Reasons behind High Pagerank Blog and website with low traffics

It is said in a survey that all most all professional bloggers and webmasters are running behind the High Page Rank.Recently I have seen on a highly reputed forum that High PR website and blogs mean High traffics ?,How does it increase site PageRank ? so I have dag the matter and disclose the summery about high PR and low traffics tactics.
Reasons behind High Pagerank Blog

Any normal or professional can say that this might be a reasonable question,until it starts to delve a little deeper into the reasons why the question is asked so many times.Here is the Reasons behind High Pagerank Blog and website with low traffics.

1.Reason to increase PageRank:-

Page Rank is method of website trust worthy ness is offered by Google Inc.It has seen that when someone post on a forum that they want to know how to increase their PageRank, but why they want high PR.The reply may be he or she needs to increase his/her blog or site PageRank to get targeted site higher in the SERPs.Is it really increase traffic to targeted website or blog.These are all invalid reasons,because increasing PageRank has little to do with how well targeted site ranks or how much traffic it receives.

2.Misconception of Page Rank:-

The major misconception regarding PageRank is that it has nothing to do with traffics or visitors.PageRank is only a factor for the pages that link to targeted website.As it is known to all that traffic is the fuel of any website or blog.

3.Factors of High PR:-

To get High PR is very simple such as if targeted website or blog gets more and more baclinks from higher PR sites then automatically targeted site will be benefited.Some factors are here -- Site authority,No-follow links,Number of outbound links,Contextual backlinks,Backlink relevance,Anchor text and many more.I can say that it is better to receive backlinks from pages with high PageRank but doesn't essential.

4.Valid reasons for high PageRank:-

My past experience says that there only two main reasons for wanting a higher PageRank- Flipping (selling) the targeted site and another is Building a private blog network.

5.Virtual Fake PageRank:-

It has been noticed that a lot of people have websites and blogs with PageRank,many pages have faked PageRank.The reasons for faking PageRank is people who want to flip their site(on an inflated figure or are selling backlink services where people pay a fee to have a link to the targeted site on a page with PageRank.Here the question is that how this fake is occurs?As per my little knowledge says that Set up a 301 redirect to an existing page with PageRank and after the PageRank score is updated,the redirect is removed.Another way,install a script detects if the request has come from a Googlebot then do a 301 redirect to a page with PageRank, otherwise display the webpage of the site to human visitors.This is quite easy detect with fake PR checkers that are available,or by doing a simple Google query:
info:targeted domain name
The result shows a different domain,then the PageRank has been faked.As we know that PR10 is the highest score and only has a PR9.In fact,there are only a very small number of pages with a valid PR10.

6.Don't care of PageRank:-

I have never spend too much time to increase PageRank.Sorry i have no worry about it.I think that it is much better off spending time writing articles and promoting posts and pages.


High pageRank never means a site can enjoy tones of traffics.Every bloggers and webmasters first and last target is traffic or visitors.So visitors will come if the contents are informative ,unique and real time.If any pages gain PR,it can briefly bask in the warm inner glow of satisfaction and then move onto more important matters of blogging or webpage writing.Special thanks to my blogger friend Peter Sundstrom for useful suggestions to prepare the blog post.
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  1. I have a doubt. Any external link (other than guest post) that I provide should be "nofollow" ?
    Or is there any relation or difference between outbound link and nofollow link?

  2. Arjun @ if you apply dofollow in any post that must be to authority site or blog , such as wikipedia,techonrati, etc.

  3. Consider this example:
    Example, I am posting about "Top 5 WordPress Plugins"
    I will be supposed to link WordPress Plugin sites.
    Here, I must apply nofollow or dofollow?

  4. Arjun @ When it is writing about some thing or some special matter then it is better to give dofollow if the source is reliable.there is no doubt reilable source are normally high PR site so no harm will be taken place.

  5. very very helpful information.
    thanks for sharing this detail with us.

  6. Thank you for taking the time to put this together and some good responses from these visitors as well. Its all still so confusing to me, but this helps.
    Sushi sometime? :)

  7. Very nice information on Page Rank. Thanks. I also never cared of Page Rank too much.


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