Top 10 advantage of web template and backbone history of query languages

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Modern age of information technology brings the facilities to explore any one via online presence.This exploring mania has already become a fashion to a little known IT users to internet savvy.Recently completed survey says that almost 80% internet users have their own blog or website either personal or professional.

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There are a lots of reasons for this increasing number of blogs and websites, such as we can mention a few of them - free ready made website hosting provider, free web template provider, ready to use blog software, simple guide and tutorial and many more.Check out here -

Top 10 advantage of web template and backbone history

1. What is web template :-

Normally web template is a tool which is used to separate content from presentation in web site design and pages, and helps in mass-production of web documents. Web template is a basic component of a web designing process. Web templates can be used to set up any type of website. In its simplest sense, a web template operates similarly to a form letter for use in setting up a website.There are thousands of web template are found online some are free and some are premium and they are made in various query languages such as Dreamweaver Templates,Golive Templates,Frontpage Templates, CSS Templates, Dynamic jQuery Templates, Expression Templates, WordPress Themes, OsCommerce Templates and much, much more .

2. Advantage of web template :-

There are a large number of bloggers and webmasters who don't know about programming and coding of web pages but they are are successful blogger and webmasters.This is possible due to web template.Actually what are the works done by a web template ! As per my a little knowledge says bellow works are done by a web template-

i. Display loading page as webmaster wants.

ii. Display personal information or blog.

iii. Display sell-able products online.

iv. Display information about a company or organization.

v. Display family history or web presence.

vi. Display a gallery of photos as webmaster wants.

vii. Display and play music file as mp3 and mp4 via browser.

viii. Display pdf file for public viewing.

ix. Esay to set up a private login area online.

x. Simple and free guide and tutorial available every where.

3. Developers' view on web template :-

Web programmer or developers have introduced template system with a common goal among web developers community , those are eager to develop and deploy applications that are flexible and easily maintainable for common to common users.Experts has expressed that an important consideration in reaching this goal is the separation of business logic from presentation logic on the virtual world of internet. We have already seen that developers use web template systems to maintain this separation in view of graphic design template, logo template, printing template, and word template to provide the kind of professional image our client / customers demand.There are another positive point of web template system to produce web pages and for deployment on websites and delivery over the Internet which is easy to use by the audience or readers.

Final thoughts of author :-

Recently carried survey says that there are only 20% internet users are having IT fluency but other have only basic of computer and internet.Although increasing number of bloggers and webmasters day by day proves that free web template has covers the non IT fluent webmasters and bloggers.We have found a numerous commercial sites those offer web templates for free and with a licensing fee .Easily customization is one of the major advantage of web template.

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