Knocked down Key factors in Google rankings of blogs & websites

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Professional bloggers, webmasters and even website owner those have zero knowledge about technology are thinking about Google.Here the query rise , why all are running behind Google ? ,The reply is very simple and known to all as Google is the most reliable source of unique traffic and traffic or visitor is the fuel of any website or blog. Google has taken over the chance and changing their algorithm as they want without related to one another previous algorithm.Recently one of my blind blogger fan has asked me some questions about Google algorithm and ranking process.Those queries are -

How can escape Google’s Over-Optimization Penalty ?

My Content is the King,but why does Google hate it?

why get knocked down after an algorithm change?  

It is no mystery that the web has become a puzzle game after many people lost a good portion of their traffic and income this year as a result of some dramatic changes to the Google algorithm and they are knocked down after an algorithm change .

Knocked down Key factors in Google rankings of blogs & websites

I have replied her as much as possible with in my little knowledge from last 8 years experience of blogging and webmastering profession.I think ,these are may be questions for others bloggers too , So I decide to publish it for my readers and visitors.Here is the Knocked down Key factors in Google rankings of blogs & websites .

1.Over search engine optimized contents:-

It has seen that the top seo experts has been taken the benefits of massive footer links, excessive meta tags and keyword-stuffed meta descriptions but the present algorithm of Google is now talking about over-optimization and find out the SEO experts activities via which they would tout the benefits of these tactics in an attempt to manipulate Google rankings. As for example you can check it out the tactics of over smart seo expert works-

A. Keyword stuffed website titles:– 

Your title should sound like it originated from a live, breathing human, not a robot.
Example: You run a Blogging tutorial institute in Guwahati,Assam
Over smart tile:- Blogging tutorial institute - Blogging tutorial institute,Guwahati-Blogging tutorial institute,Blogging a to z teaching institute.
Normal better title: Blogging tutorial institute in Guwahati,Assam
If Blog post's title never sounds natural to a living human, it is not acceptable. If a human would identify the title as keyword-stuffed spam, so may be  Google is the better techie.

B. More Keyword-stuffed:–

Over smart ness is always bad for blog post as i have mentioned above that more and more keywords as meta tags never work for good ranking or SERP.Some time it will bring an un excepted ban on your site or blog.

C. More internal links:-

It is seen that a lots of bloggers and webmasters have included with large number of keywords matched sidebar links pointing to the same pages or the excessive blog post links pointing to dozens of additional blog posts. It is not only a spamming, but also a poor conversion practice of blogger or webmaster.

D.Large number of footer links:–

Irreverent footer links are accepted as spamming by the search engine ,now this days which are looked like a keyword explosion.The problem with footer links is not so much that they exist, but when there are more than a few, it does n’t take a brain surgeon to figure out what the webmaster is doing.Those links generally do not help the user because they are stuffed so far down the page and we all know why they are there. This practice is now called over-optimization and it may affect the rankings in a negative way.

E. Reciprocal link exchange:–

The days have as blogger and webmaster proposing as “You link to me and I will link back to you”. This practice is not fine but if this will happen naturally then there is no problem without manipulation.

F.More anchor Text:-

When the keywords are similar and one can deduce this webmaster is trying to rank for different instances of the same keyword even though they can be used on the same page. This may be identified as a “spammy” practice.There are several formulas floating around on the internet about how many of your links should contain the same keywords for anchor text and what Google defines as “over-optimization”, but in actuality no one really knows for sure.To err on the safe side, I would vary your anchor text as much as possible. If you are doing link building naturally, many of these links will be out of your control. But the ones you can control, make sure to vary them considerably.

G. More advertisements:-

Recently ,Google has cleared that if any website or blog content starts with advertisement then that blog post or whole website or blog may be penalize.If so, it may be affecting your rankings.Google is now “on to” websites that publish excessive ads above the fold.If users have to scroll to see the main content on your site, you definitely want to change this other wise your warning bell will be ranged.


Google webmaster central blog says that rather than scrolling down the page past a slew of ads, users want to see content right away. So sites that don’t have much content “above-the-fold” can be affected by the Google new algorithm.If you click on a website and the part of the website you see first either doesn’t have a lot of visible content above-the-fold or dedicates a large fraction of the site’s initial screen real estate to ads, that’s not a very good user experience. Such sites may not rank as highly going forward.So we can easily determine that why Google has knocked down the websites and blogs .I am not sure these are the main factors ,whereas there may be other factors too.If you have any one of such factors ,don't miss to share with us via comment box bellow.

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