Why it is Necessary to Have the Custom Logo For Blog or Brand

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Normally professional bloggers and webmasters rise the query " Why it is Necessary to Have the Custom Logo For Blog or Brand ? " Yeah , there are thousands of reply in support of this query.Whenever you see the website or blog of any professional company, at what thing you get attracted almost.?

Why it is Necessary to Have the Custom Logo For Blog or Brand

Logo and design of that particular website eh? Well, it not happens in case of you only, this is natural. Logo is the thing that helps to create a distinctive value of your blog. Generally “LOGO” consists of picture and text that explains the aim/vision of blog. However there may be only letters or combinations of images that explains the nature of your website.

Principles of Logo Design :-

1. Readability :-

The first issue to look out for that one, is the readability. The logo should emphasize the name of the company or its activities in any case. Either this is done in the form of a graphic symbol or by a special company for the font. Combining the name then a so-called "Icon" (characters), you have the traditional word-picture brand. It is important that the design of the logo reflects the company and is easy to understand.

2. Unmistakable :-

The second important point that has to be considered in the development, is unmistakable. If the same logo design already exist, it is difficult to get a foothold and establish their own identity. Therefore, care should be taken that the logo is unique and can not be confused with other logos. Not only the risk of being overlooked is great. Even in such a case, legal problems to get on a company.

3. Memorability :-

The third aspect, which plays a crucial role in the logo design, the memorability. So you can remember the name and the logo well, should be taken to keep it short and simple, following the example of the "KISS" Keep It Short (and) Simple. The rule is: the more simple the logo is, the easier it will be to remember. Many car brands have logos that everyone knows and could easily trace from the head.

4. Reproducibility :-

Another point that is important in logo design is, reproducibility. For a company to not lose the value of recognition, it should be ensured that the logo is always clearly visible. Whether to keep the company's own products, or even on stamps on envelopes, the company logo must stand. Who wants to design a qualitative "sign", the eighth must meet the highest standards of precision and that say, for example, that the logo should be recognizable even in very small form. Also, it is important to think about abbreviations of the company name ideas. The saying "less is more" applies perfectly to this point.

How to Get a customized logo for your blog :-

Decide what type of logo you want for your blog. There are some online tools to help you decide the logo concept. They present several samples based on your selection. It is really easy to settle on one among them. Following are some sites you can use to build up a logo:




and many more you can find online .Select the one that is most close to your expectation. You can make modifications and further customize to make it a perfect logo to represent your blog. Change font, positioning of different elements, sizes and so on.

Final thoughts of author :-

I hope this articles has well explained the importance of having custom logo for your blog/website. Share your thoughts on this through commenting here.

Guest Post contributed by Suumit Shah :-

Suumit Shah is a multi-talent blogger, designer and Computer engineer by profession who loves to write. Catch this younger aged techno geeks at Techlitic

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