Emotion in Information Technology & Psychological Effects of Professional Blogging


It is agreed that emotion has a traditional value from ancient time to till date and emotion can do any impossible task with very interesting ways.It is one the most amazing ideas for every human being has emotion.Long run experiments say that only humans are blessed to feel and express the emotions in a own and unique ways.If we take a moment for an experiment then we generally experience multiple emotions in our daily life. 

Emotion in Information Technology & Psychological Effects of  Professional Blogging

It is also a proof that we are alive and we feel what is happening around us which I have wrote in my a few previous articles about blogging psychology.We often show our emotions to our loved ones especially if we are greatly affected with the situation. It is also amazing how we develop such emotions even without learning them.Blogging is one of such emotion and activity which is expressed with modern information technology.Today, we are trying to find out the Emotion in Information Technology & Psychological Effects of Professional Blogging.

1.How psychology reacts on blogging:-

Our emotions are the perfect things that make us all humans.According to some psychologists ,humans are all capable of faking their smile but not their emotions.It is the thing that makes us true in our deeds and activities. Socialization also depends on the emotion of a person.It affects the way he or she socializes with another person.However, because we are also affected with the norms of the society there are times that we need to manage our emotions in such a way that we remain our sanity and decency. Although it is indeed difficult to partially hide our true emotions we are encouraged to be more flexible since we are governed with our thoughts and beliefs.We sometimes need to divert all of our attentions to prevent conflict and other forms of disturbances.

2.Psychological advantages in blogging:-

Aside from the advantage of having different emotions we are more blessed to have the ways on how we can express our emotions.Keeping a diary is one of the best ways to express emotions in a secretive way.During the past years,keeping a journal is indeed a great outlet for unloading our emotions.According to psychologists writing has a different impact on the emotions of the people.It soothes and calms their stressed minds.Aside from the fact that writing is a secretive form of expressing your emotions it is also a great avenue for you to develop the ability of holding your emotions.Almost all famous authors and poets are much known because of their heartwarming stories and poems.They have the ability to mask their emotions by using the most vivid words in the vocabulary. They compile these words to create a poem. It is even magical how we are moved by the stories of certain forms of writings just by reading its entire content.

3.Mirror of real life in blogging:-

As human Life race says that life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you.If someone wants you in their life,they will make room for you.You should n’t have to fight for a spot.The advancement of technology never became a hindrance for us to express our emotions.In fact,it became one of the best ways to cope our emotions such as blogging.Blogging is the modern form of writing a diary.A blogging is done by person who writes articles,stories or even just a product of his or her own experience and post in the internet.

4.Capable to handle problems:-

Problem comes and it is better to face them head on.But it is not be a easy matter.There is no person in the world capable of flawlessly handling every punch thrown at them.Although blogging has less privacy compared to a diary,you are still given the chance to express your thoughts and emotions. Blogging even became an avenue for some individuals to share their interests and hobbies in life. Nowadays,there are several blogging communities that can be found in the internet.It is also possible for you to meet other individuals through blogging.

5.Become real life philosopher:-

The advancement of the technology affected much of our daily activities.Life is indeed full of twists and turns.We often find ways on how we can deal with our emotions and it is better than to let our feelings eat us. One of the best way to manage our emotions is through blogging.It is the modern way of expressing our thoughts and opinions in a more realistic way,how blogging became the best outlet for some individuals in dealing with their problems and anxieties.


Dr.Steve Reiss Professor of Psychology,used during his recent presentation in Chicago(USA) on his research on motivation says that people that like to think over-complicate things because it gives them more to think about.Reiss claims that motivation is a lot clearer and more direct than theorists have proposed.He further claims that emotions are not what motivates behavior.Many people talk about emotion as an end goal but my notion in this matter is that emotion is the starting of human life and it way stay with us till our last breath.

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