Pre fixed target orientation of blog post or webpage disclosure

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Traditional blogging never Pre fixed target orientation of blog post or webpage disclosure but the new system of blogging has forced to do so. Comprehensive testing of blog post or web page must needed due to get much response from audience or readers and in needs some basic evaluative criteria.

Pre fixed target orientation of blog post or webpage disclosure

According to recent research concerning says that 8 points of professional blogging must fulfill before it goes online.Previously I had written an article on effective observation of professional bloggers and webmaster which may be related to this article.

1. Fixed users of blog posts:-

It is the best way to set up a targeted readers of any blog post which indirectly we can say pre planning. After taking a draft planning of blog post go to type the post with in one sitting which helps to full concentration on topic and target orientation.

2.  Frequency of exposure:-

Maximum exerts express that single topic exposure is better in blog post but some a few experts have stated that two or more related topic are better in post exposure.

3.  How it is presented:-

Presentation is one of the major factors of blog post or web page. Writing better and easy to understand title with related to body content.It is better to represent short title with focusing core factors.

4. Where it is published:-

Publishing platform is another core factor of blog post,some time it is seen that a lots of genuine and rich contents are not getting viewers or readers due to publishing platform. So before writing a post must decide where to publish it for getting more readers and responders.

5.  Who will respondent and how:-

Readers or viewers are the main motto of any blogger or web page writer because readers are the energetic fuel of author or blogger.If the content has fulfilled the asking of readers then there is no doubt ,they will respond to the author or writer or blogger.

6.  Geographic scope:-

Geo location is another factor which directly and indirectly affect on blog post or article.As for example ,If you have written any controversial blog post for particular region or religion then that will get more and more readers from the targeted geo location.Here it is needed pre caution that your blog post may not become a cause of violence or riot.

7.  Alternative measure of persuasion:-

Alternative scope of writing is one of better way to get attention from the targeted and un targeted readers and viewers.

8.  Comparision and evaluation:-

Every time and every where if you have the choice to compare with other counterparts then that will give you a better scope to analysis your works.Specially your blog post must be compare with other bloggers’ blog post and how the techniques they use.


Every author can not become blogger but every blogger can become an author very easily because blogging is more radical and hard job than any other writing method.So if any one of the points above misguided or doesn’t carry the traditional rule of blogging then feel free to comment bellow.


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