Most essential 25 redesign critical factors of professional blog and website


Perfect BloggersTech has been come to online from 2004 and due to asking of time it has been changed it's design several times.Once it had been hacked and all articles was lots in 2008 and the domain " " had been repurched from the notorious hacker.Recently a lots of loyal readers and followers of Perfect BloggersTech urge to change it's design and theme.For this purpose I have asked help from one of my blogger friend Ileane smith who is obviously expert in blogging matters.She has send me a lots of suggestions on the basis of my blog. Debasish Pradhan is one of young Wordpress theme expert has also delivered me a few suggestions for redesigning purpose of Perfect BloggersTech.

25 redesign critical factors of professional blog

We ( Main Uddin and Shazida Khatun) too rise a few queries on the basis of redesigning to make more professional and users friendly blog. Here we have short listed 25 points in this process of redesigning of the blog which may be useful for better user experience.Here check out the list

Most essential 25 redesign critical factors of professional blog and website

1.  What is the goal of the redesign?

2.  Is this going to be just a minor upgrade or a complete overhaul?

3.  What aspects of the current design are most effective?

4.  What aspects of the current design are not effective?

5. Who are your target users?

6.  How can the website be more user-friendly?

7.  Does the logo/branding need to be changed or updated?

8.  Should the color scheme change or remain the same?

9.  What screen resolutions are visitors using?

10.  What connection speed are visitors using?

11.  What should be the focal points of the design?

12.  How can the navigation be made more effective?

13.  What will visitors want from the website?

14. How can increased user interaction be incorporated?

15.  Who will be doing the maintenance/updates?

16.  Is a content management system (CMS) needed?

17. How can SEO be improved?

18. What keywords and phrases are being targeted?

19.  What pages and search terms are currently drawing traffic?

20.  What pages currently have inbound links?

21.  What will make visitors want to come back?

22.  Testing with cross browser compatibility ?

23.  Trying to eliminate homogeneity ?

24.Trying header and footer links control ?

25.  Privacy and Terms of Use ?

Special request :- Reply to us with any one of the query(s) which will help us to write better blogging technological guide and tutorials.


We are not sure as these are the all factors to achieve accurate and profitable results from Perfect BloggersTech's performance ! However we have taken these under consideration to redesign the blog for better and easier user experience.We have written this blog post to get your response and support/help to make pure Perfect BloggerTech.Don't hesitate to drop your valuable thoughts in comment box bellow .

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  1. I guess, the only factor which you should consider is User Experience. As you are using an advertisement based monetization model, you just need to balance both of these factors..

  2. Raviraj@thetodaystechSeptember 9, 2012 at 8:35 AM

    Awesome post , as the fast technology era everybody is in hurry. Every one will be in search of shortcuts in everything. Here you go with most of the shortcuts for your favorite browser.

  3. Website redesign projects are like any projects in that they require careful planning and execution to provide the desired outcome. eBiz ROI is providing this Website Redesign Checklist to benefit your website redesign project and its ROI.
    1.) Create a backup of your existing website.
    2.) Map Existing Web pages to new Web pages.
    3.) Identify your Unique Selling Points.
    4.) Baseline Current Website Performance.
    6.) Take an Inventory of all existing web content.

  4. Here are four action steps to start increasing your visibility on search engines, and getting found by potential customers.

    1. Determine your websites strongest and weakest assets
    2. Establish and track key metrics
    3. Continuously publish new and attractive content
    4. Use social media to drive traffic back to your site

  5. Thanks @ Mohul Ghosh @ We are trying our best to make it more user friendly as much as possible.

  6. That's an excellent list. I'm going to use it next time I'll need to redesign a website and see what comes out of it :)

  7. Hi Main, congratulations on a great update to your site!! I really like what you have done and it seems so much easier for readers to find what they need and what you have to offer here.

    Thanks for mentioning me, I really appreciate it!!

    Cheers and best wishes for your success.

  8. Thanks a lots Ileane Smith @ I hope that Your advice will bring more and more functionality to our blog, some other changes will come with in a few days as we are working on those.

  9. Thanks raviraj @ we are trying our best to make it more user experience based.

  10. Wow , wonderful suggestion for our blog . However thanks for stopping us and expressing your view.


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