Survey on SEO industry with key measurements of professional bloggers and webmasters

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most efficient and handy job for professional bloggers and webmasters.Recently ,it is seen that SEO services has become one of the most useful and wanted service in the virtual world of the internet.SEO profession has already become a big business and a lots of e- entrepreneurs have established them with this.SEO industry is big enough to get a mention on close to 950 million websites and blogs.Interestingly it is seen that Youtube alone has164,000 videos which are focused by SEO techniques.Here is the full coverage of the Survey on SEO industry with key measurements of professional bloggers and webmasters.
1.Survey on SEO service:- 

BlueCaribu is a internet marketing company,which is located in Spain has published a review of SEO resources online and some of the results are astonishing such as India is the nation most interested in search engine optimization where Germany is in the last position.
2.Factors related on SEO service:-
SEO or Search engine optimization is the black art of ensuing that any website or blog bubbles up to the top in organic or unpaid search engine results which are called unique traffic for websites and blog.It has already become hard to harder,now this days.Amazon has almost 3,000 books on SEO.13 million blog posts have been published with SEO in the title.And Twitter averages almost 250,000 monthly tweets about SEO.
3.SEO service effects on web:-

Here is the full details in the infographic.
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Survey on SEO industry
SEO services has expanded it's border in recent years and here is the core factors of SEO industry.
a.Global seo mentors:-
863 websites mention SEO and 164,000 Youtube videos are indexed for SEO.
b.Every seconds effects on SEO:-
3.5 people look up SEO on Google and 9.1 million people search SEO on Google.
c.American effects on SEO:-
2.24 million American people looks up SEO per month where 48% are women.
d.Top seArches on SEO:-
SEO services,SEO company and free SEO tools.
e.Top countries on SEO:-
India is placed on top where Pakistan is the second position and United States of America is placed in 4th position.
f.Popular month for SEO:-
Financial year ending month March is the most popular for SEO search.
g.Highest number SEO nation:-
India has the highest number of SEO professionals.
h.Tweet on SEO:-
248,000 Tweets are generated per month about SEO and 60,194 profile created about SEO.
i.Blog posts on SEO:-
13 million blog posts have been written on SEO.
J.Amazon has stored 2696 books for seel about SEO.
k.Corporate world on SEO:-
Entrepreneurs gets more interest on SEO than any other industry.
It has a great scope to become a SEO consultant to earn high income.A lots of Indian bloggers and webmasters provide SEO service and become more popular among the newbie bloggers and webmasters. verification code:  SB6KD4Q7Q9EG

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  1. Great write up Main Uddin bro,

    Thanks for letting us know about the popularity of SEO. I have read the SEO made simple book, but I didn't know that it is the most popular SEO book on Amazon:D

  2. Eshan Ullah @ thanks brother for your comment.This article is prepared based on my own experience and reviews of reliable sources.


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