Mutual niche oriented successful multi author blog and management strategy

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Blogging has started in last decade of 20th century and it is going to develop day by day.Primarily it was single author and personal diary but now this days, it has become multi authors and multi functioning informative tools.Assuming that a multi authors blog have to meet a lots of procedure and factors in succeeding process. [ Photo credit : Baljeet Kaur,Delhi Uninversity ]

Mutual niche oriented successful multi author blog and management strategy

Mutual niche oriented successful multi author blog and management strategy

As it is known to all that blogging has already become a profitable business so many of us trying to build multi author blog.But some special criteria are impact on multi author blog .Those are mission, strategy, governance, culture, organization and management.Today I am going to give an idea of Mutual niche oriented successful multi author blog and management strategy.

1. Fixed Mission :-

Successful multi author blog has to set up W2W (win-win) situation or target of the blog where the authors pursue their article skills on the basis of mutual niche or multi niches.

2. Straight Strategy :-

A blog may be created in particular target but when it runs for multi authors then must be followed a common strategy to avoid the conflict of writing agenda.

3.Strict governance :-

Discussion and consciousness must be a norms of successful multi author blog and all authors must be viewed as equals.Here one thing must remember that editorial team must observe the authors activities either published articles or conversations.

4. Pure culture :-

Personal chemistry is important for multi author blog's authors as successful development of a shared set of values.Authors may be multi ethnic or customs but it must keep in mind the same culture when he/she writes for the blog and his/her online presence must represent the same culture.

5. Confirm organization :-

It is no matter there is a single owner when it was started but when it runs multi-authors then must carry a banner or brand which may be a firm or company.As we know that innovative structures and designs may be needed to offset the complexity of multi author management.

6. Analysis management :-

Multi author blog invariably involves a different type of decision making identity.So clear and potential unitary lines of writing authority among the authors commitments. Performance must be analysis on the basis of quality, don't base on quantity.

Conclusion :-

Despite the fact of multi authors are pursuing the mutual goals and the authors mus keep mind that collaboration is still in competition in a different form.Harmony is not a important fact some time because some conflict can bring more better success.

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  1. Nice one Umain, Multi-author blog has a lot more chances to get success in less time. I'm already an author of some multi author blogs and I love to write for them. On one hand It gives us some link juice and on the other hand It also builds good relationship with other bloggers.

    BTW, Thanks for your comment on my blog, Appreciate it :)


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