Top 10 high paying guest posting websites for failed bloggers and authors


Blogging mania has already come to common people from IT professional due easy availability of service providers.There are thousands of easy blogging platforms support their users in handling process of their blogs.Such as create an ID and start to write without spending single penny.Here is the question rises that why blogging has become so popular? The reply is so simple , only two reason for blogging , one is that every one wants to become famous by expressing their thoughts and another one is that easy way to make money online.Blogging has always been one of the most common money making method on the web.There are a lots of bloggers have already failed to achieve the both target .It is not an easy task to run a successful blog because it needs a strong and proper skills in writing and maintaining of website.

It has been seen that a lots of bloggers have good skills in writing but they fail to grape the audience so my today's article goes to the failed bloggers who have high skilled in writing.If you are one of them , my this article surely help you to become a successful writer and flow money to your pockets for your articles. Recently Perfect BloggersTechcarried out a survey on failure blogs and bloggers where we have found that a large number of bloggers have high quality in writing skills and they want to stay in writing profession .We have deep dug the matter and find out a few good quality websites those pay the writer for contributors of those websites. You too write contents for these blogs/websites and get paid for each article or blog post.There is another plus point is that the article will be published under your name itself so that you will get enough exposure and back links to your unknown blog or website.Our study covers a few high paying website or blogs which pay high amount depending upon your post and topic on those websites or blogs.Here is the list

Top 10 high paying guest posting websites for failed bloggers and authors

1. Tutorial Board – Get paid up to $150 per post :-

This is a tutorial website based on Adobe photoshop, after effects, Maya, 3D max etc. You can post them to Tutorial board and get paid up to $150 per article. This is one of the leading site in the niche.

2. Vector Directory – Get paid up to $150 per post :-

You can get paid to write tutorials about Illustrator on how to create an Illustration, then you can write for Vector Directory – One of the popular blog about Vectors and get paid a $150 per post.

3. Flash Mint –Get paid up to $150 per post :-

Those are good at flash or animations, this is definitely for you ! You can write a tutorial and get much exposure through their huge audience base and also get a $150 per accepted post.

4. Pro Blog Designs – Get paid up to $125 per post :-

One of the most popular website in the Web designing and coding niche. The site is quite popular and has a large reader base, So If your post gets accepted, It will be shown to hude amount of audience and you will get some quality backlinks and exposure along with the $125 that you get paid, for a single post .

5. Wp web host – Get paid up to $100 per post :-

Wpwebhost is one of the leading web-hosting companies which provides hosting in wordpress optimized web servers. They have a blog which shares WordPress tutorials and tips. You can write for their posts and once your posts are accepted, You will get paid $100 per post. It could be anything related to WordPress or any Interesting list posts. You may contact them with the Topic before submiting a Guest post.

6. HV designs – Get paid up to $100 per post :-

Those know to write tutorials on Photoshop, or in case you don’t, If you could write well written round ups or articles about photoshop, Then this offer suits for you. You can write Tutorials. Round-ups or articles and get paid a solid $100 from them and get maximum exposure in the design community.

7. Developer Tutorials – Get paid up to $30-$75 (Based on your Post ) :-

Those are a devoloper and can write tutorials on any topics like Java, CSS, PHP, Programming etc you can get paid up to $100 from them. In case if you are not strong at writing tutorials, you can also write list posts and earn up to $50 for list posts from them.

8. Techlabs -Get paid up to $50-$75(Based on your Post ) :-

Any one can write about a variety of topics like Tutorials on photoshop, after effects etc or articles on Flash games, Flash websites, Best practices online, 3D designing etc, You can write for Tech labs and you can get paid upto $75 per accepted posts.

9. Freelance switch -Get paid up to $50 per post :-

One of the most popular blog in Freelancing niche. You can write any post that is related to freelancing, Freelance writing, Getting jobs / clients etc then you can share it with the huge community of Freelance switch to get exposure and a $50 per article

10. MakeaLivingWriting – Get paid up to $50 per post :-

Another Interesting blog by a freelancer, for freelancers, about freelancing. You can write an standered article and get paid upto $50 per article for this blog and also get exposure to a big freelancing community.

Bonus website for video lovers and tutorial makers

Money talks News – Get paid up to Get paid up to $50 and $200 for Video tutorials :-

This is a finance blog that talks about money, just as it’s title says. They gives you two options- Either to write for them and earn backlink and traffic or get paid a $50 per article. It’s whether traffic or Money, and also You’ll get $200 for Video articles.


Writing is noble profession , there is no matter either your publishing platform online or offline but it is sure writing can brings a special impact on intellectuals as well as common people.So paying guest post can give you name , fame and money too.Fail Bloggers and authors can make money via their articles from paid guest post with above listed websites.

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