Major troubleshooting points on consideration for VPN quick recovery

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Virtual Private Network is a secure and private network which provides great benefits to users. Although working with VPN can give rise to many problems but to pinpoint and solve these problems can be tricky and can not only pertain to VPN users but also to IT professionals. It is important to diagnose the problem and resolve issue. It is necessary to look for tips and suggestions while troubleshooting VPN errors because these errors can arise anytime and they should be dealt with troubleshooting techniques.

Major troubleshooting points on consideration for VPN quick recovery

Getting connected to VPN is easy although it is important to consider some points before buying VPN connection. It is vital to check that IP is American otherwise you won’t be able to unblock American sites. Other region IP’s are restricted to access few American websites because of censorship.

[caption id="attachment_2025" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Major troubleshooting points on consideration for VPN quick recovery Major troubleshooting points on consideration for VPN quick recovery[/caption]

Check internet bandwidth connection is enough to support VPN or not. You should get the best provider since every provider may not be true what they actually claim. Once you get the most suitable provider, get your connection and install VPN client but some Smartphones and computers already have VPN client installed. After getting installation you can use the service provided by VPN.

1. Unable to get connected to the VPN

While getting connected to VPN some problems may arise. An error may occur that you are unable to get connected to the VPN server. Check your VPN log and see what error is indicated in the log. However if you have got connected to the VPN but your connection is getting dropped every few minutes, check whether any other computer is running VPN connection or not because if another device is connecting via the same account at the same time your connection will drop. It often happens when settings are incorrect. So settings should be rechecked prior to connecting. If still it is not connected then there might be authentication issue problem rather than VPN connection.

2. Issue with connection speed

It may appear sometime that you are connected to internet via VPN but the connection speed is painfully slow. If connection speed is slow check the root cause. Usually it is an internet connection problem with makes the speed slower rather than the server issue. It is often overlooked. You should check the speed of connection via various speed test websites available online which accurately tells the connection speed. To check the performance of your internet connection you should check the speed once in a while. At times the VPN server also has problems so server problem should be checked and resolved by contacting the service provider.

3. VPN configuration and connection

VPN configuration is very important for a problem may arise that VPN link is connected but you are unable to connect to the internet and when you disconnect VPN you have no problem in connecting to the internet. So the VPN server should be configured to allow access to the internet. It is always important to check connection and configuration before running VPN. VPN technology is very popular and people are adopting it more due to its advantages and standard protocols and security. However problems may arise at times and yes it is always necessary to troubleshoot VPN.

4. PPP authentication credentials

A risk for all organizations implementing remote access VPN servers is that users will share username and password information with one another. Most VPN server implementations enable you to not only authenticate users before allowing a VPN connection, but also to authorize a VPN connection. A user might be able to successfully authenticate, but if that user is not authorized to access the network via VPN, the connection request is dropped. If users share credentials, this creates a situation where an unauthorized user can access the network with an authorized user's credentials.

A solution to this problem is to use an extended authentication scheme. For example, you can assign users client (user) certificates for authentication, so that user credentials are never entered by the user. Other schemes include smart card authentication, biometric authentication, and other forms of two-factor authentication.

5. Can't connect to the Internet  but VPN connected

Sometimes, users are unable to connect to the Internet after the VPN link is established. Once the VPN link is disconnected , the users have no problem connecting to the Internet.This problem arises when the VPN client software is configured to use the VPN server as its default gateway. This is the default setting for the Microsoft VPN client software. Since all Internet hosts are remote from the VPN client's location, Internet connections are routed to the VPN server. If the VPN server is not configured to allow Internet connections from VPN clients, the Internet connection attempts fail.

The solution to this problem is to configure the VPN server to allow VPN clients access to the Internet. The Windows RRAS server supports this configuration, and so do many firewalls. Resist the urge to disable the setting configuring the VPN client to use the VPN server as its default gateway, as this enables split tunneling, which is a well-known VPN client security risk.


VPN quick recovery is not very simple matter but if you can follow the above steps then easily get ride on VPN any where and any time.

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