Professional Bloggers ultimatum of press release and search engine optimization

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Press release has become another hot marketing tools for professional bloggers and corporate world.It is seen that more than 47 Million people use Yahoo News and Google Newsand more than 10,00 million people use a search engine every day around the world to find the latest information about a wide range of topics that interest them.

Professional Bloggers ultimatum of press release and Search Engine Optimization

When they conduct a news search, they often find relevant press releases along with articles from thousands of news sources.So now this days it has become more important to reveal aims and objectives.Here is the

Professional Bloggers ultimatum of press release and Search Engine Optimization .

1.What is press release:-

A note of any blog,website,company or firm describing the present,past and future project(s) with high quality publicity tools in major publishing media is called press release.Press release is also a kind of public relationship tactic of corporate world.

2.How to write press release:-

Maximum corporate world leaders depend on bloggers to choose a marketing tool, press releases are only as valuable as the keywords & phrases that are contained in them.It is known to all the professional bloggers, how important it is to stay current in our profession.Identifying a target audience and developing a segmentation method with target long achievement which can easily track.Search engine optimization is more than inserting a couple hyperlinks and keywords into a press release and sending it across the wire. Creating an optimized press release entails careful planning, an understanding of the available distribution channels and audiences, and performing analyses on how well your releases performed and the impact they had on targeted other web properties in virtual or real world.

3.Where to submit press release:-

It is more important to get targeted content to be indexed in major search engines and to generate Google Alerts, It needs to submit targeted press release to one of the recognized press release distribution services. That is how it can gain potential coverage from mainstream media and bloggers.There a lots of service providers but a few major and well known are PRWeb, PR Newswire, Business Wire, Marketwire and PrimeNewswire.There are some other less popular ones and even free services, might be able to use.In my own notion that it should be experimented with them.It should have access to the main search engines and the capability to hyperlink from the press release to targeted site or blog.Normally the news standards are like XML, OPML, ATOM, RSS, and NewsML.

4.Bloggers impact on press release:-

Press release is a essential parts of corporate world but it is fully related to blogging and bloggers because press release are written for media persons but fully targeted to high profile bloggers and corporate blogs.Putting it up on the Media page, on the blog or wherever best to get attention or which is appropriate.

5.Benefit of press release:-

Press release can brings unique audiences or fresh customers from Yahoo News and Google News as well as other search engines.Now this days, the CNN and the BBC News have also come forward in press release publication field with both printing media and online media form . If your company's marketing and promotion strategy includes the Internet, your press releases should be optimized for and distributed to the major news search engines.The main benefits of press release are given bellow-
a.Researching search terms to identify the keywords
b.Focusing business by distributing press release through the web, wires and online
c.Easiest way of monitoring and reporting .
d.Building brand and personalities by distributing press release.
e.Building loyal community of customers as fans.
f.Increase the number of visitors to targeted site or blog from news search engines
g.Increase the number of prospects who give email address.


Press release has brings some new thoughts and thinking matters such as optimizing news releases, business-to-business customers, investors interests,conduct keyword research, build links,proper distributing news, press release is archived and many more.These factors are the main backbone of professional bloggers and webmasters.It teaches to maintain in building relevant links that follow Google’s quality guidelines and Yahoo!’s anti-spam policy.So press release is one of the advance method to get attention from relevant industry.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such a great info on Press Release website. Recently I too started a PR website and I want to develop it big. So can you tell me how to work and develop a Press Release website.


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