Modern technological applications can easily detect bad dating and provide safety

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Modern technological applications can easily detect bad dating and provide safety.Dating is a great way to meet people you would never have come into contact with otherwise. When done cautiously, online dating may even be safer than many ways people meet in person. Millions of people have used internet dating services to have fun and to find a lifelong partner.As with all dating, you need to be careful and take steps to protect yourself.

 technological applications can easily detect bad dating

Technological applications can easily detect bad dating :-

With a few basic precautions you can significantly reduce your risks and have rewarding online dating experiences . Online dating seems like the ideal way to get to know someone before actually risking a one-on-one encounter with them. In fact, this extremely popular method of dating is touted by the companies presenting such services as a way to potentially meet your soul mate. With that in mind, it appears that no matter what a person’s age, their occupation, or their passion, online dating has something for everyone. Unfortunately, the anonymity of online dating also allows people to portray themselves in any way that they choose from lying about their age to hiding a criminal background. Frighteningly, these lies often don’t surface until the parties agree to a physical meeting.

Primary criteria of bad dating apps:-

So what do you do when the person you are meeting and have been communicating with online is not the person you thought they were? In some of these situations, for safety reasons alone, one may need to escape the situation. With this in mind, this article is being written to provide you with some vital information about applications that can be used in such situations to keep you out of harm’s way.

Most useful bad dating apps:-

In this scenario, assume that you finally get up the nerve to make a date with a person that you think could be the right one for you. You decide to meet for a meal, a walk in the park, a movie, or whatever and, from the very start, you realize that you have made an awful mistake. Hopefully, this is nothing more than the fact that you and he / she have nothing in common and you are bored to tears. Since it is impossible, at this point, to flee to another planet, there are applications designed to help you. The first set of these applications is My Call Alibi for Android users and Bad Date Rescue for iPhone users. Both of these ingenious little applications are designed to rescue you by sending you a fake message. This message will appear in your phone’s window showing where the call is originating. The program can be set up to display the name of whomever you want.

How bad dating apps works:-

eHarmony’s new iPhone app will help your ruse seem a bit more believable. With a few swipes of the iPhone, you can have a call come in that will fake an emergency. The app allows you to specify when the call comes in and also lets you choose the person who is supposedly calling you, as well as choosing the emergency—such as having your mom call you to say your sister is in labor or a neighbor to tell you a pipe burst in your house. In addition the app will even give you instructions on what to say and facial expressions to make when you answer the phone. It seems like this could definitely come in handy but it’s a strange app for a company like eHarmony to put out since their business is predicated on setting people up ongood dates.When you answer the call, you then get to be an actor or actress and pretend you are speaking to the calling person. If the displayed caller shows that it is from Mom, you can make up anything you want that will enable you to leave. However, especially if you are a woman, I would avoid using any scenario that indicates that one of your parents has been taken to the hospital, since many men would think it chivalrous to suggest that they accompany you.

Apps programmer's view:-

The program’s developers must have been on disastrous dates in the past because they even built in a feature that allows you to set the application to call your phone at a predetermined time. This is a great feature on a blind date since it gives you the option to duck out of the date or stay if things are getting interesting.If, however, you choose to endure the date, but are still unsure if this is a relationship you want to pursue, then don’t give the person your real phone number. Instead, provide them with a disposable phone number that you can change whenever you want. You may balk at this suggestion thinking that it means that you will be forced to buy a disposable phone, but don’t worry. Developers have applications for just this situation. For iPhone users, there is an application called Burner, and for Android users, there is an application called Extra Phone Number. The downside is that neither of these applications are free. There is a cost associated with both applications, so only you can decide if your privacy and safety is worth the price.

Background of dating site :-

Some membership-only online dating sites actually state that they provide background checks into clientele, but even if they do, one needs to be aware of several factors that could skewer background search results. First, as I am sure most of you are aware, anyone who is online can provide false information. For all the agency knows, Charles Manson could provide the name Jack Kennedy or give a different date of birth. That is how easy it would be for one of the many charlatans out there to use one of these sites to prey on unsuspecting victims. Sadly, the more devious the predator, the more built-in safeguards they may have built into their computers, thus allowing them to safely stalk victims while keeping themselves secure from discovery. In less dangerous situations, it could merely be that they are trying to cover up their marital status. However, in either case, I seriously doubt the accuracy or benefit of a background checker.With this being said, one can still perform a presumptive background check of a potential date before meeting the individual. If you are looking for free applications to perform this service, you are in luck. It appears that there is a free application available for both Android and iPhone users called Background Checker. However, this free version offers limited results but, of course, there is a paid option that will provide a more detailed background check that you can opt for that is available from within the app itself.

Observation meter :-

Just want safety advice versus another application that needs to be downloaded to your phone? Here are a few of the red flag warnings you should be aware of:
1. Overexplicit sexual description in username or profile description.
2. Photographs that are out of focus or grainy that make it hard to view the person.
3. Items in the person’s photo that give you a hint of what the person likes or dislikes.
4. Watch for the words “separated” under marital status. This could definitely be a deal breaker.
The overuse of humor could be used as a distraction. However, since most of us have trouble describing ourselves in a profile, realize that some humor is OK.


I hope that some of these suggestions help you in your quest to find your perfect mate. For those of us who have already found the love of our lives, we know how fortunate and blessed we are. For those of you who are still searching and trying to find someone to share your life with, I wish you well and I hope that these applications and suggestions will keep you safe.
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