Top 10 common expression of English bloggers and common man

Non English speaking bloggers have been getting trouble in expression ways in their blog posts.Recently I have dug the fact about failure of non English speaking bloggers specially they live in Asia and Africa.As it is known to all that English is the international language to communicate with the worlds.Blogging is nothing except expression of our thoughts in a blog post.So expression has become more attractive in English language.

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Valen Smith is one of the world famous online English teacher via her who classifies the 10 very common hot English expressions used in everyday conversation along with bloggers either professional or personal or corporate sector. Valen Smith is easily describe the expression with very simple examples. Just check out-

Top 10 common expression of English bloggers

i. Twenty four seven (24/7) :-

Every minute of every day or every seconds of every minute.Such as You can access our website 24/7 or you can contact our customer service 24/7.

ii. Get the ball rolling :–

Start something with or with out any destination or time. Such as let’s get the ball rolling or let's start the move.

iii. Take it easy :–

Relax or be cool or give up the matter.such as I’m going to take it easy or heart beating after long run should it easy.

iv. Sleep on it :–

Think about my decision or concentrated on .Such as I’ll get back to you tomorrow or I have to sleep on it.

v. I’m broke :–

Have no money or nothing to spend.Such as I’m broke or I have no money or I'm broken on the text or i'm broken by beat.

vi. Sharp :–

Exactly or as much as it needs.Such as you have done exactly comparing the fact or the meeting is at 7 o’clock sharp.

vii. Like the back of my hand:–

Very familiar with it or experienced with the fact. As for example , I know this city like the back of my hand.

viii. Give me a hand :–

Help or seeking sympathy on . Such as Do you want give me a hand? Would you give ma a hand?

ix. In ages :–

For a long time or after a gap of duration.Such as I haven’t seen you in ages.

x. Sick and tired :–

Hate, don’t like or don't want to see. Such as I’m sick and tired of doing homework or i am sick and tired in blogging.


Blogging has become passion and fashion either English speaking countries or no English speaking countries.So it is more essential to know the common expression methods of the language. Valen Smith has narrated the matter with very easily and shortly.I have just written the podcast to text with adding a few examples.If you are in need of more then don't miss to type a few words for us in bellow comment box.

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  1. Hi,Main
    In the blogging sphere our language is very important.And its tough to maintain.Basically for the non-English speaking countries.Really nice deliver . Thanks for sharing :-)
    Thank you
    Sandeep kumar dan

  2. Sandeep Kumar Dan @ Thanks brother, we have just tried our best to express the fact of expression.

  3. Great observation on expressions @ thank you sir

  4. Awesome Post Thanks For Sharing this :)

  5. Yes, you are right, as it is known to all that English is the international language. It would be interesting to read and hear common expression methods of other languages.
    Thank you for sharing.
    English or bilingual this is a question :)


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