Top 30 most influential social media personalities and Social medianetworking keywords

Social media has become one of the most using tools invented by the modern Information technology.As far information available says that social media is used by common people to top branch people in our society.We agree that all are gathered in social media for various purposes due to custom traditions of the various sect of society.It is also seen that social media has covered by poor to poorer people all most all over the world.

Top 30 most influential social media personalities,Top 30 most influential Social media networking keywords

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Today we are trying to find out Top 30 most influential social media personalities and Social media networking keywords.We have used various tools and segments to determine the top 30 social media keywords and top 30 social media personalities.

A few of our determining tools or factors are given below-

A. PeekYou‘s social pull metric:-

It measures roughly speaking, measures the number of people in your second degree networks who are identifiable and active.

B.Social media signals show extremely high correlation:-

social signals from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are frequently associated with good rankings in Google’s index.

C. Too less advertising is detrimental:-

Too less advertisements or null to rank well. However, the problem correlates only to a few keywords and personalities.

D. Backlinks are still important but quantity is not the only important thing:-

Even though the number of backlinks is still the most powerful factor, links with stop words and ‘nofollow’ should also be included in the link-mix for personal or business personalities.

E. Brands leverage classic SEO signals:-

Apparently pages with strong brands do not need be as concerned with the areas of interests or title tags, headings etc. According to our figures, this group operates under different rules in person.

F. Keyword domains still frequently attract top results:-

Despite all the rumors to the contrary, keyword domains are still alive and well and are often in the top rankings of those personalities with higher ranking.

All time top 30 social media networking site keywords

1. social media
4. what is social media
5. social media tools
6. social media sites
7. social media press
8. social media news
9. social media networking
10. social media consulting india
11. social media blog
12. your social media
13. with social media
14. using social media
15. top social media
16. social media websites
17. social media web
18. social media trends
19. social media strategy
20. social media software
21. social media services
22. social media script
23. social media research
24. social media relations
25. social media press release
26. social media pr
27. social media optimisation
28. social media news release
30. social media influence

All time top social media influential Personalities:-

Chris, President of Human Works, has a social pull of 3,019

Ann manages the contributory blog at marketingprofs and has a social pull of 2,962

former Apple evangelist, with a social pull, 2,651

video king, with a social pull of 2,332

with a pull of 2,218

long term blogger and trend setter, pull of 2,216

of Gilmore business network, with a pull of 1,944

of Sucessful Blog, social pull 1,827

Social Media Explorer, social pull 1,822

Facebook expert, a social pull of 1,806
11. Scott Monty @scottmonty

Ford’s social media champion, with a social pull of 1,776
12.Renee Blodgett @magicsaucemedia

founder of We Blog The World and other sites, 1667
13. Pam Moore @pammktgnut 

of Zoom Factor, with a pull of 1,583

with a pull of 1,568

pull 1,470
16. Ted Coine @tedcoine,

author of the switchandshift blog, with a pull of 1,468

one of the most respected names in social, with a pull of 1,439
18. Chris Voss @chrisvoss

of The Chris Voss Show, social pull 1,434
19. Eve Mayer Orsburn @linkedinqueen

LinkedIn expert, social pull 1,405
20. SusanCooper @buzzedition with a pull of 1,325
21. Lori Ruff @loriruff, pull 1,310

a specialist in story and influence,1302
23. Jeremiah Owyang @jowyang 

25. Mike O’Neil @mikeoneilrocks

24. Kim Garst @kimgarst

of Social Caffeine, 1197
27. Steve Farnsworth @steveology 

Pull the meter 1185
28. Neal Schaffer @nealschaffer, 

29. Viveka Von Rosen @linkedinexpert 

Pull the meter 1123

Pull the meter 1077


This list is prepared by me and my wife after digging a large number of social media websites and tech blogs.You may not be agree with us or our list.Don't hesitate to comment bellow with mentioning the miss person(s) or keyword(s) about social media networking sites and persons.

Reference /source:-

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  1. You know I've been marketing online since 2007 and nothing has changed in regards to who people think are the most popular or influential... same names different day. Still I haven't found out what it takes to bring my name to the next level. I work at it everyday and still the same news get shown on all these posts....

  2. bbrian017 @ Actually Boss are always boss and your words have remembered a drama " WAITING FOR GODOD " Same thing with various mode.


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