33 key factors of free web hosting service to blog or website

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There are thousands of websites are available in the internet , those are offering free web hosting to any one and any where.Recently I have hangout with a few of my friends and fans in Google plus , where a friend had asked about free web hosting service then another of my friend says that parking your site or blog at a free hosting is often like building a house on sand. It may be quick and and it may seem easy at first, but he can almost guarantee, it won't last long.So this article is dedicated to those friends.

[caption id="attachment_2016" align="aligncenter" width="640"]33 key factors of free web hosting service to blog or website 33 key factors of free web hosting service to blog or website[/caption]

However a few websites offer quality hosting too but they have two major negative impacts too. Today I am trying to find out the charming advertisements of such websites and their advantages and disadvantages.Here is the long list :

33 key factors of free web hosting service to blog or website

We have categories it in four different parts bellow-

A. Technical charming points free web hosting :-

1. 100% Absolutely Free WebSite Hosting
2. Cost-Free Hosting ($0.00): No Setup Fee, No Monthly Fee
3. Ads Free Hosting: Ads Free, Banner Free, Link Free
4. No File Size Limit Free Hosting
5. Free Web Hosting Storage: Free Space
6. Free Data Transfer: Free Bandwidth
7. Free Domain Hosting: Free Hosting with New Domain Registration
8. Free cPanel: Multilingual Control Panel
9. Free Web Tools and Application Hosting
10. Free Image, Photos Album, Music Files and Video Hosting
12. Free E-Mail and WebMail Hosting with IMAP, POP3 and SMTP
13. Fully Functional Hosting Accounts
14. FTP, CGI, PHP5, MySQL, PYTHON, ROR, CRON and File Manager
15. Free Blog, CMS, Gallery, Forums, Social and Wiki Hosting

B. Non Technical charming ponits free web hosting :-

1.Own website instantly
2. Personal or business website templates
3. Click Install blogging support
4. eCommerce shopping cart support
5. Easy HDD backup
6. 24X7 up time grantee
7. Ads free blank page
8. Custom domain host
9. 24X7 forum support
10. Easy social share button

C. Internal happenings of free website or blog :-

There is nothing free in this world. When you start a blog or website with a free hosting / blogging service, you don’t get your own domain.You get something like bloggerztech.blogspot.com or bloggerstech.wordpress.com (where there are a million other blogs/websites at blogspot.com or wordpress.com ) and you don’t actually own the blog. If you want your own domain then must pay a little more than normal rate of any domain registrant. If you ever do decide to move to another service then must pay them transfer fees, you have no way to take your readers with you, because you have no control over the site.Some time ,it is seen that a few services has been locked their services with out prior notice.So your hard work goes to web dustbin .

D. Major disadvantages of Free Web Hosting services:-

i. Limited Bandwidth
ii. Limited web page space
iii. Lack of adding interactive features.
iv. Search engines often ignore them .
v. Audience may doubt credibility .
vi. Hard to remember web address.
v. No guarantees of site availability and longevity
vi. No branded emails addresses.
vii. Poor help and support options
viii. May not be free forever


Free web hosting is not a new idea but it has limitation in use , so my notion in this matter that pay a few buck to establish a better online presence with your own paying hosting service with custom domain which can help to create a brand name in internet world.However it is seen that many free hosts are fly-by-night operations and care little for the long term well being of users files.

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Top 10 high paying guest posting websites for failed bloggers and authors


Blogging mania has already come to common people from IT professional due easy availability of service providers.There are thousands of easy blogging platforms support their users in handling process of their blogs.Such as create an ID and start to write without spending single penny.Here is the question rises that why blogging has become so popular? The reply is so simple , only two reason for blogging , one is that every one wants to become famous by expressing their thoughts and another one is that easy way to make money online.Blogging has always been one of the most common money making method on the web.There are a lots of bloggers have already failed to achieve the both target .It is not an easy task to run a successful blog because it needs a strong and proper skills in writing and maintaining of website.

It has been seen that a lots of bloggers have good skills in writing but they fail to grape the audience so my today's article goes to the failed bloggers who have high skilled in writing.If you are one of them , my this article surely help you to become a successful writer and flow money to your pockets for your articles. Recently Perfect BloggersTechcarried out a survey on failure blogs and bloggers where we have found that a large number of bloggers have high quality in writing skills and they want to stay in writing profession .We have deep dug the matter and find out a few good quality websites those pay the writer for contributors of those websites. You too write contents for these blogs/websites and get paid for each article or blog post.There is another plus point is that the article will be published under your name itself so that you will get enough exposure and back links to your unknown blog or website.Our study covers a few high paying website or blogs which pay high amount depending upon your post and topic on those websites or blogs.Here is the list

Top 10 high paying guest posting websites for failed bloggers and authors

1. Tutorial Board – Get paid up to $150 per post :-

This is a tutorial website based on Adobe photoshop, after effects, Maya, 3D max etc. You can post them to Tutorial board and get paid up to $150 per article. This is one of the leading site in the niche.

2. Vector Directory – Get paid up to $150 per post :-

You can get paid to write tutorials about Illustrator on how to create an Illustration, then you can write for Vector Directory – One of the popular blog about Vectors and get paid a $150 per post.

3. Flash Mint –Get paid up to $150 per post :-

Those are good at flash or animations, this is definitely for you ! You can write a tutorial and get much exposure through their huge audience base and also get a $150 per accepted post.

4. Pro Blog Designs – Get paid up to $125 per post :-

One of the most popular website in the Web designing and coding niche. The site is quite popular and has a large reader base, So If your post gets accepted, It will be shown to hude amount of audience and you will get some quality backlinks and exposure along with the $125 that you get paid, for a single post .

5. Wp web host – Get paid up to $100 per post :-

Wpwebhost is one of the leading web-hosting companies which provides hosting in wordpress optimized web servers. They have a blog which shares WordPress tutorials and tips. You can write for their posts and once your posts are accepted, You will get paid $100 per post. It could be anything related to WordPress or any Interesting list posts. You may contact them with the Topic before submiting a Guest post.

6. HV designs – Get paid up to $100 per post :-

Those know to write tutorials on Photoshop, or in case you don’t, If you could write well written round ups or articles about photoshop, Then this offer suits for you. You can write Tutorials. Round-ups or articles and get paid a solid $100 from them and get maximum exposure in the design community.

7. Developer Tutorials – Get paid up to $30-$75 (Based on your Post ) :-

Those are a devoloper and can write tutorials on any topics like Java, CSS, PHP, Programming etc you can get paid up to $100 from them. In case if you are not strong at writing tutorials, you can also write list posts and earn up to $50 for list posts from them.

8. Techlabs -Get paid up to $50-$75(Based on your Post ) :-

Any one can write about a variety of topics like Tutorials on photoshop, after effects etc or articles on Flash games, Flash websites, Best practices online, 3D designing etc, You can write for Tech labs and you can get paid upto $75 per accepted posts.

9. Freelance switch -Get paid up to $50 per post :-

One of the most popular blog in Freelancing niche. You can write any post that is related to freelancing, Freelance writing, Getting jobs / clients etc then you can share it with the huge community of Freelance switch to get exposure and a $50 per article

10. MakeaLivingWriting – Get paid up to $50 per post :-

Another Interesting blog by a freelancer, for freelancers, about freelancing. You can write an standered article and get paid upto $50 per article for this blog and also get exposure to a big freelancing community.

Bonus website for video lovers and tutorial makers

Money talks News – Get paid up to Get paid up to $50 and $200 for Video tutorials :-

This is a finance blog that talks about money, just as it’s title says. They gives you two options- Either to write for them and earn backlink and traffic or get paid a $50 per article. It’s whether traffic or Money, and also You’ll get $200 for Video articles.


Writing is noble profession , there is no matter either your publishing platform online or offline but it is sure writing can brings a special impact on intellectuals as well as common people.So paying guest post can give you name , fame and money too.Fail Bloggers and authors can make money via their articles from paid guest post with above listed websites.

Blog and Bloggers World News Special Articles--

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Complete stages of life cycle for successful professional bloggers

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Blogging and bloggers both are supplement of each other.Blogging needs no extra qualification experience even without investing single penny , any one can become blogger over night but here is the main case becoming a blogger is not a factor which is very simple.Real fact of blogging is that becoming a successful blogger is the main points to stay one line either professional or personal, Both type blogs need traffic because traffic is the fuel of any blog or website.Today I am trying to pen out the life cycle of a successful blogger.

Complete stages of life cycle for successful professional bloggers

There are thousands of steps have to cross by a successful blogger.Here only a few major stages of life cycle of successful bloggers.

Complete stages of life cycle for successful professional bloggers

1. Mental and physical preparation :-

Mentality is the main stage of any work either online or offline,so HRD experts has expressed that if you have the mind then you will become success any way.So before entering to blogging must take full preparation and dedication on blogging. When mental preparation has completed the project then physical stimuli automatic support the mind.

2. Domain name and Hosting :-

There are two types of blogging are going on now this days .Those are free hosted sub domain and another self hosted custom domain. If you have no knowledge about blogging then better go thorough free hosted sub domain, when ever you get a little experience then migrate to self hosted custom domain.Most popular free hosting are Blogger.com and Wordpress.com .

3. Select particular niche:-

Niche is one of the major factor of successful blogger.So when you want to do blogging then must select particular niche which is more close of your mind but one thing keep in mind that your niche may be popular among the internet users.

4. Content creation :-

Content is one of another important factor of blogging , so you should write rel time genuine content regularly.This will gives two type benefits such as users connectivity and self motivation.

5. Earn basic knowledge of search engine :-

Search engines are the main drivers of virtual word.So search engine can make hero any website with in over night due to their algorithm.I have already said that traffic or visitor is the fuel and search engines are the car or train where their algorithms are the driver.Hence search engines are the main source of visitors. It is needed to become seo expert before going to blogging.

6. Community engagement :-

Community formation is a another hard task for bloggers because mutual interest based community will help to increase blog readers and audience.So as much as possible trying to get engage with other bloggers,webmasters,IT professionals as well as common internet users around the world.Experts are saying that social media is the perfect place for community formation purpose for the bloggers.

7. Concentration and Authentication :-

Single point concentration can give you big success any where in life , so as a blogger you must give single point concentration with high volume authentication.Your data source may be error less as much as possible which brings the value of authentication.

8. Self Exile from blogging :-

It is known to all that every thing will have an end so blog has too. As Holy Quran says “Kullu Nafsoon Jaikatul Mout”[all lives should taste the cup of death].So it needs the well furnished plan for blogs and bloggers to pin out the exit door before start a blog or become a blogger. Every thing has a limit and time frame even blogging too. So every blogger must be taken retirement after a period but here is the question rise that how and when he/she can take retirement from blogging. Maximum experts express that best time of retirement from blogging is that when a blog or website picks up highest point of popularity or revenue generation maximum , then best to exit from that blog voluntarily.

Final thoughts of a little mind :-

Life cycle of a successful blogger is a hard topic , however a little mind has tried to describe this with very limited source of thoughts.Here may be remains some thing un notice a few points if i have done so then kindly type a few words for me in comment box bellow.I will surely consider your points in future update(s) of this article.

Blogs and Bloggers World News :Real time updates --

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Basic characteristics and hidden secret of Professional bloggers interview

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Taking Interviews of so called perfect and successful bloggers,webmasters , IT geeks and e-entrepreneurs has become another fashion of professional bloggers.It is seen that every professional bloggers try to focus their blogs with fancy tips and tricks.But it makes a little sense on others by those high profile interviews due to lack of information or lack of presentation.

Basic characteristics and hidden secret of Professional bloggers interview

I am not going to say that blogging interviews are use less but I am sure 90% of the interviews are base less or meaning less.Today i am going to disclose the internal and extranal key factors of professional bloggers interviews.Here check out the full coverage -

Basic characteristics and hidden secret of Professional bloggers interview

There are a lots of factors and matters react in interview process  of professional bloggers but I have listed major a few of them here.

1. Key characters of bloggers interview:-

i.  Single elements questions :-

An apparently single question may have many elements .Questions should focus on a single element.

ii. To the points questions :-

It should keep the interview to the point which can obtains desire information.

iii. Replies interpretation :-

Excepted replies should not be come out with the questionnaires but never interpreted with misleading information.

iv. Ambiguity in question :-

Carelessly worded question are not good for any one because it may be ambiguous.So question must be understand able by any one either respondent or readers.

v. Avoid leading question :-

Leading a questions or suggest answers may be hurt the respondent or readers.So it should be avoided.

vi. Avoid Personal and embarrassing questions :-

It is a difficult area of any interview , so deal it with very smoothly and carefully . Never try to ask any personal question or local custom of any community or religion.

vii. Pretesting of interview :-

It most important to integrate any bloggers or personal deal with an interview before going through the events must be pretest the event with possible questions and note down them.

2. What happened in bloggers interview :-

i.  Down to earth quality :-

Normally it is seen that the published interviews bring no sense except focusing own self or blogs of each other either dealer or respondent. On the other hand it can say a kind of self promotion or light spamming except a few quality interviews.

ii .  Irrelevant question and replies :-

Most of the interviews are showing questions and replies those are not related to either published blog or respondent's blog or activities.

iii.  Medium of publicize :-

A large number of bloggers use interviews as a medium of publicize themselves . Actually interviews are a media of influence and proper ways to get fans and followers.

iv.  Self prepare requested interview :-

Maximum interviews are prepared by respondent own self and request to other bloggers friends to publish their respective blogs. Naturally every one wants high light himself / herself , so the quality of interviews can easily measurable.

v.  Unsaturated authentication :-

Revealing of information is one of the prime factor of an interview but the information reveal those interviews have has no authentication even there have been found any direct contact details too except blog's url(s).

3. Why I dislike interview:-

Except a few well published and informative interviews , i dislike to read them. Due to my a little experience says that those are really wast of time because normally we know them and their blogs too. So their mentality and limitation have been known.Every one wants some thing new but there has nothing ...

Final thoughts of a little mind :-

Experience suggests that there are some key factors may be effective in interview management purpose, such as information,valuation , association , formation and assumption .It should be assume that gathered information must be accurate and logical in commonsense .

Professional Blog and Bloggers world news --------

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Attributes peers seo strategy to make money online


It is said by a lots of seo experts and perfect bloggers that creating awesome content is not a big job which can enjoy bulletproof way of attracting traffic from search engines.So there is another question risen that what are the seo ranking factors 2012 which are confirmed by the maximum seo experts and professional bloggers for recent trend ? One of my friend and famous blogger and internet marketing Guru Kimberly J Castleberry says in her recent article that successful seo strategy is the main factor to get search engine traffics. It’s far from being just about the skills, learning keyword research, building links, making technical recommendations, understanding content marketing, using Excel, coding – these are things that the right people can learn if and when they choose to be a perfect blogger or seo expert .

Attributes peers seo strategy to make money online

[ Image credit : Blogger Ileane Smith Fan Club ]

While another e-entrepreneur and professional blogger Ileane Smith says that it is more important are the connections and the relationships you can build through your blog. Those connections will lead to collaborations and eventually help you build the skill set, along with the confidence you need to succeed. Here is the Key factors to become expert blogger via attributes peers seo strategy.

Attributes peers seo strategy

1. Descriptive, keyword based domain name :-

Descriptive keyword based domain name means that blog or website url must show the aim and objectives of the site or blog which is a most effective factor to attract the visitors as well as search engine too.

2. Social media profile and easy share button :-

Facebook, Twitter , Pinterest , Google+ etc profiles can give more publicizing options and value of socializing. So including all the relevant social media easy share buttons on blog posts or web page which will create a viral marketing value.Normally all blogging platform included it ,now this days if you are in Wordpress all are done by activating one of many free plugins and Google blogger has this in default.So it is one of advance feature of seo expert.

3. Online community building :-

Community building is not a very easy task specially in social media and other bloggers community either forum or instant messaging community because there are diversity or our thoughts and customs.So it better to engage with same interest based people and audience via blog post or social media profile.

4. Blog comment strategy :-

Commenting on others blog is one of best seo strategy and get engage with same niche related people which can lead a best option to focus our knowledge with short form . Spending time on other blogs by commenting and interacting in their comments area but keep mind that never spam or ir-related comment any where.

5. Vis versa guest post :-

Allow other bloggers or web page writers to write on your blog and you too write on bigger blogs to attract good quality links and new audience. Vary your anchor text from guest post to guest post so it is more natural.

6. Real time quality content :-

It is necessary to produce quality content as that is the key to get more attention but seo expert says that some time quality content may be not bring traffic because audience wants real time quality content, no matter what form or shape. Key metrics to look at to determine how quality your content is are page views, time spent on site, social shares and traffic referrals.

7. Blog or web page monetization strategy :-

Monetization is one of the important factor of professional blogging. Restricting it in a limit because audience comes to your blog for getting information.Never be over smart in content monetize factor because over smartness will decrease audience and loyalty.

Final thoughts of author :-

Expert seo and blogger may be like a coin's two part as head and tail. So it is seen that all experts seo consultants are successful professional bloggers and they preach about social media, with active profiles on all the major social media websites, though they become favorite among the bloggers , webmasters , website owners and corporate managers.If I have missed any points here to become expert seo consultant , don't hesitate to comment bellow with your thoughts.

Learn more about search engine optimization, SEO : --

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Most essential factors of reblogging and successful reblog list

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Blogging has become one of the most influential media in present world either it is in microblogging platform or full blogging platform.But we are going discuss reblogging which is same aged to blogging.At very first the question comes to mind what is a reBlog or reblogging ?

Most essential factors of reblogging and successful reblog list
 [ Image credit : Tony Bennett ]
Then my humble reply is that reblog or blogging is the process of filtering and republishing relevant content from many websites or blogs with full credit to the original author with proper backlinks.According to the Wikipedia "Reblogging (or, in Twitterparlance, retweeting) is the mechanism in microblogging which allows users to repost the content of another user's post with an indication that the content of the repost is a reblog from another user." Here is the Most essential factors of reblogging and successful reblog list.

1. Why should you reblog or reblogging :-

Reblogs are useful to individuals who want to maintain a weblog but prefer curating content to writing original posts. They can also enable organizations to tap the contributions of their employees, members, and communities-at-large in order to easily redistribute relevant content. It can save time and maintain our reading mania.

2.How to rblog or reblogging:-

Rebloggers subscribe to their favorite feeds, preview the content, and select their favorite posts. These posts are automatically published through their favorite blogging software or manually via copy pasting or snippest. Refeed, the RSS aggregating component is damn cool and worth using if you just want to read lots of content and not be constrained to one computer.

3.Reblog or reblogging service provider :-

The big names in reblogging are Twitter,Facebook, Tumblr, Google blogger,Wordpress blogger, Triberr ,reblog.me and many more.Any one can choose to reblog any blog post directly or web page to your own blog as a guest post. That gives the author wider exposure – with full credit, thanks to the embedded bio that’s included with syndicated posts – and the reblogger gets instant extra content to supplement their own original posts.

4. Major reblog offering blogs :-

There are thousands of bloggers blog those allow others to reblog their posts or web pages.Just a few big names are given bellow-












5.Successful reblog or reblogging stories:-

List of well established reblog which have done really good works for their readers.

Shey.net -- An Eyebeam guest reBlogger, converted

Learning Remix -- reblog + WordPress MU + MT Aggregation community

Garden Voices -- Great garden clippings from around the web.

PAM -- Perpetual Art Machine

RSS Jockey -- If you cut into the present, the future will leak out.

microRevolt -- reBlogging the best in craft, labor activism and technology.

BTang -- "ReBlog of the Surreal and Unreal"

Bitching Blog -- Get it off your chest.

Clippings -- "Envisioning our cybernetic environment(s)"

Michael Fioritto's Weblog -- "Notes on weblogs, social and collaborative software, innovation

WebCites --del.icio.us + reBlog + MT sweet

Thousands of Colors -- Waste is our most precious resource.

AppleWire -- 100% Handpicked Apple/iPod/iTunes News Feeds

TPWire -- The Latest Headlines on Stuff That Matters"

Final verdict of thoughts:-

In case of reblogging you must keep in mind that never copy past any blog post or web page where it is not permitted, if want to copy, or distribute in any medium any part of the Sites then must take permission from the original author and give him/her full credit.Another important thing is that never alter or modify any part of the blog post or web page and Most importantly, you will not use access the Sites or the FRC Content to do anything unlawful, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory.You may be success in blogging near future.

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Most efficient top 10 methods to develop IT freshers online job engagement

It is seen that a lots of IT freshers are running behind a job but when they fail to get so called permanent job then start to search for new online jobs, one of the most important elements of a successful search is the development of job leads. How can you find a consistent source for open online jobs in your career field? But my past 12 years experience says that they can take a little experience from these type job but never get a stability.There is no such consistent source of online job but you can take a few advantage for online leads and publicity on self brand.

[caption id="attachment_1921" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Most efficient top 10 methods to develop IT freshers online job engagement"]Most efficient top 10 methods to develop IT freshers online job engagement[/caption]

Most of the IT job-seekers should use as many sources for online job leads as possible. As time and resources permits, use as many of these sources as possible to generate the largest and highest quality online IT job leads possible.Here is the most efficient top 10 methods that all IT job-seekers should consider using in uncovering the largest number of online job leads in their own skilled area(s).

Top 10 methods to develop IT freshers online job engagement

1. Social media networking :-

Social media networking involves using the vast numbers of people that you know -- your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, customers, vendors, associates, etc. -- as information sources for job leads. The more people in your network and the more people each person in your network knows, the larger your network and the greater number of job leads. Even if you are not currently searching for a new job, you should be working on growing and strengthening your network. One caveat: good networking takes a lot of time and energy, so be prepared.

2. Professional/Trade Organization :-

Every career field has at least one professional organization. And whether it's at the annual conference or an on-going process, most trade organizations offer some sort of job posting /resume exchange program. Find the process for getting the latest job postings and respond as soon as you get them.Of course, professional organizations are also a great place to network.

3. College Career/Alumni Offices :-

One of the greatest benefits of a college degree -- besides the degree itself -- is joining an extremely large network of people that share one important element, your college or university. And regardless of the size of your alma mater, chances are pretty good that there are other alumni in your field who would be willing to help you advance your career.

4. Cold Contact/Direct Mail :-

Cold contact has become somewhat of a lost art of job-hunting, but one that can still bring job-seekers great returns on the investment by uncovering the “hidden job market.” This method of developing job leads involves the job-hunter compiling a list of potential employers. This list can come from numerous sources, including business and trade periodicals, company directories, even the phone book. Once you've collected the key research on each company , including the all-important name of the hiring manager for the position you are seeking , you mail out either via postal mail or email, a specifically-tailored cover letter and resume to each employer. Note that you are not doing a “mass mailing,” but a targeted direct-mail campaign; mass mailings don't work.

5. Job/Career Fairs :-

Numerous types of career and job fairs occur regularly. Companies send employees to these fairs to meet and recruit top prospects. Your goal is to prepare beforehand and identify the key employers in attendance and then develop a strategy for breaking through the clutter of perhaps thousands of other job-seekers. And even if the employer is not in the market for someone with your mix of skills and experience, you can still get your foot in the door through this method.

6. Online Job Sites/Job Boards :-

The trend in job-hunting, at least from the job-seeker's perspective, has been to use the Internet's many job boards/job sites to search for jobs and post resumes. And while there are hundreds of thousands of jobs listed on the thousands of job sites, and while some job-seekers have indeed received job interviews from these job postings, searching online for jobs should just be one small source of your job leads -- not your only source.

Three basic categories of job sites are available to job-seekers.

Go to:
∙ General Job Sites
∙ Industry-Specific Job Sites
∙ Geographic-Specific Job Sites
One other benefit of these sites is that many also include company profiles and other important information that you can use to gain an understanding of each employer.

7. Corporate Career Centers:-

One of the fastest growing sources of job leads has been the development of online corporate career (human resource) centers. Many companies, large and small, including just about all of the Fortune 500 companies, continue to build these corporate career centers -- which often include job openings, guidelines for submitting job-search materials, and a wealth of information about the company (such as corporate culture, career paths, benefits, and more).

8. Recruiters/Headhunters :-

Another potentially good source for job leads is using the services of recruiters/headhunters. Only use those professionals who are employed by companies to screen and select the most qualified candidates for positions the company has open. Avoid any employment agency where the applicant must pay the fee. Headhunters and recruiters are great sources of job leads as long as job-seekers remember, like real estate agents, that these professionals work for the employer, not for you. And if you don't have the qualities their clients are looking for, they will not be interested in helping you get a foot in the door.There are numerous types of headhunters that often specialize by geographic region or by industry/profession. You can find directories of headhunters.

9. Want Ads :-

Newspaper classified ads were, at one time, the main source of job leads for job-seekers. However, as more companies now post job openings on their corporate sites and/or with online job sites, the importance of want ads has declined. Still, perusing want ads can be helpful for some types of job-seekers, particularly those seeking entry-level positions. It's worth noting, though, that career experts have never placed great value on job-seekers replying to want ads because many times these positions have been filled by the time the ads are published.

10. Pounding the Pavement/Hitting the Streets :-

Perhaps the oldest method of job-hunting and developing job leads, especially for entry-level positions and blue-collar jobs, is concentrating your job-search efforts in a specific geographic area and literally going door-to-door and submitting job applications to employers. This method is especially useful if you are relocating because you can make a trip prior to moving and spend that entire time submitting applications and meeting with prospective employers. Be sure to always dress professionally for those rare occasions where you may get interviewed (even briefly) on the spot.

Conclusion of final thoughts :-

Remember that to be truly successful in your job-search, you not only need to develop as many job leads from as many sources as possible, but you need to follow-up every job lead. Once you submit your cover letter and resume to an employer, be sure to follow-up a short time later to confirm that your material was received, to seek information about the timetable of the search, and, of course, to ask for an interview for the position. It doesn't make any sense to invest all the time and effort in developing a solid list of job leads if you then let them slip away by not aggressively following-up each lead. Be professional (and not overbearing) in your follow-up, but also be persistent. You may want to consider developing a "follow-up log" to keep track of each job lead and the dates you followed up with each (including the name(s) of the person(s) you spoke with.Finally, be sure that you have a solid (if not spectacular) and professional job-search package that includes a cover letter (each tailored to the specific job and employer) and a resume (focused sharply on your qualifications and accomplishments).

Recommend articles for IT job seeker :-

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How to get website traffic without seo or Google

Every blogger and webmaster either professional or personal but all people struggle with the phrase " How to get website traffic from search engine ?” Because traffic is the fuel of any business website or professional blog, without visitors or traffic, all are useless how valuable they are, you will be unable to build a list of loyal subscribers and you will make no sales or loyal client to take your service(s). Generating traffic to your website is extremely one of the most difficult things to do in the success of your online business. A lot of people suffer, struggle and fail to try to increase traffic to their website so they can keep their online business afloat. I am sure everyone has tried his/her best to optimize the site for Google as it is the biggest search engine.

But there is a definite problem with this in the sense that you can become too reliant on getting organic traffic and forget about all of the other ways that people can find your site.If you are having trouble getting on the first page of Google, you may want to know how to get traffic without using SEO or Google .Search engine optimization is definitely the best way to get a lot of long-term traffic, provided you know what you are doing.Google is moving towards only showing big businesses on the first page of the most profitable niches, and unless you have the money to pay a top quality SEO company to make you look like a big business, then you may need to think about alternative ways to generate traffic to your site.Today's my article definitely a small try to understand How to get unique traffic without seo and Google.

How to get website traffic without seo or Google
Check out --

How to get website traffic without SEO or Google ----

1. Social media profile :-

There are thousands of social media websites but i have mentioned here only a few of top most social media networking site here.

i. Facebook profile :-

It is obviously first choice is Facebook, or rather social marketing as a whole. People spend more time on Facebook than the next three most visited sites combined.Well, define and informative profile can generate unique traffic from Facebook but it needs more hangout with friends or followers to get their attention.

ii. Twitter profile:-

Twitter is one of the most popular micro blogging networking sites that can generate tones of visitors to your website or blog if you are an informative contributor and have positive creativity.

iii. Technorati profile:-

Technorati, for those of you who don’t know, is a website that lists lots of different blogs on it. It ranks all of the various blogs that have been submitted by authority. To increase your authority you have to do things such as a comment on other technorati blogs, build links to your site and keep focused on a very specific topic.If you work hard and manage to get into the 100 blogs in your particular niche then it can mean large amounts of traffic are coming your way.

iii. Pinterest profile:-

A pin can generate tones of visitors to your blog or website but it needs some real time and informative activities which can give a clear conception of every broad and pins.

iv. Stumbleupon profile:-

Stumble upon actually is a social bookmarking site which can generate thousands of visitors to your site or blog but it is needed to manage a community with same niche or your site or blog.

v. Paper li and scoop it profile :-

Paper li and scoop it both are free news release service and these two can easily generate some extra visitors to your site.As they offer easy and daily publication and offer archive option to your publication.

2. Guest posting :-

Guest posting is another hot bed of traffic such as you can offer other bloggers to write on your blog or website and you write for others blog or website.Thus way you can generate  large number of traffic

3. Video posting :-

There are lots of video sharing websites, so you can upload some of your informative and useful video to those website such as youtube, videofy, vimeo,dailymotion,metacafe etc.Some time video goes viral and you can get tones of visitors from them.

4. Forum profile:-

It seen that forum profile can generate some unique and loyal traffic to your website if your a strong contributor of that forum. Due to all are present there due to their problems and narrative mind set so you can crave their attention towards your site or blog via your useful contribution.

5. Article directory submission :-

How to get website traffic without seo or Google? After formatting the keywords into questions I then write a 300 to 450-word article built around the question format which I then submit to top article directories and also post to my blogs. This has proved to the success in driving targeted website traffic.


I am not sure whether your business succeeds or fails depends largely on how well you as its rightful owner have committed to learning the right techniques on how to get website traffic and increase the traffic to your website. This is an important line of action from the beginning, as you need some ideas of where to generate your traffic from and getting that traffic to your website.There are many internet marketing methods we can use to promote our website and drive plenty of targeted traffic to our web pages.

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Google search engine result page recent algorithm changing for more user friendly experience

Google search one of the hot topic for the webmasters,bloggers,website owners and corporate managers.All are running behind Google search because Google is the  top source of high quality traffic of any website or blog and these traffic easily become value added clients or customers.Google has started their search algorithm to make it more user friendly. It is hear a chatter about Google having done some type of algorithm update this week that is having an impact on rankings.

Google search engine result page recent algorithm : SERP

[caption id="attachment_1907" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Google search engine result page recent algorithm changing for more user friendly experience"]Google search engine result page recent algorithm changing for more user friendly experience[/caption]

Now it is finally confirmed, a new change meant to allow more domains to appear in search results.Here is the full coverage of Google search engine result page recent algorithm changing for more user friendly experience.

What Google says about recent search algorithm change :-

The head of Google’s spam team Matt Cutts has recently tweeted this as "Just fyi, we rolled out a small algo change this week that improves the diversity of search results in terms of different domains returned."

Expert's view on search algorithm change :-

It is seen that some query gets all search results from same domain.These will help to add more and more domain for a single search.Google’s search results can sometimes be dominated by pages that all come from the same domain. In other words, do a search, and all the listings seem to come from the same web site.When it is tested in Google only a few impact has seen but it is sure a major changing will come with in a few days.The new change was designed to correct format , so far for the search shown above, it’s had a little impact. The results today are still dominated by the same time but included a few other domain too .

Conclusion :-

The Big G always carries some experiments to show as they are the best where they fail some time on their experiment and back to previous one.However, in other cases, perhaps it is helping allow more variety in web sites being shown in a search.If we get  any more update about the matter surely inform our valuable readers.

Clear conception on search engine algorithm with bellow posts --

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