IT professionals controversy on blogging whether it is business or not ?

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Blogging has already got popularity in virtual world of the internet around the world.A large number of IT professional already have managed their bread & butter via blogging. It is till controversial that blogging is a business but major portion of IT experts and blogging experts accept blogging as a business.

IT professionals controversy on blogging

Today I am trying to discuss the matter whether blogging is a business or not and what are the requirements of  a business and blogging . Here is the full coverage of  IT professionals controversy on blogging whether it is business or not ? If don't agree with our fundings ,then share your ideas with us and always it will be welcomed.

Common business criteria:-

It is known to all that a business must have some criteria such as -
Set target or well plan
Place of Establishment
Mission & Purpose
Capital or investment
product marketing
Legal documentation
Publicity of product(s)
Social responsibilities
Profit requirements

On the other hand basic requirements of blogging:-

Set target or goal
Domain name
Hosting service
Software installation
Profit requirements

Experts review on blogging and business:-

Now any one can realize whether blogging is business or not !! There are a few differences in business and blogging such as all blogs are not created for money earning but business always starts only for money.Recently I have seen a query on popular blogging forum about blogging business as "what you expect from your blog ?",that is a core question for every blogger either professional or normal blogger.Every one blogger has to have a pre planned goal and exception from his / her blog either that will money or name and fame or all of these. Similarly business starts with well planned target and try to achieve the goal for money ,name and fame too.


Blogging is express, innovative and enjoy or share , learn and success on the other hand business follow only the success. So blogging may be the parent of modern business. If I am against any traditional rules of innovation , don't hesitate to counter attack me with your comment bellow.

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1 comment:

  1. I think it's very simple and should not be controversial.

    It depends upon the blogger how he/she takes it. It's business if he takes it as a business. It's not business if he takes it just as a hobby.

    Sites like Mashable and SmashingMagazine are blogs that have emerged to be big business.


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