Recent research on fake social media profile functioning in promotional works

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Social networking site has already become a essential part of our daily life.It is also seen that maximum corporate leaders also using social media for their brand promotional works even small to smaller group or firm and individual(s) are using social media for their promotion.But why this promotional competition in social media ? The reply is very simple,recent survey on scial media says that social network’s popularity has grown greatly among teenagers and students. Social networking websites such as myspace, facebook, and twitter,Bebo,Google+ allow the teenagers to view their friends’ profile page, pictures, and activities.  

Recent research on fake social media profile functioning in promotional works

This social networking websites is incredibly popular among both youngsters and adults from ages 14 to 24 and over 540 million accounts created since the first social networking sites had been created.Social media sites are great places for companies large and small to create targeted promotions. But unfortunately, they are also great places for scammers to post phony promotions aimed at grabbing your information and money via fake social media profile.Today, I want to discuss about fake social media profile and how it is used in promotional works.Here the full story of the Recent research on fake social media profile functioning in promotional works.

1.What is Fake social profile:-

Fake profile means that a social media networking site's profile which is not presented by the real one or pretended to be some one but really she /he is not the owner.There are three type fake profiles are seen in social media,those are celebrity profile,scammers profile and girls profile.These profiles are created due to get more attention from onliners.Young generation is still not sure about their existence in the real life and by being in virtual communities in social network makes them comfortable. Social media has pulled them in deeper side of identity, personality, behaviour, and social life itself, which has been caused by the social networking to the younger generation and the older generation.Younger generation are attracted to social network because the website allows them to discover who they really are, as the older generation uses social network to make their communication with their families easier. Every social network user has a profile that displays information and pictures the user can customize, so the younger generation use that function to attract more friends, even stranger, to view their profile page.

2.Why fake social profile created:-

It is noticed that every social networking site such as myspace, facebook, twitter,Google+ and friendster have a fake profile that are created by younger generation to attract people by using fake picture and profile. This essay also explores the side of identity of social network. Youth’s dependence on technology and the Internet has drastically increased. Youth uses and relies on social networking and other types of online communities to fit in the social ladder. Many of these online communities allow youth to provide feedback and contribute to all the various social activities around the Internet. The growing virtual community raises a number of issues concerning individual identity. From these issues possibly the most interesting is the level of anonymity those who use these social networking find themselves dealing with. Because there is no frequent face-to-face interaction, it is easy to say or be anyone that the user wanted: wealthy, attractive, and intelligent, the options are virtually limitless.

3.How promotional works are done by Fake profile:-

I have already mention that there are three types of fake profiles are seen.Normally we accept the celebrities as our icon and we accept their life styles as our own.So it is generally acceptable that we are interested own their personal life usages and goods as real life advertisement also doing the similar thing in any publishing media.Next type profile are created by scammers and hackers to steal money and information of their fellow online mates.They promotes with more attractive videos or photos.Lastly another type fake profiles are created by the common teenagers or younger for fully fun to get attention or friendly talk with fellow online mates.This type fake profiles are normally belongs to girls and operated by the young boys.

4.How to identify and avoid fake profile:- 

It is very difficult to identify fake profile because a large number of social media users are not interested to reveal them in virtual world but they are not fake.So, how can you tell a legitimate social media profile or promotion from a fake one? Here are some tips to help you identify these promotional scams or fake identity:
i. Be wary of promotions where you are asked to “like” a post to enter to win.
ii. If you get a social media message saying that you have won a contest or by posting messages to users’ profile pages.
iii. Ad promotion includes a free offer, the ad must link directly to a page explaining the offer. If you click on an ad and it takes you elsewhere, such as to a survey, be very cautious.
iv. Profile updates goes else where or any harmful site or asking your details.
v. There is only one profile picture and no personal details or contact details.

5.How to avoid fake profile:-

Normally we are using social media for our entertainment and communicate our friends and family members but be cautious when giving third-party applications complete access to your social media profile.If the offer sounds too good to be true–like receiving two free airline tickets for clicking on a link–it probably is. Also, be suspicious of any promotions that make you do a lot of work, like fill out surveys and third-party offers for little in return.The best way to help yourself avoid these types of scams is to be cautious and continue to educate yourself on all the methods the scammers use to trick you.But some time ,it is seen that a few fake profile promote good and informative things too as those are created by well known professionals.

6.Psychological effect of fake profile:-

Teenagers need a venue to help them discover their true selves. Social networking provides a place for them to socialize and create their identities in search of approval from their peers. It is a place for socializing, and because popularity and social status are important to learning teenagers. But when they fail to do so then they try to alternative ways to get popular.It is also seen that younger are using the fake profile to express their over vulgarity with their fellow mates which are not possible with their real profile.Some time this type fake profile offer over nasty proposals to their online friends.Recent research says that they are already become psycho patients.


Social media is a great source of information and place to meet the friends and family.Virtual communities have become an important influence in the social development of teenagers in the modern world by allowing them to express their personalities. However, with the coming technologies, the Internet has transformed our daily lives. One thing is absolutely right that the way people interact, communicate and collaborate with each other has changed forever. Eventhough, social network is changing  the way people communicate with people without having to have face-to-face interaction, social community values still hold important key factor to drive the user to consume social network more everyday. Here promotional works have some limitation when it goes from real profile but when it goes from fake profile then there is no limitation or fear of social discrimination.The best way to get proof of someone’s identity online if you’re suspicious is use Google image search or web search to verify the profile.



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