Blogging and Social media reach ways on real time survey reports

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Corporate world is running behind two factors in modern technological age.Experts has said that those two factors are blogging and social media promotion.We have already discussed details about blogging and social media in our previous articles.However before going to main facts simply want to give an idea about blogging and social media.Bloggingis a writing method where any one can easily express own minds/product /service or any thing else and can try to reach the world via virtual to real world.On the other hand social media networking is another form to reach the world via friends and fans where any one easily can reach to same minded people any where and any time with costing a single penny.Here is the question rise that how to reach the real world via social media and blogging ! My today's article tries to find out the easy ways to reach the real world to get more attention from clients and customers via blogging and social media.Here is the full coverage of Blogging and Social media reach ways on real time survey reports.

Social Media Reach ways on survey reports :-

1. Evergreen Green Profile management :-

Marketing Pilgrim has expressed in recent article that social media accounts for only 16% of customer engagement today, but is expected to increase to 57%—the second-most used channel, behind only face to face interaction.

2. Maximize expression presence :-

MindJumpers says in an article that 30% of the world’s entire population is now online, and social networking is the most popular and time consuming online activity—with users spending more than one fifth (22%) of their time engaging on social media channels. This means that more than 250 million tweets and 800 million Facebook status updates are now published every single day.

3. Geo location customization:-

Recent survey says that some region use social media highest numbers and some region use lowest number so it needs to customize the social presence and interests variety of each region. MindJumpers indicates that Brazilians have the highest number of online friends of any country, averaging 481 friends per user, while the Japanese average only 29 friends.

4. Economic customization :-

Convince & Convert indicates in their recent blog post that 56% of Americans have a profile on at least one social networking site. And it’s not just millenials; 55% of those aged 45-54 have at least one social network profile. On the other hand MediaPost has said that nearly 80% of active users of social media in the U.S. So easily can say that Internet users represent the majority of Americans’ time online.

5. Digital Awareness friendly :-

Global Marketing Research indicates in recent survey that 60% of people who use three or more digital means of research for product purchases learned about a specific brand or retailer from a social networking site. 48% of these consumers responded to a retailer’s offer posted on Facebook or Twitter.On the other hand eMarketer says that 90% of marketers now use social networks in their marketing efforts, but growth has plateaued; the figure was 89% in 2011.

6. Youth aggressive programs :-

Pingdom has written in their recent article that half of all social media users are between 25 and 44 years old, but the age distribution varies widely across social networks. Reddit and Tumblr are among the “youngest” networks, with half or more of users under 35 years old. Twitter is about in the middle (55% of users age 35 or older) while 65% of Facebook users are over 35 (didn’t this start with college students?) and LinkedIn is the “oldest” network, with 79% of users age 35 and older.

7. Gender specific updates :-

Royal Pingdom writes in recent article that women tend to be somewhat more present and active on social media than men, though the shares vary widely by site. Men tend to dominate on technical sites (e.g., Slashdot is almost 90% guys); LinkedIn is close to a 50-50 split; Twitter and Facebook are both about 40% male / 60% female; and women account for almost 90% of Pinterest users.

8. B2B value presentation :-

Business2Community has expressed that social media and blogs reach 80% of all U.S. Internet users. 91% of experienced social marketers see improved website traffic due to social media and 79% are generating more quality leads. on the other hand eMarketer says in their article that 90% of companies with 100 or more employees use social media in their marketing mix. 83% use Facebook and 53% are on Twitter, though that gap is expected to narrow by 2014 due to rapid growth in Twitter use.

Quick and instant high lights of social media :-

9. Reliable social media profile setup:-

Real and reliable profile can make more attractive and acceptable for users and fans.Fist sight is the best to attract the viewers and audience towards the social media profile.So it is needed to well customized social media profile to establish a blog or brand in virtual world as well as real world too.

10. Build valuable connections with your customers :-

Leverage the relationship that exists between themselves and the customer, by providing the customer with every opportunity to express (and consequently share) his “love.” This is achieved by having the user engage with the brand and its material on a regular basis, once a connection is established.

11.Use viral promotions in social media :-

Advertisers can provide users with special offers, the value of which is increased when shared via social media. Groupon is doing this by requesting a minimum number of buyers per deal, in order for the deal to be validated. This entices users to share deals they’re interested in.

12. Use more compelling promotional content :-

Video campaigns can deliver impressive results, because users don’t need a preexisting connection with the brand to spread these branded messages. Users share the content, not the brand. What has been proven to most efficiently enrich the user’s voice in Facebook, however, is providing him with remarkable video content.

13. Occasional / festival promotion in social media :-

A lots of festivals are celebrated around the world each day . So social media promotion can include such message on the basis of marketing tactic.

14. Celebrity Birth day promotion :-

all aim to leverage a network of celebrities, rather than the every-day user. However, this every-day Facebook user generates much higher viral action rates, compared with the average celebrity/brand Facebook page. This is because the every-day user knows his connections personally and engages in two-way conversations with them.

15. Long tail based updates :-

Leverage the long-tail of updates in any social media can bring more positive result towards the blog or brand, who are the most valuable publishers in social media.

Blogging and Social media reach ways on real time survey reports

Corporate blogging and Social Media promotion :-

16. Corporate blogging mania :-

V3 Integrated Marketing has written in their recent article that just 23% of Fortune 500 companies maintain an active blog, vs. 37% of Inc. 500 firms. 35% of the top 100 Fortune 500 companies have a corporate blog compared to 14 percent of those Fortune 500 companies in the bottom 300-500 of the category, i.e., top companies devote more attention to their corporate blogs than those in the bottom of the pack. 62% of Fortune 500 companies have an active Twitter account, while 58% maintain a corporate Facebook page. On the other hand Digital Buzz Blog says that looking at five leading social networks (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest), Fortune 100 company names are mentioned more than 10 million times per month. The average Fortune 100 company is mentioned nearly 56,000 times per month On Twitter. 87 of the Fortune 100 companies are now active on at least one social network. 82 use Twitter, 75 have a Facebook page, 50 are on Google+ and 25% use Pinterest. To accommodate different product lines, business units and geographies, the average Fortune 100 company now maintains 10 official corporate Twitter accounts, 10 Facebook pages and eight YouTube channels.Fortune 500 companies tend to be antisocial. Less than half of Fortune 500 businesses provide a link to their Facebook profile or Twitter handle on the Contact Us page of their Web sites. About 27% of consumer-facing Fortune 500 corporations do not list social media channels on their Web site home page, 89% do not list an e-mail address on their site, and 13% don’t list a phone number on their Contact Us page.

17. Professional bloggers hiring mania :-

41 Stories channel says in their recent video that 71% of consumers say that CEO participation in social media leads to improved brand image.So large number of CEO or MD has hired professional bloggers to improve their blogging presence and high quality product review.Only 3.2% of Fortune 500 (largest companies) CEOs have a Twitter account compared with 17% of Inc. 500 (fastest-growing companies) CEOs. 52% of CEOs who are active in social media say that it helps their companies rise in search rankings, and 48% say that social media has generated qualified sales leads.On the other hand Business Insider has said in recent article that though 94% of corporations use social media in some way and 58% of executives acknowledge that social media is useful for lead generation and developing brand loyalty, 70% of CEOs have no presence on any social network. 26% are on LinkedIn, 8% have a Facebook page and just 4% use Twitter.

18.Trust worthy blogging platform :-

Business Insider has expresses in recent survey that though 82% of buyers say they are more likely to trust a company whose top executive is active on social media, and 81% of employees believe that social CEOs are better leaders.

19. Friendly blogging and social media policy :-

Resume Bear writes in their article that 40% of organizations have a formal social media policy, and 56% of those policies include a statement regarding the organization’s right to monitor social media usage. More than a third (39%) of companies monitor their employees social media use on company-owned computers and handheld devices.

20. Recruitment policy in blogging :-

Jeff Bullas writes in his article that 92% of recruiters use social media to find new candidates, up from 82% in 2010. And 73% now say they have successfully hired through social media, up significantly from just 58% two years ago. Not surprisingly, LinkedIn is the most popular social network among recruiters, with 93% using it. 66% use Facebook while 54% utilize Twitter. More dramatically, 89% of recruiters say that LinkedIn has produced at least one successful hire for them, compared to 25% who say the same of Facebook and just 15% who have had recruiting success with Twitter.Blogging is the vast experience of social media and it's depended on other media circulations.

Instant improvement of blog promotion in social media :-

21.Real time informative short article
22. Legal search engine optimization
23. Regular updates of blog roll
24. Asking comments on blog posts
25. Syndication with RSS and other media feeds
26. Social Bookmarking and share button
27. Well optimized Info-graphics and images
28. Easy email signup facility
29. Harm less controversy
30. Social Interest advertisements

Final thoughts of the author :-

Social media has become a part of normal life and house hold name of every where , so we have to manage our products or blogs in a particular direction with similar interest base popularity.Special thanks to all websites and companies who helps to write this article by providing valuable data.If you have any suggestion or advice then don't miss to write a few sentence for us in comment box.

Social media Instant promotion from Web :-

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