33 key factors of free web hosting service to blog or website

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There are thousands of websites are available in the internet , those are offering free web hosting to any one and any where.Recently I have hangout with a few of my friends and fans in Google plus , where a friend had asked about free web hosting service then another of my friend says that parking your site or blog at a free hosting is often like building a house on sand. It may be quick and and it may seem easy at first, but he can almost guarantee, it won't last long.So this article is dedicated to those friends.

[caption id="attachment_2016" align="aligncenter" width="640"]33 key factors of free web hosting service to blog or website 33 key factors of free web hosting service to blog or website[/caption]

However a few websites offer quality hosting too but they have two major negative impacts too. Today I am trying to find out the charming advertisements of such websites and their advantages and disadvantages.Here is the long list :

33 key factors of free web hosting service to blog or website

We have categories it in four different parts bellow-

A. Technical charming points free web hosting :-

1. 100% Absolutely Free WebSite Hosting
2. Cost-Free Hosting ($0.00): No Setup Fee, No Monthly Fee
3. Ads Free Hosting: Ads Free, Banner Free, Link Free
4. No File Size Limit Free Hosting
5. Free Web Hosting Storage: Free Space
6. Free Data Transfer: Free Bandwidth
7. Free Domain Hosting: Free Hosting with New Domain Registration
8. Free cPanel: Multilingual Control Panel
9. Free Web Tools and Application Hosting
10. Free Image, Photos Album, Music Files and Video Hosting
12. Free E-Mail and WebMail Hosting with IMAP, POP3 and SMTP
13. Fully Functional Hosting Accounts
14. FTP, CGI, PHP5, MySQL, PYTHON, ROR, CRON and File Manager
15. Free Blog, CMS, Gallery, Forums, Social and Wiki Hosting

B. Non Technical charming ponits free web hosting :-

1.Own website instantly
2. Personal or business website templates
3. Click Install blogging support
4. eCommerce shopping cart support
5. Easy HDD backup
6. 24X7 up time grantee
7. Ads free blank page
8. Custom domain host
9. 24X7 forum support
10. Easy social share button

C. Internal happenings of free website or blog :-

There is nothing free in this world. When you start a blog or website with a free hosting / blogging service, you don’t get your own domain.You get something like bloggerztech.blogspot.com or bloggerstech.wordpress.com (where there are a million other blogs/websites at blogspot.com or wordpress.com ) and you don’t actually own the blog. If you want your own domain then must pay a little more than normal rate of any domain registrant. If you ever do decide to move to another service then must pay them transfer fees, you have no way to take your readers with you, because you have no control over the site.Some time ,it is seen that a few services has been locked their services with out prior notice.So your hard work goes to web dustbin .

D. Major disadvantages of Free Web Hosting services:-

i. Limited Bandwidth
ii. Limited web page space
iii. Lack of adding interactive features.
iv. Search engines often ignore them .
v. Audience may doubt credibility .
vi. Hard to remember web address.
v. No guarantees of site availability and longevity
vi. No branded emails addresses.
vii. Poor help and support options
viii. May not be free forever


Free web hosting is not a new idea but it has limitation in use , so my notion in this matter that pay a few buck to establish a better online presence with your own paying hosting service with custom domain which can help to create a brand name in internet world.However it is seen that many free hosts are fly-by-night operations and care little for the long term well being of users files.

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  1. I love that you made a list of the pros and cons of free hosting and everything in between. It is always important to consider about the company greatly before getting any web hosting company. The life of your online business relies greatly in your website. Remember the time when GoDaddy went down? Reports indicated that most businesses have lost about $4000 during that 4-hour downtime.


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