Hidden secret of guest posting by pitching articles never refuse

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Guest posting provides handful of benefits to blogs and bloggers as well . You could never go wrong in writing on other blogs or accepting blogs from outside writers – especially Post Panda, penguin and EMD updates by internet giant Google. [ image credit : seo builders]

Hidden secret of guest posting by pitching articles

[caption id="attachment_2281" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Hidden secret of guest posting by pitching articles never refuse Hidden secret of guest posting by pitching articles never refuse[/caption]

1. Why Guest Posting needed :-

Guest posting increases site traffic if done correctly. Expert’s advice to target High PR sites to reap the most traffic out of your post, however, it’s hard to land a post on these sites. They have a strict guideline that disqualifies writers in the first look. They’re choosy in terms of quality and number of words. How do you make it to a PR 4, 5, 6, and above blogs?

2. How to Submit Guest Posts that they cannot refuse :-

Everything has a formula. Guest posting isn’t rocket science. You just need to follow the tips and understand the idea why some people succeed posting in High PR sites.

i. Breed Familiarity First Before Proposing – this is a concept disregarded by most guest posters. Will you accept a party invitation from someone you don’t know? Will you go in a relationship with a random girl you just met somewhere. It’s about building rapport. Therefore, you must comment and join the community. Chat with the webmaster on Twitter or Facebook. Business will always be business – even it’s online. You’re making a proposal; therefore, you must take the owner to coffee for a talk.

ii. Read Through the Blog and Come up with Something Unique – when we say unique, it must be exclusive for the blog. It must not be published elsewhere. It should be new, specific, and not general. Check out the blog and make an article, which haven’t been written yet.

iii. Read the Guidelines Twice – no matter how boring and long the blog’s guidelines are, make sure to understand it. Don’t get intimidated after reading it. It’s just one way of selecting the skilled writers from the rest.

iv. Create Articles from Angles – if you can’t think of anything to write for the blog, focus on someone’s work on an angle. If the articles about Top Guest Blog Posting Service, you may dig more on a certain company. You could write hundreds of topics without even suffering much rejection if you do this. It also helps you come up with interesting titles.

vi. Pitch Multiple Ideas First – don’t submit articles unless you’re sure the author wants it. Tell them about your ideas first to avoid waste of time.

vii. Use Their Keywords – find out what keywords they’re using for the blog. If the blog is about guest post to get traffic, they might be using keywords such as guest posting, guest blogging, so on and so forth. Incorporate this on your article – especially on the headlines.

viii. Make a Headline – editors won’t read the whole article. Making a brief description or a headline about your article will reduce chances of rejection.

ix. Breaks Ideas into Sub-headings – forget the long read. Break your articles into sub headings so people can decide to continue reading or just scan through the article.

x. Revision, Revision, Revision – if you’re aiming for PR 6 and above, there’s no quick pass available. You have to rewrite and rewrite as much as you can. It’s a onetime submission; you don’t want your efforts put to waits after rejecting your article.

xi. Pump up your Author Bio – make it interesting and fill it with information. Also, make sure you suit it with the niche. This will be your marketing campaign, a link to your site, and your personal brand.

Final thoughts :-

If you can make up an article following these steps, you have good chances of landing to Pro Blogger, and other high-ranking PR sites. For the moment, I’m trying to adapt all these steps because I want to have an article published on the site. Try it and tell me what happens.

Guest post contributed by Richard Aliosada :-

Richard Aliosada is a passionate blogger and seo content writing service  provider at SEO Builders from Philippines. He dreams become a successful author of thousands of articles. It won’t be too long and this dream will be realized.

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