Top 12 backlinks mysteries of website and blog are liked by search engine

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Backlink mystery of website or blog is one of most discussed words for bloggers,webmasters,seo consultants, web analyzers and algorithm experts. Normally , Search engines view backlinks as a kind of vote for a website and, very generally speaking, the more ‘votes’ a web page has, the higher it will rank on the search engines’ results pages(SERP). There are many different ways you can get more links pointing to the pages on your website. Think about when you last shared a web page with someone else, perhaps on Facebook, via an email, a blog or a Twitter account). What was it about the page that made you want to share it? Was it funny, interesting, useful, attractive or entertaining in some way? The first step towards earning more links from the rest of the Internet is to create content that’s worth linking to. The importance of your website in the eyes of search engines increases when your website?s backlinks count increases.
Top 12 backlinks mysteries of website and blog are liked by search engine
Getting niche relevant links will maximize the effectiveness of your link building efforts.Do you want to enjoy high rankings in all the top search engines? Then increase the number of backlinks to your website. Backlinks are links or pointers to your website placed on other websites. Backlinks connect websites to each other in the same way different pages of your website are connected by the links in the navigation menu. Here the only difference is that the backlinks point to another website. Backlinks, which are also referred as inbound links are essential today because search engines use this factor to assess your website? Here is the Top 12 backlinks mysteries of website and blog are liked by search engine-

Check the 12 backlinks mysteries list bellow:-

1. Build the useful information in your website. This will leads to people will love your website and start making book marking and as well  include in their articles.

2. Leave the comments in the various blogs related to your subject.

3. Submit on various social networking site and contribute it

4. Participate in various forums and while answering place your signature
5. Give away some thing free from your website

6. Start using the free article directories to write articles

7. Start answering at yahoo answers and place your website details at refereed link

8. Start writing the list posts

9. Subscribe to RSS feed sites

10. Write some of your blog posts in PDF format  and submit it to document sharing sites.

11. Create some slide about your site and share them in slide share sites.

12. Create some videos elated to your site or blog and submit them on video share sites such as Youtube,Metacafe,Videofy,Daily motion etc.


Linking to suspicious places is something else that you must avoid. While it is true that search engines do not punish you if you have backlinks from such places because it is supposed that you have no control over what bad guys link to, if you enter a link exchange program with the so called bad neighbors and you link to them, this can be disastrous to your SEO efforts. For more details about bad neighbors, check the Bad Neighborhood article. Also, beware of getting tons of links in a short period of time because this still looks artificial and suspicious.The idea behind including backlinks as part of the page rank algorithm is that if a page is good, people will start linking to it. And the more backlinks a page has, the better. But in practice it is not exactly like this. Or at least you cannot always rely on the fact that your contents are good and people will link to you. Yes, if your content is good and relevant you can get a lot of quality backlinks, including from sites with similar topic as yours (and these are the most valuable kind of backlinks, especially if the anchor text contains your keywords) but what you get without efforts could be less than what you need to successfully promote your site. So, you less than what you need to successfully promote your site.

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  1. You can also launch a free theme and keep the download page on your blog and inform fellow bloggers about it. I highly recommend to avoid adding your site link in footer of theme, as it may lead to over optimization penalty.


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