Google search engine result page recent algorithm changing for more user friendly experience

Google search one of the hot topic for the webmasters,bloggers,website owners and corporate managers.All are running behind Google search because Google is the  top source of high quality traffic of any website or blog and these traffic easily become value added clients or customers.Google has started their search algorithm to make it more user friendly. It is hear a chatter about Google having done some type of algorithm update this week that is having an impact on rankings.

Google search engine result page recent algorithm : SERP

[caption id="attachment_1907" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Google search engine result page recent algorithm changing for more user friendly experience"]Google search engine result page recent algorithm changing for more user friendly experience[/caption]

Now it is finally confirmed, a new change meant to allow more domains to appear in search results.Here is the full coverage of Google search engine result page recent algorithm changing for more user friendly experience.

What Google says about recent search algorithm change :-

The head of Google’s spam team Matt Cutts has recently tweeted this as "Just fyi, we rolled out a small algo change this week that improves the diversity of search results in terms of different domains returned."

Expert's view on search algorithm change :-

It is seen that some query gets all search results from same domain.These will help to add more and more domain for a single search.Google’s search results can sometimes be dominated by pages that all come from the same domain. In other words, do a search, and all the listings seem to come from the same web site.When it is tested in Google only a few impact has seen but it is sure a major changing will come with in a few days.The new change was designed to correct format , so far for the search shown above, it’s had a little impact. The results today are still dominated by the same time but included a few other domain too .

Conclusion :-

The Big G always carries some experiments to show as they are the best where they fail some time on their experiment and back to previous one.However, in other cases, perhaps it is helping allow more variety in web sites being shown in a search.If we get  any more update about the matter surely inform our valuable readers.

Clear conception on search engine algorithm with bellow posts --

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  1. That was a nice piece of information. But recently noticed something. I am using yoast plugin for SEO. Yahoo and BIng are showing the results like the way I provide(SEO title and description). But Google is crawling using the actual content itself instead of using the meta description.
    Google surely is keeping on evolving their algorithms

  2. Google has always been working in favour of mild optimizers.thanks for such a lovely post.

  3. Jakes @ you are right as it is seen that a lots of bloggers and webmasters already raised this issue in Google's official forum and it is informed by them that they are going to modify a few algorithm in near future.

  4. I have already mentioned that Google's axe Matt Cutts already says that they are trying to improve their search algorithm for better user experiment.

  5. Hey Main,

    I think the only thing that Google is concerned with is "user-friendliness". He's sending the message to the internet surfers that: "You can count on us, we got your back"!

    thanks for the post!



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