Survey on Technology news coverage and Asian Techno trends-2012

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Asia is the largest continent in our planet where maximum numbers of people live.So there is no doubt about a large number of Asian technological exerts are here and they produce a large number of techno trends in the virtual world of internet.Today I am trying to identify the method of techno trends and Asian technological blogs and bloggers with the counterparts of rest world.Survey on Technology news coverage and Asian Techno trends-2012

Here the full story of the Survey on Technology news coverage and Asian Techno trends-2012.
1.How techno trends identify:-
Today's world is running behind new to newer technology every where.It is better way to spread out with in few minutes of modern news coverage either business news or technology news via web.There are a lots of research teams have attempted to model this process, like,share,bookmark the spread of flu,fashions and forest fires.Researchers have found one of the fundamental insights that these studies have produced is why these phenomenon spread in similar ways.What these things have in common is the networks on which they spread.It is their environment and the way it is linked together that determines how these events cascade.Another thing has come out that the share network of contacts between people and the network of links between websites.It has become because of the connection,the properties of one network can reasonably be assumed to apply to the others from any where to any one with barricade or boundaries.
2.Research on techno trends:-
Berlin Institute of Technology,Germany has studied on social techno trends on the guidance of Professor Felix Biessmann with his a few students.The study has brought the problem of trend setting among news sites around the globe.They are trying to answer a few questions such as which websites lead the news coverage and which ones merely follow. They have approached to take a snapshot of the words generated by a group of websites at any instant in time and compare it to the words generated by one of these websites at an earlier time.This allows them to calculate whether the content of this single website is a good predictor of future content on other websites.On the other hand,whether it is a trend setter.They then rank the websites according to their own metric.
3.Asian Result on techno trends:-
We have already said that Asia is the largest market of any thing,so they have also taken look Asian techno trends.Their study based on 196 Asian technology blogs which are the part of main research and they have identified in same metrics and found the bellow blogs:-
This Week in Asia
Tech in Asia
TechOrange Global
Daily Social EN
Social Median NZ
Digital Inspiration
M.I.C. Gadget
4.World's result on techno trends:-
The research team has monitored near about 598 technology news websites throughout 2011-2012,a process that generated data on some 1000,000 words but they removed the common words on the websites. Here is the top techno trends or blogs in the world as they carries technology news coverage.
We can say it clearly that there are more work to be done in identifying techno trend blogs.Techno Trends blogs in technology news play a similar role to the first victims in an epidemic who spread the disease,the match or lightning strike that triggers a forest fire and the fashionistas that set clothing trends.Perhaps a similar process might help identify the websites that act as matches on the web,those sites that trigger each new wave of news.We hope,near future more clear and reliable trends will come out from other researchers around the world.
1.Tech Talk Asia
2.Technology Review
3.Cornell University Library

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