How to attract others fellow bloggers audience to your contents

Every where the query is seen that how to attract others fellow bloggers audience to your contents ? So, it is the most important part of blogging or online business is attract visitors or audience because with out audience ,it has no value of your contents or products.We have already written several blog posts on traffics and legal ways to get high quality traffics. Professional bloggers and e-marketers normally use a few advanced tactics to drive high quality traffics to their products or services.

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We have done deep digging on traffic generation and found that the one way to accomplish with maximum height to leverage the blogging technology for e-marketing.Your content or product marketing exposure can give you new dimension when it will be exposed with in same interested audiences with attributes similar to your target market, to your marketing message in hope that they will engage with you in some way.

Attract others fellow bloggers audience to your contents

1. Bloggers field attraction :-

Professional bloggers and e-marketers are running their business in a same direction to attract the audience to their products or services via leveraging other bloggers and blog’ audiences following the theory of win2win.It needs to provide content in return for getting exposed to new prospective readers while the blog owner expands his content offering with limited effort. But it is not good for search engines as both exchange blog posts for each other’s blogs to cross-pollinate both audiences which fully hated by Google , now this days.

2.E-marketers thoughts:-

E- marketers are also bloggers so it needs to more deep digging and finalize your message before approaching any normal or super blogger for your product or service.It has been seen that successful professional bloggers and marketers used to do trail version of message before approaching a e-marketer . It can give an imagination of self creative position yourself and your proposal.  As it is known to all that normally bloggers can be very protective of their audiences and readers.Hence it must to show that you are going to provide new extra ordinary , valuable content that will give new dimension to those readers needs. In case of me , normally try to assess what I can bring in terms of special knowledge, case studies, research or complementary expertise that readers will want to read in any time and any where.

3. Leverage blogging technology mania:-

There are thousands of ways to leverage the blogging technology with entertainment mania. Due to time and space it is shorted to most imported 5 which can easily leveraging other bloggers' and e-marketers' audiences any time and any where with highest exposing rate.

i. Real time a guest post:-

Writing guest post has become a fashion now this days but composing a great post can tailored the host blog’s audience towards the author's blog .Normally it is seen that big fans write the best guest posts. It’s useful if the guest blogger brings a unique perspective or information that the blog does n’t have otherwise it will be useless .So ,it is better to follow the directive of host blogger and write the guest post which is needed to the host.Similarly you can accept the guest post from other bloggers which are not in your blog or marketing portal.

ii. Audio and Video interview :-

Interview taking or giving is a fashion of bloggers and marketers which can give an exposure to your audience and others as well. Presently there are a variety of formats, text, audio or video interviews can publish in same blog post.The advantage of an interview is that the questions give the article structure.As a host or interview invitee can expose a little more for search optimization.

iii. Niche oriented discussion :-

Joining and Participating in same niche group can help to attract audience from that group. Asking query or giving reply to fellow bloggers a group for their input on a specific question. The type of article spreads the workload across a group and normally it brings a large portion of audience to your contents.

iv. Commenting for knowledge :-

Commenting on others blog post is a very good tactic to attract new audience towards the own blog The goal is to get a diverse set of opinions for a consistent set of questions .But keep in mind that your comment must be useful and informative according to the on going discussion other wise normally your comment will die in crowd.Therefore any discussion must happen in the comment section.Your comment must be able to create an influence among the visitors and readers, then they will come to your blog to know more you better.

v. Re-posting availability :-

It is better to extend your content to another blog and bloggers and expose your writing to their audience with limited work on your part via re-post facility.I have already written a blog post about re-posting . But must keep in mind that we should wait re-post allow until your content has been spidered on your site so that search engines don’t think that you’re posting duplicate content.So it is better wait up to 1 week to allow the same for others.

Final thoughts of author:-

I am not sure which one is better for you and your blog to attract the new audience from others' blog but I am sure all of above mentioned can expand your audience.However responding to comments in a timely fashion to  show that you’re accessible and engaged with your readers and audience .If you have not used any one of these then just try some of these which can works for you better.If you are not agree with us or you have other methods to bring audience from others blog then please include them in the comments section below.We will be happy to include your suggestion with full credit in next update.

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  1. I am always looking at different ways to attract fellow bloggers. Although its a hard job, its not impossible but a little work is required. I think guest posts and also interviews are good ways.

  2. You are absolutely right Shalu Sharma ji @ Hard job to attract others loyal readers to our own blog but it is not impossible as my a little previous experience says like so.


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