10 essential non discussed factors of blogging to boost instant readership

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Having a blog or a personal website has become a fashion and some time it is a passion too. Writing for a blog and updating the blog or website has become un common hobby now this days.This waves is carried by IT professionals but some normal internet users also are running behind this because to become a blogger or personal website owner it is no need to be a programmer or web designer,just it can be done with the programs now available.10 essential non discussed factors of blogging to boost instant readership

It is seen that most of hosting accounts now have included blogging software (wordpress, blogger, Joomla etc) which comes with each account at free of cost.Blogging can be addictive for some one due to a large numbers have taken it as a full time profession. It doesn’t take long to learn how to do it and there are plenty of free informational resources on the Internetto help you get started.Here I am trying to discuss major socio-cultural effects on Blogging.Here is the top 10 essential non discussed factors of blogging to boost instant readership.

1. Carry the value of friends and family:-

Every one has a value of friends and family , a blogger can easily let them know about real time on going matters.It can keep friends and family updated on what is going on without having to write separate emails to each person by simply posting a blog post .

2. Expressing free mind:-

Start a blog on a topic of interest to you which some time is called niche.While some one visit on your blog or website, they can give comment on your blog post or topic.

3. Network building :-

Blog can become a media to build a network; you never know when someone might be able to help you in the future such as finding employment opportunities,any charity fund rising and may more.

4. Source of relax and relieve:-

Using a blog to express your feelings, helps relieve tension. It also gives you something to focus on in a creative sort of way which is not only a great stress reliever, but also gives you a sense of accomplishment.

5. Reflect of opinions:-

Either your feeling is strongly or weak that is not a matter.Tell others and express yourself and your ideas and opinions. Its your blog; write about whatever it is which you enjoy discussing with others.

6.Helping mind set:-

Blogging is a great way to help others with problems by telling them of your own experiences with the same or similar problems in past or now.

7. Similar niche connection:-

It is the way to meet and converse with others online through their comments and feedback, you can develop a sense of community with other people who have similar interests. And by having your own blog or website, you have more control over the subject matter than if you are visiting and posting comments on someone else's blog, website, or forum.

8. Reason of Inspiration:-

Tell inspirational stories-either your own or those of other people you know. I recently set up a website. Another hot benefit of using your blog to help others is when you get an email or comment from someone who tells you that your article has helped them. Those warm fuzzy feelings you get can be quite exciting.

9. Make money online:-

It is not a very easy to earn online money,although everyone seems to be trying to do it, it is still possible to make money on the web selling your own items or those of other companies through affiliate programs . Don’t count on getting rich, however, unless you are willing to develop the skills of an Internet marketing guru.Another option showing pay per click (PPC) advertising.

10.Factory of creativity:-

Creativity is the main factor of blogging which can give the energy to maintain a blog or website is an excellent outlet .It doesn't to have the skills of an expert writer. Blogging is a medium which allows everyday people to publish their own thoughts and writing without having to worry about convincing publishers to publish their work. Blogging is simply communicating your ideas to others. If you can carry on a conversation, you can blog. Just think of it as writing to a group of friends and you are a part of that conversation.


Blogging is a matter of self satisfaction,so a large number of people are stuck in jobs where they rarely ever seen any place other than their own city. Viewing post , pictures online,software, hardware,product review and especial with stories about of their of interests.Blogging allows to learn and organize your thoughts which helps you to understand a problem or develop your understanding of a subject.Blogging brings Name,Fame and money too.

Guest post submitted by Daniel Drew-

Daniel Drew is one of pioneer blogger who was started blogging as hobby and now become professional.Catch him at content writing king

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