Reader friendly customization in Perception of given information

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Once we have learnt that perception is the process by which an individual maintains contact with his/her environment and an individual receives stimuli through the various senses and interprets them.Professional bloggers must customize the perception of readers to verify the quality of their blog posts.Today, I am trying to discuss the perception process of blog posts or web page readers and viewers.The process of perception is conceptualized mainly five points such as notice,attention, proceed, interpretation and remember.[Image:Basic Blog Tips]

Reader friendly customization in Perception of given information

My favorite researchers like Bruke and Srull have said that less information with real time data conversation works fine in perception process to remember by the viewers and readers very easily.Why some authors,bloggers,copywirters get huge number of readers or viewers on their information? Recently I have researched Basic Blog Tips which is written by Ileane Smith and trying to find the reply in succeeding of readers friendly customization process.

Here is the full topic of Reader friendly customization in Perception of given information .


Environment is the main factor to get notice by the visitors or readers.This environment may be virtual or real world but it needs to create a situation to get notice.Well planned promoting, advertising ,social bookmarking,social media sharing,forum linking, referral post track back can do the the work of get notice.

2. Attention:-

Attention is a such sense which is really hard to drive because we see a lots of things either online or offline but few things can draw our attention.A very complex mechanism that controls the quantity and nature of information any individual receives.Readers attention filters with effort and consciousness in active search .The things ,we see in our daily life normally passes with passive search and the passive search findings rarely motivate or expose our deep attention.A blog post or web page must be desire to expose in informative ways which can motivate to long run benefits.

3.Proceed :-

This step is really hard part of perception.If any blog post or web page or any kinds of things can gets above notice and attention then the viewers or readers go forward or proceed to main body or heart of that information.Readers and viewers always had the freedom to do things while the page is going or shown including the room mentally or physically preparation for the whole information about he/she is looking for.So it must bear some thing special to proceed by viewers and readers.


An individual organizes the stimulus content into his/her own models of reality,models that may be very different from those of other individuals of the author/writer.So the person often simplifies ,distorts,organizes and even create stimuli.The out put of any reader or viewer is a cognitive awareness.It is very clear that Some helpful meaning of the information effect on impacting the psychological processes to ongoing topic or orderly.Must keep a balance various interpretation scope when the information is prepared.


We are human beings and normally forget the things which are exposed in front of us in our daily life.It is a common character of every human beings.So most hard part of blogging, writing, advertising,project making etc is impact on viewers or readers to make remember able information.Remember can be take an action when two points (attention and interpretation) work a role in helping an individual cope with the infinite quantity of accessible stimuli.Given information must rocks the brain of viewer or reader with unlimited questionaries or replies.Must keep in mind that given information may create a evergreen noise in the brain of viewers and readers with less useful information and those can access any time or any where from their own brain.


It is known to all that people use information to make a decision either it is online or offline.Although the recent research says that practical experiences are more useful information which can easily demonstrate to the viewers and readers.We have seen a large number of viewers and readers wants practical references for the given information.So bloggers,writers,authors,copy writers,corporate researchers must need some real life information to customize the users friendly information creating tricks and tips.These five points may not be fulfill the customization,if i have left any points here then don't hesitate to comment bellow for further update.

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