in the virtual world of internet. 
successful blog interactive with social media full potential

Blogging ha become one of the most effective ways of social networking.It is mention able that blogging was started out more as an online personal diary but the importance of blogs today for all kind of businesses is significant every where.Today I am trying to find out the Major 20 key factors of successful blog interactive with social media full potential.
successful blog interactive with social media full potential

A.Seeking Comments:-
End of any blog posts,ask readers to share their ideas,suggestions and opinions on the post.It will be surprised at how big a difference this little detail can make.
B.Easy to Comments:–
Don’t ask visitors for their life history just to leave a comment.Just have them leave their name,email and website URL.Captcha or word verification should be very simple.These can cause problems and end with the person leaving and not coming back.

C. Commentator's Signatures:-
If the visitors are allowed to leave a small signature with their URL,it might be the deciding factor in whether or not they will take the time to leave a comment.It is a way of repaying them for their time and participation.

D. Easy to share in Social Media:–
Be sure to link to all major social media sites and also allow the visitors to share the blog with their followers and fans.It can do this with free social media plug-ins.

E. Easy subscribe to Comments:-
Be sure to find a plugin that will allow the visitors to subscribe to comments on particular posts.This way when anyone comments or replies to their comment they will be notified and will probably come back to add to the conversation.

F. Quick reply to Comments:–
Don’t forget to participate in the conversations as author.Respond to people’s comments.Let them know the author appreciate their participation and thank them for their feedback.

G. Same niche Participate:–
Be sure to always participate in other quality blogs.By doing this,it can easily attract people to the blog for more interaction.

H. Competitor Blogs wire:–
Always keep on the competition.Study their blogs and see what makes them tick and popular in blogging world.

I. Must Moderate Comments:–
Do not let spammers post on the blog.It does not want the blog looking like a junk pile of comments.Approve only serious and helpful comments.

J. Quality Links and Resources:–
Provide helpful,quality links,resources and information.Make the blog is a platform of quality queries and answers.

K. Regular update content:–
Blogs need regular and consistent updating. People will lose interest if they see the same posts every time they visit.Try to update on a schedule,it may be daily.

L. Offer freebies:–
Everyone loves a good freebie so offer them periodically to people who leave comments.

M. Allow RSS Feed:–
Be sure to add a form for people to sign up for notifications of blog's postings.Put a simple form on all your pages and posts.

N. Setting Polls:-
Post polls and ask people for their opinions. Offer a free gift to everyone who participates.People are genuinely interested in public opinions and polls.

O. periodic contests:–
Try trivia games,scavenger hunts,and other contests to give your blog a little more excitement.People love competing and winning prizes.

P. Activity Calendar:–
Add an event calendar to the site so people can see all the activity of the blog has to offer.This will add to their reasons for coming back to the blog.

Q. Easy Blog Comment Policy:–
Add a blog comment policy so people know exactly what to expect when commenting or reading other posts.Things like no profanity, no negative comments,no flaming,etc.,can add to the blog’s credibility.Let people know author's welcome a wide array of opinions and value all comments.

R. Building Trust worthy:–
Open up to the visitors and let them get to know the author.Do not try to keep hidden because people will not trust the author if they feel the author do not want them to know him/her.

S. Avoid misleading comments:-
There are a lots of newbie blogger or normal users comment some misleading information of negative criticize your works.My own experience says that it must be avoided those people and their comments too.

T. Think positive for destructive comments:-
Some time,it is seen that some one comment with very bad languages and insulting words which may be discourage you and your works but always think positive for those comments.
I have just mentioned a few ways to encourage interaction on targeted blog but there are many more others ways too.So start implementing some of the above ideas and always be on the lookout for new innovative ways to pump up the activity on the targeted blog to get attention from readers.
Admin acknowledgement:-
Special thanks to my blogger friend Terry seymour who is one of high profile blogger helps to prepare this article.

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