Top 10 quick traffic source for bloggers & e-entrepreneurs to get publicize

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Quick traffic is the only most grossing words for every blogger , webmaster and e- marketer because it is known to all that traffic or visitor is the fuel of any website or blog either that is professional or personal.Some times they could spend a few thousands bucks to get 100,000 'guaranteed visitors' to his/her site or blog. But a few of them get success in this stats of getting a large number of traffic. But most of them might not make even a dime from those visitors due to un targeted visitors.Top 10 quick traffic source for bloggers & e-entrepreneurs to get publicize

The real methods to get unique and targeted traffic those would convert into leads and sales or taking services.Actually I have experimented a lots of methods to get unique and targeted trafficto my blog which may be important for you too.So today I am going to share my experiments with my readers as well as professional bloggers and webmasters.Here is the Top 10 quick traffic source for bloggers & e-entrepreneurs to get publicize .

1. Joint venture partners unique traffic source:-

Joint venture partners is a webmasters or bloggers list in the same or a related niche as yours, that agrees to promote your products or services. In most cases, you promote their products or services to return the favor. so it is called joint venture partners.

2. Instant affiliates unique traffic source:-

Affiliates sent thousands of visitors a month to targeted sites or blogs. While the joint venture partners mentioned the product(s)and service(s) in this affiliate force, they are just one part of the entire force of thousands.

3. Loyal repeat visitors unique traffic source:-

The importance of getting repeat visitors is something you used to hear marketing experts talk about a lot. Lately, it seems that the value of repeat visitors has been overlooked. f you are not already getting lots of repeat visitors, I suggest you try publishing a free web-based or email newsletter.

4. Contents hidden links unique traffic source:-

Getting lots of incoming links to your site is important. Not only will traffic arrive via those links, but a site with lots of incoming links does better in search engines than sites with few links. You write articles based on your niche, post the content at your site AND share the content with other webmasters and article directory sites.

5. Free Traffic Network unique traffic source:-

There are lots of traffic networks to choose from on the web, and a few have impressed you with real traffic. However,TrafficSwarm like websites deliver hundreds of targeted visitors a week to targeted sites/blogs.

6. Search engines result page unique traffic source:-

Search engine traffic is the highest level unique traffic and most of webmasters and bloggers want SERP traffic to their websites or blogs because it is fully free and most reliable and user friendly. It really is as simple as making sure your site is properly optimized with the right keywords for your niche. The rest happens by getting good links.

7. Social media profile unique traffic source:-

Social media networking site has become more popular in this days and it has already become a fashion of any webmaster,blogger,e-marketer,internet savvy and common users creating social media profile.I am not going to say that it has no impress on blogging and marketing.If you can manage to build a fan community with unique people then easily can drive tones of visitors to your website or blog.Such for example Facebook,Twitter,Google plus etc can easily drive a lots of traffic.

8. Others blogs comments unique traffic source:-

Interactive with others bloggers is one of easiest way to build a loyal readers community and the only way to get in touch with others bloggers via their blogs which can make easy to comment on their blog post(s).Keep in mind that never do spam with other bloggers post.

9. Bookmark referral unique traffic source:-

Social bookmarking websites are marking good roles in traffic source and webmasters are running behind them because those really give targeted unique traffic if you are active on their websites.As for example we can mention Digg,Stumbleupon,diggo , delicious etc.

10. Paid advertisements unique traffic source:-

Paid traffic is never my recommendation but if you are interested then use PPC,CPC,baner,text link advertisements and there are a lots of well established ad networks, such as Google Adwords, Adclick media, Admob,Clicksore,Bidvertiser etc.I am not sure this type traffic can help to your blog but e-marketers can gets leads or sell of their targeted products.


There are many others traffic source also available on the internet but these 10 steps can easily give you a large number of instant traffic to get publicize your blog/website and make you famous which leads name,fame and money around you.

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