Basic characteristics and hidden secret of Professional bloggers interview

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Taking Interviews of so called perfect and successful bloggers,webmasters , IT geeks and e-entrepreneurs has become another fashion of professional bloggers.It is seen that every professional bloggers try to focus their blogs with fancy tips and tricks.But it makes a little sense on others by those high profile interviews due to lack of information or lack of presentation.

Basic characteristics and hidden secret of Professional bloggers interview

I am not going to say that blogging interviews are use less but I am sure 90% of the interviews are base less or meaning less.Today i am going to disclose the internal and extranal key factors of professional bloggers interviews.Here check out the full coverage -

Basic characteristics and hidden secret of Professional bloggers interview

There are a lots of factors and matters react in interview process  of professional bloggers but I have listed major a few of them here.

1. Key characters of bloggers interview:-

i.  Single elements questions :-

An apparently single question may have many elements .Questions should focus on a single element.

ii. To the points questions :-

It should keep the interview to the point which can obtains desire information.

iii. Replies interpretation :-

Excepted replies should not be come out with the questionnaires but never interpreted with misleading information.

iv. Ambiguity in question :-

Carelessly worded question are not good for any one because it may be ambiguous.So question must be understand able by any one either respondent or readers.

v. Avoid leading question :-

Leading a questions or suggest answers may be hurt the respondent or readers.So it should be avoided.

vi. Avoid Personal and embarrassing questions :-

It is a difficult area of any interview , so deal it with very smoothly and carefully . Never try to ask any personal question or local custom of any community or religion.

vii. Pretesting of interview :-

It most important to integrate any bloggers or personal deal with an interview before going through the events must be pretest the event with possible questions and note down them.

2. What happened in bloggers interview :-

i.  Down to earth quality :-

Normally it is seen that the published interviews bring no sense except focusing own self or blogs of each other either dealer or respondent. On the other hand it can say a kind of self promotion or light spamming except a few quality interviews.

ii .  Irrelevant question and replies :-

Most of the interviews are showing questions and replies those are not related to either published blog or respondent's blog or activities.

iii.  Medium of publicize :-

A large number of bloggers use interviews as a medium of publicize themselves . Actually interviews are a media of influence and proper ways to get fans and followers.

iv.  Self prepare requested interview :-

Maximum interviews are prepared by respondent own self and request to other bloggers friends to publish their respective blogs. Naturally every one wants high light himself / herself , so the quality of interviews can easily measurable.

v.  Unsaturated authentication :-

Revealing of information is one of the prime factor of an interview but the information reveal those interviews have has no authentication even there have been found any direct contact details too except blog's url(s).

3. Why I dislike interview:-

Except a few well published and informative interviews , i dislike to read them. Due to my a little experience says that those are really wast of time because normally we know them and their blogs too. So their mentality and limitation have been known.Every one wants some thing new but there has nothing ...

Final thoughts of a little mind :-

Experience suggests that there are some key factors may be effective in interview management purpose, such as information,valuation , association , formation and assumption .It should be assume that gathered information must be accurate and logical in commonsense .

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