Major factors to increase visibility of website in search engine and blogging community


Major factors to increase visibility of website in search engine and blogging community

Using enough keywords in your web page, is very simple tip. Think about all the possible words that your audience can enter at the moment they want to find your site and make sure that these words actually exist in your texts.The thing is, Google uses a robot to read what's on your site. This robot can only view your website in the search results as the words that people are writing on Google, actually on your site must match. It is therefore wise to appoint all interesting words.
Major factors to increase visibility of website in search engine and blogging community
Grab a pen, piece of paper, and brainstorm on how your target product, service or information describes.Here is the Major factors to increase visibility of website in search engine and blogging community

1. Now start writing blog post:-

One of the best ways to increase the visibility and findability of your website to improve the quality of articles on a blog. Google loves websites that contain a lot of information.
a. You can write about anything:
b. What are the most frequently asked questions of your customers or visitors?
c. What are the benefits of your product, service or information?
d. Where is your market in high demand? (Search the forums using Google to find out what people are talking about)
e. Here are some tips for your audience?
What works best is to share valuable information that your visitors really want to search. Describe a problem and offers a solution or some other information that your audience what to have.
It basically makes not so much from what you blog, but as long as the content useful and interesting to your visitors. Provides valuable information and help your visitors away. Make a valuable site!

2. Optimize the titles of web page or blog post:-

The titles are part of the "meta tags" and allow you both to Google and visitors to identify the topic of a page.This is what the title-tag is in the source code of your site: Insert the title of the page . The title of a web page is visible to visitors on the search results page.
The title (the title tag) is the first impression the visitor get from your website and this show you what you have to offer on your pages. Potential visitors Scan this title tags and determine on that basis whether your site is worth visiting. Suppose therefore a clear, descriptive title tag along and unique for each page. I still see business owners making the same mistakes when it comes to title tags. Titles are the words that appear in the title bar of your browser window, not on the Web page itself. (If you’re still not sure what I’m talking about, check out this post on title tags. These titles are probably the most important variable when it comes to ranking well.
a. What is the topic of this page? What is this webpage exactly?
b. Try a full sentence in a maximum of 66 characters, make it very clear what one can expect on the page.

3. Give a good description of a page:-

The description tag is a short summary, a description of the information on your webpage. Enter up to 155 characters in answer to the question: "how can I get the information on this page that summarizes the best?"This is what the description tag is in the source code of your site: <Meta description="place here a brief description of the page">
Use unique titles on each page. Don’t forget that each page on your site is an opportunity to be found by the search engines, so create unique, descriptive titles for each page.
Front load your title with your best keyword phrases. Search engines tend to give more weight to the first few words in a title.

4. Make It Easy for Search Engines to Crawl:-

Search engines send “spiders” to grab the content from your site, also known as crawling. If a spider has trouble navigating to some or all of your site those pages won’t appear at the search engines. Search spiders or robots find content on the web in a very similar way to how we might discover new trails in the mountains except they follow links and what they find at the end of those links might look very different than the last time they were there.You and I will start out on a trail we know about and from there discover new trails connected to the one we’re on. Search engines will start out on a page they know about and discover new pages that are connected to the ones they visit.In much the same way you and I will discover more trails by varying where we start our hike, search engines find more pages by varying where they start. Also the same way you and I will tire and stop hiking for the day, search engines spiders won’t continue crawling forever at any one time. There’s a limit to how deep they’ll crawl a site on any visit.

Source:-Site Architecture Best Practices for Search Findability By  Adam Audette 

5. Unintended gated community:-

Get rid of Flash navigation. Flash is cool, but shouldn’t be used for navigation on the site if search engine visibility is important to you. It’s especially egregious as a movie on your home page with no other navigation. At this point you’ve told the search engines that they’re not welcome.Get rid of frames. Although search engines have gotten better at navigating framed sites, they still have trouble. In addition, since often the navigation is in one frame and the content in another, a search result may send a visitor to a page with no navigation…in other words, a dead end.Get rid of navigation that relies on JavaScript. Although not all JavaScript navigation is bad, some instances hide the Web page address from the spider, blocking them from a page with potentially great content.
Make sure that each title and description is unique as compared to all other pages. There should be no any duplicate title or description occur (this may cause a negative impact on visibility).


Traffic is the fuel of any website and blog.If you have high quality contents with great designed website or blog but there is no visitor to your blog or site then it will not continue it's online journey.So contents and other related factors must be user friendly and informative.

Guest Post contributed by Susan Hannan

Susan Hannan is a administrator at Exams key ,provides comprehensive and cost effective IT certifications exams preparation material. Let’s catch the benefit of Exams key 117-302 Exam with  Susan .

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Latest Guide to Redsn0w covers the most reliable Jailbreak application of Apple's iOS

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Latest Guide to Redsn0w covers the most reliable Jailbreak application of Apple's iOS

1. About the application Redsn0w:-

Apple's iOS has become more popular ,now this days.If you are a newbie to the world of jailbreaking, this is the most popular name that appears in the search results for any tasks related to jail break. It was primarily termed as QuickPWN gaining popularity much more than what the Dev-Team expected. Then it was finally renamed as RedSn0w and within a few days it gained universal popularity as the widely used application for Apple devices. This is recognized as the most reliable brand name in the world of jailbreaking applications. The last updated version of Red sn0w is 0.9.14b2 and the last unbound version was ios 5.1.1.[image credit : redmondpie ]Latest Guide to Redsn0w covers the most reliable Jailbreak application of Apple's iOS

2. Working systems of Redsn0w:-

This jailbreaking application endures both Mac and Window devices. Because of its high flexibility rate, RedSn0w has become the most successful program in parts of Eurasia as well as US. You can also find out the ios version of your device by browsing the settings tab and then clicking the about version. Those wondering to download the jail break application can download it directly from their official dev team website. It is always suggested to make use of the official download link in case you need to install a third party Root App. Do not download from any other links as that can create issues. For better information about downloading, go through the RedSn0w jailbreak guide.Two confusing terms that surrounds the mind of the user always are Tethered and Untethered Jailbreak. Tethered jailbreaking is all about connecting the device to your computer for the booting procedure. It is the older one of the two jailbreaking methods. The process acts as a support for the ios device to boot in case the battery fails. On the other hand, unthetered jailbreaking is totally different. Because this process does not need to connect your ios device with the computer every time you start the machine. This one is considered more flexible than that of the other one. But always remember that Tethering process is the first available option.

3. Instant guide of Redsn0w :-

Jailbreaking A4 devices with Red Sn0w can also be done. But for that all you need is to learn the procedure. You can watch this video to know how to jailbreak A4 devices - Like A4 devices, RedSn0w can also jailbreak A5 devices. But for this purpose, Rocky Racon Exploit is used. The latest version of RedSn0w uses it to jailbreak iPhone 4s, iPad2 as well as iPad 3 devices. This procedure works with the lower versions as well.

4. Final steps Redsn0w :-

If your present baseband is not lockable you can uphold it as well as update the device firmware to the latest available version. The latest versions of RedSn0w are designed brilliantly to preserve the baseband of your device.


Those having problem running the new firmware can downgrade the ios version with the help of the RedSn0w tool. Downgrading a version which is not supported by the Apple family anymore can be quite helpful. Sometimes the normal iTunes fails to recover under certain circumstances and in such a situation you are left with no other option than to rely on the tool of the third party to settle down it.

Guest post contributed by Jay Chowdhury

Jay Chowdhury is a blogger cum Writer who loves to share his knowledge how much he knows.Catch him at

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Recent Updates for Apple's MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 2012 for Bloggers

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Recent Updates for Apple's MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 2012


Apple's MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 2012 for Bloggers.

1. Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 2012 Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO—June 11, 2012—Apple® today updated MacBook Air® with the latest Intel Core processors, faster graphics and flash storage that is up to twice as fast as the previous generation.* MacBook Air is the ultimate everyday notebook, and with new lower prices it is more affordable than ever. The current generation 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook® Pro have also been updated with the latest Intel Core processors and powerful discrete graphics from NVIDIA. Apple’s popular AirPort Express® has been redesigned to include features previously available only in AirPort Extreme®.
“Today we’ve updated the entire MacBook line with faster processors, graphics, memory, flash storage and USB 3 connectivity,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “We’ve made the world’s best portable family even better and we think users are going to love the performance advances in both the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.”

2. Structure and design:-

Available in 11-inch and 13-inch designs, the new MacBook Air features the latest Core i5 and Core i7 dual-core processors and is perfect for browsing the web, making movies and managing photos. The new integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 is up to 60 percent faster and gives the MacBook Air plenty of power to tackle games and videos.** MacBook Air features flash storage up to four times faster than traditional hard drives for instant-on performance and fast access to your apps and data. Now with 4GB of faster memory, configurable up to 8GB, you can run memory-intensive apps with ease. MacBook Air also features a new FaceTime® HD camera that delivers high-definition 720p.
The 13-inch MacBook Pro features the latest Intel Core i5 or Core i7 dual-core processors up to 2.9 GHz with Turbo Boost speeds up to 3.6 GHz. The 15-inch MacBook Pro features the latest Intel Core i7 quad-core processors up to 2.7 GHz with Turbo Boost speeds up to 3.7 GHz and NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M discrete graphics. Both the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro can be configured with a 1TB hard drive or SSDs up to 512GB that are up to twice as fast as the previous generation.

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro both feature a high-speed Thunderbolt port and two USB 3.0 ports to easily connect to external displays and a wide variety of high performance peripherals. The 13-inch MacBook Air, and 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro deliver up to 7 hours of wireless battery life, and the 11-inch MacBook Air delivers up to 5 hours. Mac® notebook batteries use advanced chemistry and Adaptive Charging technology to provide up to 1,000 recharges.***

3.Facilities :-

The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro ship with OS X® Lion. Starting today, customers who purchase a Mac are eligible for a free copy of OS X Mountain Lion when it becomes available. Mountain Lion introduces innovative features including the all new Messages app, Notification Center, system-wide Sharing, AirPlay® Mirroring, Game Center and the enhanced security of Gatekeeper. With iCloud® built into the foundation of OS X, Mountain Lion makes it easier than ever to keep your content up to date across all your devices.

4.Market Price :-

Priced at just $99, the new AirPort Express features a completely redesigned compact enclosure and new wireless and connectivity capabilities. Simultaneous dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi allows users to easily create a network that delivers optimal performance and range. The AirPort Express also features an audio-out port to connect external powered speakers or an A/V receiver and use AirPlay to wirelessly stream from iTunes® on your Mac or iOS device. A USB 2.0 port allows you to share a printer wirelessly over your network, and an additional ethernet port lets you connect to other computers and network devices. Setup is built right into OS X and iOS and can be done in just a few simple steps, and with AirPort Utility 6.0 for OS X Lion and iOS you can access a visual map of your network for viewing and reconfiguring devices.

5. Product availability:-

The 11-inch MacBook Air comes with a 1.7 GHz processor, 4GB of memory and is available with 64GB of flash storage starting at $999 (US), and 128GB of flash storage starting at $1,099 (US). The 13-inch MacBook Air comes with a 1.8 GHz processor, 4GB of memory and is available with 128GB of flash storage starting at $1199 (US), and 256GB of flash storage starting at $1,499 (US). Configure-to-order options include a 2.0 GHz Intel Core i7 processor, up to 8GB of 1600 MHz DDR3 onboard memory and up to 512GB flash storage.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro is available with a 2.5 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of memory and 500GB hard drive starting at $1,199 (US), and with a 2.9 GHz dual-core Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of memory and 750GB hard drive starting at $1,499 (US). The 15-inch MacBook Pro is available with a 2.3 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, 4GB of memory, Intel HD Graphics 4000 and NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M, and 500GB hard drive starting at $1,799 (US); and with a 2.6 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of memory, Intel HD Graphics 4000 and NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M, and 750GB hard drive starting at $2,199 (US). Configure-to-order options include faster quad-core processors up to 2.7 GHz, additional hard drive capacity up to 1TB, up to 8GB of memory and solid state storage up to 512GB.


Additional technical specifications, configure-to-order options and accessories are available online at or The updated MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are available through the Apple Online Store (, Apple’s retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers.

Guest Post Contributed by Harsh Bhatt

Harsh Bhatt is Web Designer, Developer and Blogger who is specialist in PHP, HTML-5, CSS3, Core Java, C, C++, C#, DotNet, SQL. Catch him in techno-freaks

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Top 10 quick traffic source for bloggers & e-entrepreneurs to get publicize

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Quick traffic is the only most grossing words for every blogger , webmaster and e- marketer because it is known to all that traffic or visitor is the fuel of any website or blog either that is professional or personal.Some times they could spend a few thousands bucks to get 100,000 'guaranteed visitors' to his/her site or blog. But a few of them get success in this stats of getting a large number of traffic. But most of them might not make even a dime from those visitors due to un targeted visitors.Top 10 quick traffic source for bloggers & e-entrepreneurs to get publicize

The real methods to get unique and targeted traffic those would convert into leads and sales or taking services.Actually I have experimented a lots of methods to get unique and targeted trafficto my blog which may be important for you too.So today I am going to share my experiments with my readers as well as professional bloggers and webmasters.Here is the Top 10 quick traffic source for bloggers & e-entrepreneurs to get publicize .

1. Joint venture partners unique traffic source:-

Joint venture partners is a webmasters or bloggers list in the same or a related niche as yours, that agrees to promote your products or services. In most cases, you promote their products or services to return the favor. so it is called joint venture partners.

2. Instant affiliates unique traffic source:-

Affiliates sent thousands of visitors a month to targeted sites or blogs. While the joint venture partners mentioned the product(s)and service(s) in this affiliate force, they are just one part of the entire force of thousands.

3. Loyal repeat visitors unique traffic source:-

The importance of getting repeat visitors is something you used to hear marketing experts talk about a lot. Lately, it seems that the value of repeat visitors has been overlooked. f you are not already getting lots of repeat visitors, I suggest you try publishing a free web-based or email newsletter.

4. Contents hidden links unique traffic source:-

Getting lots of incoming links to your site is important. Not only will traffic arrive via those links, but a site with lots of incoming links does better in search engines than sites with few links. You write articles based on your niche, post the content at your site AND share the content with other webmasters and article directory sites.

5. Free Traffic Network unique traffic source:-

There are lots of traffic networks to choose from on the web, and a few have impressed you with real traffic. However,TrafficSwarm like websites deliver hundreds of targeted visitors a week to targeted sites/blogs.

6. Search engines result page unique traffic source:-

Search engine traffic is the highest level unique traffic and most of webmasters and bloggers want SERP traffic to their websites or blogs because it is fully free and most reliable and user friendly. It really is as simple as making sure your site is properly optimized with the right keywords for your niche. The rest happens by getting good links.

7. Social media profile unique traffic source:-

Social media networking site has become more popular in this days and it has already become a fashion of any webmaster,blogger,e-marketer,internet savvy and common users creating social media profile.I am not going to say that it has no impress on blogging and marketing.If you can manage to build a fan community with unique people then easily can drive tones of visitors to your website or blog.Such for example Facebook,Twitter,Google plus etc can easily drive a lots of traffic.

8. Others blogs comments unique traffic source:-

Interactive with others bloggers is one of easiest way to build a loyal readers community and the only way to get in touch with others bloggers via their blogs which can make easy to comment on their blog post(s).Keep in mind that never do spam with other bloggers post.

9. Bookmark referral unique traffic source:-

Social bookmarking websites are marking good roles in traffic source and webmasters are running behind them because those really give targeted unique traffic if you are active on their websites.As for example we can mention Digg,Stumbleupon,diggo , delicious etc.

10. Paid advertisements unique traffic source:-

Paid traffic is never my recommendation but if you are interested then use PPC,CPC,baner,text link advertisements and there are a lots of well established ad networks, such as Google Adwords, Adclick media, Admob,Clicksore,Bidvertiser etc.I am not sure this type traffic can help to your blog but e-marketers can gets leads or sell of their targeted products.


There are many others traffic source also available on the internet but these 10 steps can easily give you a large number of instant traffic to get publicize your blog/website and make you famous which leads name,fame and money around you.

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Special features of loving VPNs by the professional bloggers,webmasters and internet savvy


Virtual Private Network is shortly known as VPN and which has become more popular among the professional bloggers,webmasters and internet savvy.It is known to all that VPN service has been in use for many years. In fact, this popular way of providing secure communication across the Internet is one of the first resources that came into heavy usage when people started telecommuting. VPN software allows the user to utilize the Internet as a means of providing a secure connection to a business server or another resource that needs to be kept unavailable to the public at large. If the question is still on your mind that,Why would I even need one of these services?” In some cases, you may not even need VPN software at all. There are quite a few uses for the software, however, and you may find some of them compelling. If you own a business that you operate out of your home, this software can be particularly useful for you.Most VPNs worth their salt use at least 3DES (triple DES) or AES as encryption of the traffic between your laptop and wherever the endpoint VPN device that you are connecting to. There are several options to access your company's network or add security to a wireless connection while travelling.Special features of loving VPNs by the professional bloggers,webmasters and internet savvy

There are three types of VPN services are operating ,now this days.Those are Hardware based system,Firewall based VPN and Stand alone VPN application package.But security features differ from one to another where most of security experts agree that VPN includes encryption, strong authentication of remote user or host from potential attackers on the public networks.Here I am trying to find out the Special features of loving VPNs by the professional bloggers,webmasters and internet savvy .

1.Major advantages of VPN :-

VPNs promise two main advantages over competing approaches -- cost savings, and scalability.

a.The low cost of a VPN:-

One way a VPN lowers costs is by eliminating the need for expensive long-distance leased lines. With VPNs, an organization needs only a relatively short dedicated connection to the service provider. This connection could be a local leased line (much less expensive than a long-distance one), or it could be a local broadband connection such as DSL service.Another way VPNs reduce costs is by lessening the need for long-distance telephone charges for remote access. Recall that to provide remote access service, VPN clients need only call into the nearest service provider's access point. In some cases this may require a long distance call, but in many cases a local call will suffice. A third, more subtle way that VPNs may lower costs is through offloading of the support burden. With VPNs, the service provider rather than the organization must support dial-up access for example. Service providers can in theory charge much less for their support than it costs a company internally because the public provider's cost is shared amongst potentially thousands of customers.

b.Pure scalability and VPNs:-

The cost to an organization of traditional leased lines may be reasonable at first but can increase exponentially as the organization grows. A company with two branch offices, for example, can deploy just one dedicated line to connect the two locations. If a third branch office needs to come online, just two additional lines will be required to directly connect that location to the other two systems either companies or firm or blog authors.

Special features of loving VPNs by the professional bloggers,webmasters and internet savvy.

c.  Access the blocked websites

d.  Use the facilities of VoIP without being identified

e.   Internet remote access client connections

f.  Encrypt your sensitive data

g.  Controlled access within an intranet

h.  Change of server location

i.  Change Multiple ip address.

j.  Confidential email sending.

2.Key disadvantages of VPNs:-

With the hype that has surrounded VPNs historically, the potential pitfalls or "weak spots" in the VPN model can be easy to forget. These four concerns with VPN solutions are often raised.

i. VPNs require an in-depth understanding of public network security issues and proper deployment of precautions.

ii. The availability and performance of an organization's wide-area VPN (over the Internet in particular) depends on factors largely outside of their control.

iii. VPN technologies from different vendors may not work well together due to immature standards.

iv.VPNs need to accomodate protocols other than IP and existing ("legacy") internal network technology.


Send confidential files without the fear of being hacked or interfered by any third party.VPNs that utilize the Internet avoid this problem by simply tapping into the geographically-distributed access already available.Generally speaking, these key factors comprise the "hidden costs" of a VPN solution. Whereas VPN advocates tout cost savings as the primary advantage of this technology, detractors cite hidden costs as the primary disadvantage of VPNs.Some cases are seen that encryption processors are used to minimize the impact of VPNs management on the system.

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Essential factors to make money online randomly and regularly from blogging


Creating a blog is not very big thing but it is very hard to continue as a blogger because traffic is the main factor and maintaining is another factor of blogging. I have already write a lots of blog posts here about how to create blog and how to get traffic.So Today I want to discuss about maintaining the created blog.It is known to all that management is a factor which affects any where either online or offline and money is one of the major factor of management.Essential factors to make money online randomly and regularly from blogging

One of my blogger friend recently asking me, how to make money from a blog without hard work.It is not impossible to make money online via blog or website but it needs some special tactic to earn regular income on a monthly basis where it takes hard work and it's not going to happen over night.Here is the key ways to make money blogging and Essential factors to make money online randomly and regularly from blogging.

1. Pre criteria for making money:-

Some most important criteria must fulfill by your blog then you can try to monetize your blog or website.You should keep attention on these factors first before focusing on monetization of your blog or website to get success.

a.Niche or Topic:-

The niche of your blog has to be able to be monetized. Some topics are tougher than others so make sure your topic has an audience interested in spending money if you want to monetize the blog.

b.Trust worthy contents:-

You need to create value for your visitors to be able to retain some of the traffic you get, to have your visitors spread the word about your work and to start building trust with your visitors.

c.Visitor or reader:-

Traffic or visitor is the fuel of any blog or website. Without people visiting your blog, it will be very hard to get any revenue from the blog.

2. Way to Make money online :-

There are a lots of ways to make money online or earn money online via blogging .I have just picked up a few most commonly use methods.

i. Affiliate Marketing :-

Find opportunity in markets and products you are familiar with you niche. Are you using a product that makes your life easier? Have you read a book that inspired you? As long as the product is targeted and relevant to your blog readership, become an affiliate and promote it.There are thousands of companies who will pay you commission for sales that you generate through your blog. This is called affiliate marketing and is arguably the best source of blog revenue. Finding these companies is simple, just do a Google search for products you like with “affiliate” added on.
Create valuable content about the product, help people use the product better, show how the product can improve their lives, and earn money when they click your link and buy the product.

ii. PPC (Pay per click) ads :-

Google Adsense is one of the easiest ways of making money. You place a piece of code on your blog article and Google automatically lists ads relevant to the topic of your blog. Google pays per click and depending on the popularity of the topic you write about, a click can earn you anything from few cents to several dollars.Negative side of Adsense is that many people have banner blindness (many visitors dismiss banner ads as they find them intrusive), tend to find ads annoying and ignore them.There are a lots of other ad networks too.

iii. Blogging consultant:-

You could sell your own time. Become a consultant and charge for people to have one-on-one coaching with you.

iv. Direct Sponsor :-

You can try your luck and sell banner ads directly to advertisers. Find products relevant to your audience and simply contact the company and aks if they would be interested in sponsoring your blog.

v. Selling own product :-

Develop something that is genuinely helpful to people, that solves some kind of a problem that they have. Package the product in a specific format and sell it. E-books, webinars, courses are some of the popular formats.

vi. Write to get paid reviews :-

There are several networks that allow blogs to monetize by writing paid reviews. Negative points to this are that you don’t get paid very much and the content you end up creating is of less worth to your visitors compared to the best content.You will also discover that many people will contact you directly asking to buy reviews or text links. Even though many bloggers accept these, I would recommend to ignore these offers as selling links is not something search engines like and you risk being banned from the search results.

vii. Direct donate button :-

Depending on the topic and the readership of your blog, a donate button might be the most effective way of monetizing. PayPal offers these and it just might be the way for you to get rewarded for the help you provide to your readers.

viii. Use Passive third party monetization :-

You can use your existing content to earn passive income on other platforms such as Amazon, YouTube and others. For example if you produce many videos and upload them onto YouTube, you can become a YouTube partner and monetize your videos.Similar to this, you can add your blog to the Amazon kindle store and get paid when people read your blog on Kindle.

ix. Paid membership forum :-

Creating a private forum is a great way for bloggers to capitalize on their contacts and build a tight-knit and motivated community. Some of these communities can be used for social media manipulation and many other “secret” and “exclusive” means. You can make the fee yearly or monthly if you wish and start to build a steady income through member participation.

x. Site Flipping :-

The process of site flipping usually involves the creation of design, content, and some traffic to then go and sell the blog. The easiest way to do this is by forming a partnership and getting someone to design the blog while the other writes content and markets it.


Create the best blog you can and grow your traffic, readership and trust. Then strategically monetize using one or more of the above methods and you will be on the way to earn a handsome income from your blog . Experiment, test and take your time choosing the best monetization method. Don’t force the monetization and don’t oversell. You will find that the best methods to make money will come to you naturally. If you keep working hard on this, work consistently over a longer term, and as long as you never give up, in due time you will become a success and your blog will start making even bigger amounts of money.

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Reader friendly customization in Perception of given information

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Once we have learnt that perception is the process by which an individual maintains contact with his/her environment and an individual receives stimuli through the various senses and interprets them.Professional bloggers must customize the perception of readers to verify the quality of their blog posts.Today, I am trying to discuss the perception process of blog posts or web page readers and viewers.The process of perception is conceptualized mainly five points such as notice,attention, proceed, interpretation and remember.[Image:Basic Blog Tips]

Reader friendly customization in Perception of given information

My favorite researchers like Bruke and Srull have said that less information with real time data conversation works fine in perception process to remember by the viewers and readers very easily.Why some authors,bloggers,copywirters get huge number of readers or viewers on their information? Recently I have researched Basic Blog Tips which is written by Ileane Smith and trying to find the reply in succeeding of readers friendly customization process.

Here is the full topic of Reader friendly customization in Perception of given information .


Environment is the main factor to get notice by the visitors or readers.This environment may be virtual or real world but it needs to create a situation to get notice.Well planned promoting, advertising ,social bookmarking,social media sharing,forum linking, referral post track back can do the the work of get notice.

2. Attention:-

Attention is a such sense which is really hard to drive because we see a lots of things either online or offline but few things can draw our attention.A very complex mechanism that controls the quantity and nature of information any individual receives.Readers attention filters with effort and consciousness in active search .The things ,we see in our daily life normally passes with passive search and the passive search findings rarely motivate or expose our deep attention.A blog post or web page must be desire to expose in informative ways which can motivate to long run benefits.

3.Proceed :-

This step is really hard part of perception.If any blog post or web page or any kinds of things can gets above notice and attention then the viewers or readers go forward or proceed to main body or heart of that information.Readers and viewers always had the freedom to do things while the page is going or shown including the room mentally or physically preparation for the whole information about he/she is looking for.So it must bear some thing special to proceed by viewers and readers.


An individual organizes the stimulus content into his/her own models of reality,models that may be very different from those of other individuals of the author/writer.So the person often simplifies ,distorts,organizes and even create stimuli.The out put of any reader or viewer is a cognitive awareness.It is very clear that Some helpful meaning of the information effect on impacting the psychological processes to ongoing topic or orderly.Must keep a balance various interpretation scope when the information is prepared.


We are human beings and normally forget the things which are exposed in front of us in our daily life.It is a common character of every human beings.So most hard part of blogging, writing, advertising,project making etc is impact on viewers or readers to make remember able information.Remember can be take an action when two points (attention and interpretation) work a role in helping an individual cope with the infinite quantity of accessible stimuli.Given information must rocks the brain of viewer or reader with unlimited questionaries or replies.Must keep in mind that given information may create a evergreen noise in the brain of viewers and readers with less useful information and those can access any time or any where from their own brain.


It is known to all that people use information to make a decision either it is online or offline.Although the recent research says that practical experiences are more useful information which can easily demonstrate to the viewers and readers.We have seen a large number of viewers and readers wants practical references for the given information.So bloggers,writers,authors,copy writers,corporate researchers must need some real life information to customize the users friendly information creating tricks and tips.These five points may not be fulfill the customization,if i have left any points here then don't hesitate to comment bellow for further update.

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Top 10 secret to leverage the power of blogging technology in social media


Social media is one of the hot spot of the marketers and bloggers,now this days . It’s enough to overwhelm even the most tech-minded soul, which is why I decided to write this post. We know that a few tips and simple legal tricks can bring any one or brand in top of popularity.Top 10 secret to leverage the power of blogging technology in social media

Here is the Top 10 secret to leverage the power of blogging technology in social media.

1.More efficient on Twitter:-

Most popular Microblogging platform in the virtual world which creates history by serving 140 characters status. Out there in the real world, there are people who are interacting with your business, at some level. Maybe they've heard about you from a friend, or they've seen your product, or they've been to your website. Twitter can help to build a a efficient targeted community.

2.Positive Facebook wall:-

A positive post is a status update that has selected to expand across the Timeline, taking up the space of both columns. Highlighting a post will help to draw more attention to the most important content on fan page.

3.Realistic video on Youtube:-

Youtube is one of the highest grossing social media video community.You can easily draw attention from viewers by creating real time and realistic videos.It would like to target (preferably, one without top-voted comments that have too many thumbs-ups), a comment, and a handful of Gmail accounts. Once you have those, all you have to do is write your comment, post it, then give it a thumbs-up from every single Gmail account you have.

4.Surprise pins on Pinterest:-

Once your account is set up, you want to do your due diligence and promote it so that your audience knows it exists.Life on Pinterest starts here. When you start creating boards, focus on putting together boards that show off the lifestyle and beliefs behind your brands, not your actual products or services. The key to mastering Pinterest is to realize that it’s less about promoting your products and more about promoting how you do what you do and how you see yourself in your market. That means creating boards to show off your company beliefs and culture, not your inventory.

5.Impactful image on Instagram:-

Instagram says that Snap a picture, choose a filter to transform its look and feel, then post to Instagram. Share to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr too such it's as easy as pie. It's photo sharing, reinvented.Every photo must carries a meaning in social media.

6.Smart share in LinkedIn:-

LinkedIn is a own learning center is a great resource.LinkedIn professional profiles generally rank in the top ten results for your name.This means that if someone is searching your name to research you for a job opportunity, partnership, or as the owner of a business, they will likely find your profile on LinkedIn.Although they do not have any kind of SEO value, you do have the opportunity to add three custom links to your LinkedIn profile. When you add them, use the Other option so you can add in your own customized text to improve click through rates instead of using Company Website, Personal Website, or other bland wording.

7.Use teaser content in Google+:-

Google plus is another fast growing social media which is running with high voltage from Google Incorporation.It has seen that almost maximum bloggers,marketers and corporate gurus are sharing their views or links in Google+.So it must need some quality contents such blog links or image with teaser value that improve the number of followers as well as click through rate too.It is better to share others high quality links with own links or contents.

8.Fleshy Audio in Myspace:-

Myspace is another pioneer social media networking site which is famous for video and audio sharing as well as blog post too.Here fleshy contents can brings a lots of traffic to targeted links.

9.Creativity on deviantart:-

Deviantart is a popular social media website for sharing arts and arts related activities.As the information technology growing market has created 2D,3D,4D and 5D arts.So you can easily share those to drive traffic or focus own self.

10.Attractive sentences in Livejournal:-

LiveJournal is a vibrant global social media platform where users share common passions and interests,simply we can say that Livejournal is one of pioneer free press release publisher .Good and attractive description can easily impress your online community.


It is seen that only focus on social network, at first. Here is the thing about social media, you can’t expect to become an expert in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn,Tumblr (we could go on), just like that. It takes time to learn and get comfortable with each one, which is why we recommend starting with only major popular social media platforms, getting comfortable with it, and then adding in one to another.Just go ahead and try your best.

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Professional Bloggers ultimatum of press release and search engine optimization

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Press release has become another hot marketing tools for professional bloggers and corporate world.It is seen that more than 47 Million people use Yahoo News and Google Newsand more than 10,00 million people use a search engine every day around the world to find the latest information about a wide range of topics that interest them.

Professional Bloggers ultimatum of press release and Search Engine Optimization

When they conduct a news search, they often find relevant press releases along with articles from thousands of news sources.So now this days it has become more important to reveal aims and objectives.Here is the

Professional Bloggers ultimatum of press release and Search Engine Optimization .

1.What is press release:-

A note of any blog,website,company or firm describing the present,past and future project(s) with high quality publicity tools in major publishing media is called press release.Press release is also a kind of public relationship tactic of corporate world.

2.How to write press release:-

Maximum corporate world leaders depend on bloggers to choose a marketing tool, press releases are only as valuable as the keywords & phrases that are contained in them.It is known to all the professional bloggers, how important it is to stay current in our profession.Identifying a target audience and developing a segmentation method with target long achievement which can easily track.Search engine optimization is more than inserting a couple hyperlinks and keywords into a press release and sending it across the wire. Creating an optimized press release entails careful planning, an understanding of the available distribution channels and audiences, and performing analyses on how well your releases performed and the impact they had on targeted other web properties in virtual or real world.

3.Where to submit press release:-

It is more important to get targeted content to be indexed in major search engines and to generate Google Alerts, It needs to submit targeted press release to one of the recognized press release distribution services. That is how it can gain potential coverage from mainstream media and bloggers.There a lots of service providers but a few major and well known are PRWeb, PR Newswire, Business Wire, Marketwire and PrimeNewswire.There are some other less popular ones and even free services, might be able to use.In my own notion that it should be experimented with them.It should have access to the main search engines and the capability to hyperlink from the press release to targeted site or blog.Normally the news standards are like XML, OPML, ATOM, RSS, and NewsML.

4.Bloggers impact on press release:-

Press release is a essential parts of corporate world but it is fully related to blogging and bloggers because press release are written for media persons but fully targeted to high profile bloggers and corporate blogs.Putting it up on the Media page, on the blog or wherever best to get attention or which is appropriate.

5.Benefit of press release:-

Press release can brings unique audiences or fresh customers from Yahoo News and Google News as well as other search engines.Now this days, the CNN and the BBC News have also come forward in press release publication field with both printing media and online media form . If your company's marketing and promotion strategy includes the Internet, your press releases should be optimized for and distributed to the major news search engines.The main benefits of press release are given bellow-
a.Researching search terms to identify the keywords
b.Focusing business by distributing press release through the web, wires and online
c.Easiest way of monitoring and reporting .
d.Building brand and personalities by distributing press release.
e.Building loyal community of customers as fans.
f.Increase the number of visitors to targeted site or blog from news search engines
g.Increase the number of prospects who give email address.


Press release has brings some new thoughts and thinking matters such as optimizing news releases, business-to-business customers, investors interests,conduct keyword research, build links,proper distributing news, press release is archived and many more.These factors are the main backbone of professional bloggers and webmasters.It teaches to maintain in building relevant links that follow Google’s quality guidelines and Yahoo!’s anti-spam policy.So press release is one of the advance method to get attention from relevant industry.

Reference/related links:-

3.Killer-press-release tricks

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10 essential non discussed factors of blogging to boost instant readership

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Having a blog or a personal website has become a fashion and some time it is a passion too. Writing for a blog and updating the blog or website has become un common hobby now this days.This waves is carried by IT professionals but some normal internet users also are running behind this because to become a blogger or personal website owner it is no need to be a programmer or web designer,just it can be done with the programs now available.10 essential non discussed factors of blogging to boost instant readership

It is seen that most of hosting accounts now have included blogging software (wordpress, blogger, Joomla etc) which comes with each account at free of cost.Blogging can be addictive for some one due to a large numbers have taken it as a full time profession. It doesn’t take long to learn how to do it and there are plenty of free informational resources on the Internetto help you get started.Here I am trying to discuss major socio-cultural effects on Blogging.Here is the top 10 essential non discussed factors of blogging to boost instant readership.

1. Carry the value of friends and family:-

Every one has a value of friends and family , a blogger can easily let them know about real time on going matters.It can keep friends and family updated on what is going on without having to write separate emails to each person by simply posting a blog post .

2. Expressing free mind:-

Start a blog on a topic of interest to you which some time is called niche.While some one visit on your blog or website, they can give comment on your blog post or topic.

3. Network building :-

Blog can become a media to build a network; you never know when someone might be able to help you in the future such as finding employment opportunities,any charity fund rising and may more.

4. Source of relax and relieve:-

Using a blog to express your feelings, helps relieve tension. It also gives you something to focus on in a creative sort of way which is not only a great stress reliever, but also gives you a sense of accomplishment.

5. Reflect of opinions:-

Either your feeling is strongly or weak that is not a matter.Tell others and express yourself and your ideas and opinions. Its your blog; write about whatever it is which you enjoy discussing with others.

6.Helping mind set:-

Blogging is a great way to help others with problems by telling them of your own experiences with the same or similar problems in past or now.

7. Similar niche connection:-

It is the way to meet and converse with others online through their comments and feedback, you can develop a sense of community with other people who have similar interests. And by having your own blog or website, you have more control over the subject matter than if you are visiting and posting comments on someone else's blog, website, or forum.

8. Reason of Inspiration:-

Tell inspirational stories-either your own or those of other people you know. I recently set up a website. Another hot benefit of using your blog to help others is when you get an email or comment from someone who tells you that your article has helped them. Those warm fuzzy feelings you get can be quite exciting.

9. Make money online:-

It is not a very easy to earn online money,although everyone seems to be trying to do it, it is still possible to make money on the web selling your own items or those of other companies through affiliate programs . Don’t count on getting rich, however, unless you are willing to develop the skills of an Internet marketing guru.Another option showing pay per click (PPC) advertising.

10.Factory of creativity:-

Creativity is the main factor of blogging which can give the energy to maintain a blog or website is an excellent outlet .It doesn't to have the skills of an expert writer. Blogging is a medium which allows everyday people to publish their own thoughts and writing without having to worry about convincing publishers to publish their work. Blogging is simply communicating your ideas to others. If you can carry on a conversation, you can blog. Just think of it as writing to a group of friends and you are a part of that conversation.


Blogging is a matter of self satisfaction,so a large number of people are stuck in jobs where they rarely ever seen any place other than their own city. Viewing post , pictures online,software, hardware,product review and especial with stories about of their of interests.Blogging allows to learn and organize your thoughts which helps you to understand a problem or develop your understanding of a subject.Blogging brings Name,Fame and money too.

Guest post submitted by Daniel Drew-

Daniel Drew is one of pioneer blogger who was started blogging as hobby and now become professional.Catch him at content writing king

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Top 10 special effective points of professional bloggers,webmasters,visual artist and craftsmen

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Blogging has a special effect on our society, now this days.Maximum bloggers have come from IT background and this wave is continuing day by day.But it is seen that the number of genuine and trust worthy ness is going to decrease on these so called professional bloggers due to lack of creativity and craftsmanship.One of my blogger friend had asked me that what are the elements a blog post carries to get proper attention from online viewers and readers ? Be friendly and trust worthy I have a lots of ready made answers of her question but I have tried deep digging on this matter and include the my findings in this article. [image creditAmitabh Harivansh Roy Bachchan]

 Top 10 special effective points of professional bloggers

A blog post is another name of story which tells in many different ways. Emphasis can be placed on the story itself, on the problem to be solved and central character may be carries technique ,human emotions, humor ,fantasy etc.Experts from various field describe the kind of storyline or blog post in major 10 points to get attention from audience or viewers or readers.Here is the Top 10special effective points of professional bloggers,webmasters,visual artist and craftsmen.Those are given bellow-

1. Story line or post head line:-

Head line or title tells a clear, step by step unfolding message which has definitely has beginning, middle and ending.

2. Problem solution:-

Presentations must bear a clear solution of problems of the viewers and readers.

3. Chronology of post:-

Blog post must deliver the message through a series of related sense each one growing out of the one before. Facts and events are presented sequentially as they occurred .

4.Special effects:-

Structural pattern may often to achieve memorability through the pictorial or video device.


A blog posts may be like sophisticated wit to point out human foibles, generally produced in an exaggerated style.

6. Suspense:-

Creating a suspense is a better way to get attention form viewer and readers without they feel boring.

7.Slice of life :-

Blog post are written as it is a part of life and without that topic life may be useless or some what. That variable are used in the point to point or person to person with face to face option.


Using special effects or caricatures are brought the fantasy to the blog post and readers or viewers are surrounded by the author for more such things.


Personality of the blog post is another factor of grossing of readers and viewers.Author must carry the high level mentality which has global acceptance.


Blog post must be added some extraneous example which are related to the main topic with real time analysis.


These 10 points of  professional blogging may not be included in traditional blogging formula but still these are useful when any one thinks to become a successful blogger.If you are not agree with my point , don't heisted to strike me with your meaningful comments.

Reference books:-

1.Creativity and craftsmanship by Albert C Book and Norman D Carry

2.Applied imagination by Alex F. Osborn

3.A.L. & art direction by Stephen Baker

4.The art of writing by Higgens

5.Keep listening by Burrnet

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Recent research on fake social media profile functioning in promotional works

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Social networking site has already become a essential part of our daily life.It is also seen that maximum corporate leaders also using social media for their brand promotional works even small to smaller group or firm and individual(s) are using social media for their promotion.But why this promotional competition in social media ? The reply is very simple,recent survey on scial media says that social network’s popularity has grown greatly among teenagers and students. Social networking websites such as myspace, facebook, and twitter,Bebo,Google+ allow the teenagers to view their friends’ profile page, pictures, and activities.  

Recent research on fake social media profile functioning in promotional works

This social networking websites is incredibly popular among both youngsters and adults from ages 14 to 24 and over 540 million accounts created since the first social networking sites had been created.Social media sites are great places for companies large and small to create targeted promotions. But unfortunately, they are also great places for scammers to post phony promotions aimed at grabbing your information and money via fake social media profile.Today, I want to discuss about fake social media profile and how it is used in promotional works.Here the full story of the Recent research on fake social media profile functioning in promotional works.

1.What is Fake social profile:-

Fake profile means that a social media networking site's profile which is not presented by the real one or pretended to be some one but really she /he is not the owner.There are three type fake profiles are seen in social media,those are celebrity profile,scammers profile and girls profile.These profiles are created due to get more attention from onliners.Young generation is still not sure about their existence in the real life and by being in virtual communities in social network makes them comfortable. Social media has pulled them in deeper side of identity, personality, behaviour, and social life itself, which has been caused by the social networking to the younger generation and the older generation.Younger generation are attracted to social network because the website allows them to discover who they really are, as the older generation uses social network to make their communication with their families easier. Every social network user has a profile that displays information and pictures the user can customize, so the younger generation use that function to attract more friends, even stranger, to view their profile page.

2.Why fake social profile created:-

It is noticed that every social networking site such as myspace, facebook, twitter,Google+ and friendster have a fake profile that are created by younger generation to attract people by using fake picture and profile. This essay also explores the side of identity of social network. Youth’s dependence on technology and the Internet has drastically increased. Youth uses and relies on social networking and other types of online communities to fit in the social ladder. Many of these online communities allow youth to provide feedback and contribute to all the various social activities around the Internet. The growing virtual community raises a number of issues concerning individual identity. From these issues possibly the most interesting is the level of anonymity those who use these social networking find themselves dealing with. Because there is no frequent face-to-face interaction, it is easy to say or be anyone that the user wanted: wealthy, attractive, and intelligent, the options are virtually limitless.

3.How promotional works are done by Fake profile:-

I have already mention that there are three types of fake profiles are seen.Normally we accept the celebrities as our icon and we accept their life styles as our own.So it is generally acceptable that we are interested own their personal life usages and goods as real life advertisement also doing the similar thing in any publishing media.Next type profile are created by scammers and hackers to steal money and information of their fellow online mates.They promotes with more attractive videos or photos.Lastly another type fake profiles are created by the common teenagers or younger for fully fun to get attention or friendly talk with fellow online mates.This type fake profiles are normally belongs to girls and operated by the young boys.

4.How to identify and avoid fake profile:- 

It is very difficult to identify fake profile because a large number of social media users are not interested to reveal them in virtual world but they are not fake.So, how can you tell a legitimate social media profile or promotion from a fake one? Here are some tips to help you identify these promotional scams or fake identity:
i. Be wary of promotions where you are asked to “like” a post to enter to win.
ii. If you get a social media message saying that you have won a contest or by posting messages to users’ profile pages.
iii. Ad promotion includes a free offer, the ad must link directly to a page explaining the offer. If you click on an ad and it takes you elsewhere, such as to a survey, be very cautious.
iv. Profile updates goes else where or any harmful site or asking your details.
v. There is only one profile picture and no personal details or contact details.

5.How to avoid fake profile:-

Normally we are using social media for our entertainment and communicate our friends and family members but be cautious when giving third-party applications complete access to your social media profile.If the offer sounds too good to be true–like receiving two free airline tickets for clicking on a link–it probably is. Also, be suspicious of any promotions that make you do a lot of work, like fill out surveys and third-party offers for little in return.The best way to help yourself avoid these types of scams is to be cautious and continue to educate yourself on all the methods the scammers use to trick you.But some time ,it is seen that a few fake profile promote good and informative things too as those are created by well known professionals.

6.Psychological effect of fake profile:-

Teenagers need a venue to help them discover their true selves. Social networking provides a place for them to socialize and create their identities in search of approval from their peers. It is a place for socializing, and because popularity and social status are important to learning teenagers. But when they fail to do so then they try to alternative ways to get popular.It is also seen that younger are using the fake profile to express their over vulgarity with their fellow mates which are not possible with their real profile.Some time this type fake profile offer over nasty proposals to their online friends.Recent research says that they are already become psycho patients.


Social media is a great source of information and place to meet the friends and family.Virtual communities have become an important influence in the social development of teenagers in the modern world by allowing them to express their personalities. However, with the coming technologies, the Internet has transformed our daily lives. One thing is absolutely right that the way people interact, communicate and collaborate with each other has changed forever. Eventhough, social network is changing  the way people communicate with people without having to have face-to-face interaction, social community values still hold important key factor to drive the user to consume social network more everyday. Here promotional works have some limitation when it goes from real profile but when it goes from fake profile then there is no limitation or fear of social discrimination.The best way to get proof of someone’s identity online if you’re suspicious is use Google image search or web search to verify the profile.



4.Opinion Spam Detection

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