Top 9 effective observations of professional bloggers to become creative copy writers

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Professional blogging has become one of the high profile fashion of the IT professionals from the last decade.There are a lots of such professional have reached their accepted target.Professional blogging obviously related to copy writing because bloggers also create fresh and new creative product such as blog posts.It is known to all that to create fresh and new posts or articles needs a creative minds which directly shows the copy writing process.Creativity is an idea generation process of arts work in comprehensive illustration.The creative process in concerned obeys a clear and powerful convey of viewers and readers for a particular matter. 

Top 9 effective observations of professional bloggers to become creative copy writers

Creative process depends in various factors and points due to differences of geographical and cultural customs.Social scientist Alex Osborn has stated main two factors with some sub factors in his research.Osborn has stated as there two main factors are fact finding and idea finding.Today , I am trying to find out the Top 9 effective observations of professional bloggers to become creative copy writers.

Alex Osborn's effective observations of professional bloggers and copy writers:-

A. Fact finding:-

Picking out and pointing up the fact with proper solutions.Finding and identifying are the main sub factors of the fact finding.Founded data analysis is an another sub factor affects to proper action.

B.Idea finding:-

Thinking up tentative ideas and selecting from resultant ideas.Other a few sub factors are recycling,modification and combination .Idea generation depends on copywriter's own brain limitation and group discussion.However Philip Kotler has stated in his research paper that there are nine questions should be asked own self to become a creative copy writer and successful author either online or offline.

The nine questions that spur ideas for new and improved product(s),service(s) or blog posts-

1. Adapt own as other.

2. Modifying moods.

3. Magnifying brain stage.

4. Minifying mind set.

5. Substitute manner.

6. Rearrange.

7. Reverse moods.

8. Put another.

9. Combine of all.

To become a successful copywriter, there is no need to become skilled experience but it is needed more and more observation power and strong mentality over any matter ,any where and any time.


Professional bloggers are normally expert copy writers as a few of them know it.However some of professional bloggers have already entered the field of copy writing and earning a lots by their copy writing creative minds.If you have a creative mind then just give a try to become a successful copy writer which is already you are !!

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