Essential factors to make money online randomly and regularly from blogging


Creating a blog is not very big thing but it is very hard to continue as a blogger because traffic is the main factor and maintaining is another factor of blogging. I have already write a lots of blog posts here about how to create blog and how to get traffic.So Today I want to discuss about maintaining the created blog.It is known to all that management is a factor which affects any where either online or offline and money is one of the major factor of management.Essential factors to make money online randomly and regularly from blogging

One of my blogger friend recently asking me, how to make money from a blog without hard work.It is not impossible to make money online via blog or website but it needs some special tactic to earn regular income on a monthly basis where it takes hard work and it's not going to happen over night.Here is the key ways to make money blogging and Essential factors to make money online randomly and regularly from blogging.

1. Pre criteria for making money:-

Some most important criteria must fulfill by your blog then you can try to monetize your blog or website.You should keep attention on these factors first before focusing on monetization of your blog or website to get success.

a.Niche or Topic:-

The niche of your blog has to be able to be monetized. Some topics are tougher than others so make sure your topic has an audience interested in spending money if you want to monetize the blog.

b.Trust worthy contents:-

You need to create value for your visitors to be able to retain some of the traffic you get, to have your visitors spread the word about your work and to start building trust with your visitors.

c.Visitor or reader:-

Traffic or visitor is the fuel of any blog or website. Without people visiting your blog, it will be very hard to get any revenue from the blog.

2. Way to Make money online :-

There are a lots of ways to make money online or earn money online via blogging .I have just picked up a few most commonly use methods.

i. Affiliate Marketing :-

Find opportunity in markets and products you are familiar with you niche. Are you using a product that makes your life easier? Have you read a book that inspired you? As long as the product is targeted and relevant to your blog readership, become an affiliate and promote it.There are thousands of companies who will pay you commission for sales that you generate through your blog. This is called affiliate marketing and is arguably the best source of blog revenue. Finding these companies is simple, just do a Google search for products you like with “affiliate” added on.
Create valuable content about the product, help people use the product better, show how the product can improve their lives, and earn money when they click your link and buy the product.

ii. PPC (Pay per click) ads :-

Google Adsense is one of the easiest ways of making money. You place a piece of code on your blog article and Google automatically lists ads relevant to the topic of your blog. Google pays per click and depending on the popularity of the topic you write about, a click can earn you anything from few cents to several dollars.Negative side of Adsense is that many people have banner blindness (many visitors dismiss banner ads as they find them intrusive), tend to find ads annoying and ignore them.There are a lots of other ad networks too.

iii. Blogging consultant:-

You could sell your own time. Become a consultant and charge for people to have one-on-one coaching with you.

iv. Direct Sponsor :-

You can try your luck and sell banner ads directly to advertisers. Find products relevant to your audience and simply contact the company and aks if they would be interested in sponsoring your blog.

v. Selling own product :-

Develop something that is genuinely helpful to people, that solves some kind of a problem that they have. Package the product in a specific format and sell it. E-books, webinars, courses are some of the popular formats.

vi. Write to get paid reviews :-

There are several networks that allow blogs to monetize by writing paid reviews. Negative points to this are that you don’t get paid very much and the content you end up creating is of less worth to your visitors compared to the best content.You will also discover that many people will contact you directly asking to buy reviews or text links. Even though many bloggers accept these, I would recommend to ignore these offers as selling links is not something search engines like and you risk being banned from the search results.

vii. Direct donate button :-

Depending on the topic and the readership of your blog, a donate button might be the most effective way of monetizing. PayPal offers these and it just might be the way for you to get rewarded for the help you provide to your readers.

viii. Use Passive third party monetization :-

You can use your existing content to earn passive income on other platforms such as Amazon, YouTube and others. For example if you produce many videos and upload them onto YouTube, you can become a YouTube partner and monetize your videos.Similar to this, you can add your blog to the Amazon kindle store and get paid when people read your blog on Kindle.

ix. Paid membership forum :-

Creating a private forum is a great way for bloggers to capitalize on their contacts and build a tight-knit and motivated community. Some of these communities can be used for social media manipulation and many other “secret” and “exclusive” means. You can make the fee yearly or monthly if you wish and start to build a steady income through member participation.

x. Site Flipping :-

The process of site flipping usually involves the creation of design, content, and some traffic to then go and sell the blog. The easiest way to do this is by forming a partnership and getting someone to design the blog while the other writes content and markets it.


Create the best blog you can and grow your traffic, readership and trust. Then strategically monetize using one or more of the above methods and you will be on the way to earn a handsome income from your blog . Experiment, test and take your time choosing the best monetization method. Don’t force the monetization and don’t oversell. You will find that the best methods to make money will come to you naturally. If you keep working hard on this, work consistently over a longer term, and as long as you never give up, in due time you will become a success and your blog will start making even bigger amounts of money.

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  1. Hi Umain bro.....
    your article is like a pocket dictionary for all those people who are planning to enter into blogging world.
    Your article have covered all per-requisite require for blogging.
    Great Job bro.

  2. Sandeep Kumar @ thanks for your comment .However I have written which It is found my working days.

  3. I really loved your post bro. I too think that selecting a good niche and a good money making way is the best planning. :)

  4. OMG, There so many money making ideas. If all work at times then OMG I will be richer forever. nice post Umain. definitely one should follow these to make online money.

  5. Thanks @ Avi Jit ## stay with us with your valuable comments in our future articles.


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