Appealing blog post becomes successful as a source of information

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Blog is a great source of information in modern days .There are thousands and thousands bloggers are focused themselves via their blogs but here is the core question rises  as how to write informative successful blog posts for maximize of exposes ? Our today's article tries to solve this query in expert bloggers' angle.  Writing blog posts or content is more like writing an article. Appealing titles are given which are useful in drawing attention and the content happens to be the key factor in making people get back to your portal.

[caption id="attachment_2761" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Appealing blog post becomes successful as a source of information Appealing blog post becomes successful as a source of information[/caption]

The most imperative thing here is to provide superior quality content. In this post, I am listing down 5 useful tips on how to write successful blog posts which will ensure that people are not only reading your posts but also keep coming back to your blog over and over again. Just check out , how to an Appealing blog post becomes successful as a source of information.

1. Choose an Appropriate Pitch for your Blog

The moment you consider getting started with your blog, you need to be aware of the fact that who you actually want to read your posts which is also known as your targeted audience. Consider the points on the side of your targeted audience and take in to account the kind of content they are looking for and prefer reading. Will your content give them with a lasting impression or if they will find it entertaining? You need to make sure that you are coming up as per your readers expectations and decide the particular pitch which is most appropriate for your blog and then continue writing in that manner.

2. No Links List for blog post :-

When you are writing a post for your blog, you are certainly going to add in the links in the content. In my opinion, initially, this is one of the best approaches while you are considering promoting your business. Blogging though is a time consuming activity and you need to make sure that you are able to achieve the most out of it even in the long run. In fact, you should not keep indulging the links to other portals where you consider your readers to follow you. It is recommended to write posts depicting your personal view point and why people reading your posts should follow you. If you are going to add in a link without any text, you have a high probability of losing your current readers as you are not keeping up with them.

3. Be Truthful in blog post :-

It is important for you to write posts in an honest tone, this is going to make you not only popular but also will help you achieve success. Writing a post is just as making friends over the Internet to some extent; and writers need to be honest and truthful with their audience. Making it short and simple, you should always be sincere in what you are writing.

4. Have Your Own Blog with credit :-

You should not steel content from any other blog or portal. In case you are quoting something from a site, you should always provide a link to the authentic source in your post.

5. Have Short Paragraphs of blog post :-

Do not continue writing lengthy posts as it bother readers a lot and they do not prefer reading them. Your post should comprise of 3 to 4 sentences in a paragraph. To tell you the truth, if your blog gets to have a new visitor, he or she will only skim through your site before they start reading. Therefore, you need to ensure that your site is not hard to read and this is also a good approach to keep your readers coming back to you over and over again.

Conclusion :-

Writing controversial blog post is one of great success in over night but it will not give long time strategies. So it is better to write evergreen topics which has been read for all time and all ages .If I have missed some thing in this blog post don't hesitate to point out in comment box.
This article is come to you by Kady Babs who is working with Passcertification and she is an expert of  HP0-S32 exam and HP0-D14 test questions and answers preparation methods for IT professionals pass certification.

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Easiest way of mobile friendly blog and website optimization

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The world has witnessed advancement of technology like never before due to quick development of information technology professionals. Hence, it is important to make full use of the same in order to be in the competition. After all, technologically driven society will highly favor the things which facilitate them even further rather then restricting them. In this way, it makes easy for you to carve a niche for yourself. Why to optimize your blog for your mobile visitors? The answer is simple , check bellow.

Easiest way of mobile friendly blog, blog and website optimization, mobile users blog

Mobiles are being used by increasing number of people and it offers an easy and coveted way to access web content coupled with reading blogs.The number of mobile users are increasing day by day.So today's blog post for the bloggers those are interested in mobile users.Easiest way of mobile friendly blog and website optimization.

How to optimize blog for mobile ?

There are large number of applications are found to optimize blogs for mobile but it is given the most useful  the ways to optimize your blog :-

* Drop-down menus should be avoided :-

Flash elements should be avoided as they are not at all presentable. You need to keep yourself away from slideshows which still use Flash because mobile does not show the flash particulars.

* Make use of responsive templates and themes :-

The themes give you enriching reasons for reading the content as you adjust the size of your browser. They equally make the page look presentable and systematic by maintaining every thing in place whether it is the side bar content in the form of ads or category navigation. Mobile plug-ins is much nicer with responsive themes. Hence their importance is the greatest of all.

* Make use of smart designs which mobile friendly :-

1.5 em should be the line spacing with regards to your content. Hence, even on cramped screens, text looks much easier and readers do not face any sort of issues while reading them as well.

* Introspect at mobile plug-in options :-

It is imperative to test the plug-in prior to using on the mobile devices in order to be 100% knowledgeable of your standard features as well.There are lots of plugin for make your blog mobile friendly or redirect mobile friendly version.

* Make full use of the available things :-

Various free blogging platforms are synonymous with mobile options that are not too familiar or obvious. Hence, it necessitate to know about them

* :-

If in case the mobile template does not activate even after your repeated efforts, then after logging to your blog, click on “Design” link and thereby after the option is on, it becomes easy for the bloggers to do the rest.

* :-

The mobile option is already turned on by default, as you are using So it is better to customize the option as your needs.

* Description Meta tag :-

Optimizing your blog for mobile visitors is of utmost importance these days. This is because too many people access blogs from their mobile phones.

* Be creative in nature :-

In order to be the best over the rest, you need to be creative and hone your skills towards resorting to smart designs and update yourself with various things which are available on your platform. It is also important to keep a close watch on the statistics of your visitors so that you can implement mobile strategies accordingly. After all, you want to ease them in their quest of going through your blog so that they have a pleasant and everlasting experience. Thereby, they will love to come again and again as well.

Conclusion of the author :-

As you read the aforesaid article, your quest of redesigning your blog in accommodating tablet computers and smart phones will become a child’s play for sure. Now, optimize your blog for your esteemed mobile visitors in an increasingly happy way.

This article is contributed by Rajesh Namase who is a passionate internet savvy, web developer and computer security expert. His latest tool project is SEO Robotics  but he is also a technological dream blogger at TechLila.

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How to write an ebook with essential real time needs

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One of my American blogger friend had mailed me asking all about ebook in 2009 but honestly I was not an expert at that moment about ebook writing and publishing .Recently when it is refreshing my inbox for searching an old email then the mail has come out light once again.The mail has been summarized for our readers bellow .She had asked me to know all about the ebook writing,publishing,marketing etc.

[caption id="attachment_2747" align="aligncenter" width="640"]How to write an ebook with essential complementary needs Facebook Crime in India : How to write an ebook with essential real time needs[/caption]

The major points of her mail are about complementary of an ebook -
1. What is ebook ?
2. Importance of ebook ?
3. How to write an ebook ?
4. Where to publish ebook ?
5. Disadvantages of an ebook
It has passed almost 4 years as her mail date says like so and a lots of things have been changed during this period.I have already learn a lots of new things all about ebook. There for today I am going to give reply of her mail but she has already become a well known blogger and author in the world.I think all of you known her name and she is Dahlia Valentine. Just check out the process How to write an ebook with essential complementary needs .

Introduction of ebook :-

Word by word meaning of an ebook is electronic book or digital book.The advancement of technology it’s easier than ever before in history for you to become an author by writing a book digital world.There are no major differences between book and ebook.The only difference is found that ebook has no physical copy .An ebook allows you to expand on topics that you write about on your interest as either you are blogger or not .Writing an ebook allows you to go more in depth on a given subject any where and any time.

Importance of an ebook :-

There are thousands of importance factors of an ebook such as -
i. It allows to prove your authority
ii. Easy to reach target audiences
iii. Promote business
iv. Promote blog/website
v. Seamless expression ability
vi. Instant financial gain
vii. Build trust and relationship
viii. Improve writing skills
ix. Fruit for new thoughts
x. Publishing empowerment in paper media.

and many more.However ebook offer the opportunities to grow and expand business or ideas through publishing an eBook are limitless. With a insightful, compelling eBook, words can instill valuable wisdom, actions, stories and ideas that can build trust and relationships with the audience and build a huge online community which expand to offline as well as real life too.

How to write an epical ebook :-

The main goal of writing an ebook is for people to actually read it. The next goal is for the ebook to be valuable enough that the people who do read it will then share it with friends. So, how does write an ebook that people actually read? Let’s dive into some of the main components of a great ebook:i. Define your target audience
ii. Consider your clients and customers
iii. Break it down into manageable tasks
iv. Research on market and thoughts
v. Figure out your eBook's working title
vi. Write out a thesis statement
vii. Choose a Title for Your eBook
viii.Outline of main points
ix. Collect or create images, graphics,diagrams etc
x. Download formatting tools
xi. Commitment to writing regularly

The easiest way to writing a ebook is either use Microsoft Word or Pages for Mac. Amazon Kindle suggests to write it in Word because it can format this own self, It must save file to a filtered .html or .htm format, which translates on the Kindle very well.

Publishing platform of ebook :-

There are a lot of ways to get people to read your ebook. One of the best things to do is to submit your ebook to ebook publishing websites. Here is a list of some of the best ebook publishing websites that you should consider publishing your ebook to: is a self publishing website allows sell allows to publish and sell ebook offers free distribution of ebook allows to distribute ebook and book allows to sell ebook on marketplace
These are a few of the many ebook publish websites. My opinion in this just do a simple Google search on “publish own ebook” and I am sure all of the great ebook publishing websites can get very easily and instantly.However Amazon is the all time best place to publish and market of ebook.

Disadvantages of ebook :-

An ISBN number is not required when publishing through Kindle Direct Publishing which means it may be pirated any time and any where . All most all publishing platform has locked eBook for 90 days and in that period author can not change or can not delete it from library. Piracy has been taken place due to the unlock pdf or any other version of ebook. It is heard that Amazon has introduced a 10-digit AISN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), which is unique to your eBook and found on Kindle Amazon .

Final thoughts of author :-

A large number of bloggers and authors express that people really read the ebook more than any other well established bloggers blog.I hope you found this insightful. Let me know about your questions and experiences regarding publishing ebook. It is one of the better way to spread ideas among the people . If you have any query or suggestion , don't miss to type a few lines for me in bellow comment box.

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15 Basic blogging tips to generate high traffic for professional bloggers

Blog and blogging are the head and tails of a coins but only a few of us knows the actual value of blogging.A large number of bloggers claim that they are professional bloggers but a few of them get success in the process of professionalism of blogging.The key criteria of professional bloggers are not very easy to find out. However , my today's article tries to understand the basic blogging tips , basic professional bloggers criteria, boost blog traffics and improving content metallurgy with real time reliability sourcing.

[caption id="attachment_2740" align="aligncenter" width="640"]15 Basic blogging tips to generate high traffic for professional bloggers 15 Basic blogging tips to generate high traffic for professional bloggers[/caption]

It is the big question for every professional blogger that how to generate traffic or audience to blog because traffic or visitor is the fuel of any blog or website. My past a few couples of years' experience says that the major key criteria of professionalism in blogging and 15 Basic blogging tips to generate high traffic for professional bloggers.

1. Choose reliable blogging niche :-

There are thousands of blogging niche but you have to choose which one ! my reply in this query is very simple such as which subject is more interesting for you and you can collect relevant data of that niche with in short time. Some time it is seen that there is no data is available for our interested niche , then my view in that context that you have to choose the niche approximate like to your interest which still informative and source and search able.Previously I have written a blog post about top 20 blogging niche.

2 . Host software must be WordPress :-

There are large number of blogging software and platform are available in internet ,now this days.Recently I have written another blog post about top blogging software and platforms.However, my first choice is Wordpress because it has thousands of extra facilities among others software.So go to and install the latest version of the blogging software.

3 . Install friendly SEO Plugins :-

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the top rated topic in the virtual world of internet .It is seen that every professional blogger and webmaster has passed her/his half of online presence in researching the word SEO.They searching for friendly SEO plugin as prime criteria of any blog or website.So you can install good SEO plugin with less loading time.There are thousands of SEO plugin in wordpress where some are paid version and some are free .If you are fully new then my first choice is WP SEO plugin by Yoast.

4 . Choose fast loading WP theme :-

Wordpress theme is another plus point of blogging and bloggers.There are thousands of free and paid wordpress theme are available in virtual world.You have to choose one of them but keep in attention that your theme must be fast loading and easy to customize as your needs.Customized and fast loading theme may a cause of higher traffic.

5. Social share buttons to each post & Pages :-

Social media has become a part of common lives , now this days.It is seen that every where in the world ,social media is used for every business or social changes.As for example , we can say the recent Egypt , Libya, Syria and USA president election.So your every blog post must carry the social share button which can offer easy share for any common user in social media.Here one thing keep in mind that there must be a social media profile in major social media networking site for your blog which can easily recognize your blog or you as a brand.

6. Choose real time relevant keyword :-

Meta keywords have extra features in blogging via which common users , internet savvy as well as search engines recognize your blog post . Direct audience can easily understand your post as what you are going to say in your blog post(s) .So my little experience says that your keywords must be relevant to your blog post or article which bears the full story with in a second.There are a lots of keyword research tools such as Google Adwords tools,Market Samurai,expert keywords tools and many more.But my notion in this matter that manual keyword choosing is the best way to get more attention and appreciated.

7. Offer guest posting (out going and incoming) :-

Guest posting is one of high grossing word for professional bloggers ,now this days.Guest post offers by the bloggers and for the bloggers.Directly , you can say that you have to write blog posts for others blogs and you have to publish others written blog posts in your own blog.This process has give you 2 times benefits such as your guest author surely visit your blog time to time and other your host bloggers also visit your blog by the time to time due to confirm your ability and performance.In case of guest blogging , my opinion is that you should avoid guest posting in those bloggers who have contributed in your blog because it may be a cause of Google's penalty for manual link exchange.

8. Blog commenting (out going and incoming ) :-

Blog comment is one of the most active features of professional blogs and bloggers.Every bloggers has expressed his/her idea or notion in particular matter or topic.So other can easily post a comment on it by expressing his /her mind on that topic via which your thoughts are spreading over all and some time it may become viral.Blog commenting system helps to form online community.

9. Use blog feeds syndication :-

RSS and Atom feeds are more popular syndication in modern blogging.It has seen that every professional blogger uses one of them or both to syndicate his/her blog to spread the posts every where with in few seconds.Feed syndication is one of reliable source of blog traffic.There a large number of feed service provider in virtual world but I am using Google feedsburner to syndicate my blog post.

10. Regular blog post entry :-

Regular blog posting or content entry is the plus point of blog and major difference between website and blog.It is known to all that major search engines like fresh contents which is updated regularly.Successful bloggers' expert says that daily update or content entry is the better to get attention from search engine as well as audience.

11. Keeping attention to blog audiences :-

Keeping attention on your audience is most import matter for a professional blogger , if you have no audience then there has no value of your website or blog , however your contents are much worthy .So must give entry the needs of your audience which can make your blog trust worthy and re access able .I am sure giving importance to audience minds can decrease your bounce rate .

12. Regular evaluating changes to the blog :-

Changing is a genuine factor in every where either online or real world.So your blog should be taken similar action in time to time duration.It is seen that audience express their view to change the design or theme or font or any customization.As per my knowledge says that every six month gap , it needs to change blog design with major or minor re shuffle categories.

13. Informative customization of 404 page :-

Some time it is seen that visitor ping wrong url or misspelled url or edited url then the server shows 404 error page.So you can customize this page more informative and easy navigation able.Such the audience may not determine that he/she has entered the wrong page .There are thousands of well customized 404 page available online.Just check them and do your own as your visitors needs.

14. Real time ping with online community :-

There are two types ping have been used online such as when ever any new blog post is published then it is pinged to search engines and another ping is share the new post with social media or online other communities where you are active.These two type ping can bring tones of visitors to your blog post.

15. Performance analysis with Google Analytics :-

Google Analytics is one of the most reliable source for tracking your blog visitors and check your blog performance in various directions.You can easily check the keywords are doing good for your blog and you can target that particular audience or geo location. Google Analytics has so many features and is considered as the best tool for getting to know more about the source of traffic coming to your blog and you can also track conversions. My own notion in this case that all most all the webmasters and bloggers should use this excellent tools to review their blogs or website performance .

Final thoughts of author :-

These 15 basic blogging tips are not the all key criteria of professional bloggers as there are others factors also affect to get attention from search engine as well as audience but these 15 professional blogging tips can give your blog a new direction.If I have missed any important factor(s) then don't miss to comment bellow.
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Top 10 blogging platforms can operate via blogsyapp from mobile or ipad

Blog and blogger has creating a movement in online world of internet due to the number of blogs and bloggers are increasing day by day with large scale.Recently carried out survey says that mobile internet users also growing with huge margin.So it is need to control the blogs from your mobile or ipad. One of my blogger friend has asked me a query that how to blog from mobile with major blogging platform ? So I have started diggingabout her query and have been answered her but I think this answer may be helpful to our readers too.So this blog post presented here.

[caption id="attachment_2733" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Top 10 blogging platforms can operate via blogsyapp from mobile or ipad Top 10 blogging platforms can operate via blogsyapp from mobile or ipad[/caption]

 Blogsyappis one of  pioneer blogging management application which covers all the major blogging platform.Today's blog post aims to describe the methods of using the blogsyapp to maintain your blogs from apps store.Top 10 blogging platforms can operate via blogsyapp from mobile or ipad.

WordPress :-

It has seen that well known WordPress users which are using Blogsy such as eBay, Ford, Sony, Wired, CNN, the New York Times, the Wall St. Journal, Harvard Law,, Edublogs, realestatetomato and amny more to manage their blogs. The process and facilities of using worpress blog in blogsy.
1. as-well as self-hosted WordPress accounts
2. MU/MS support
3. Password protected XML-RPC support
4. Renamed XML-RPC support
5. Publish posts
6. Publish pages
7. Publish drafts
8. Publish pending-review drafts
9. Schedule posts
10. Set past dates for posts
Set categories,Create categories,Set tags,Create tags,Set and edit image captions,Set slug,Edit slug,Save as drafts,Set and edit "Sticky" posts,Set and edit "Featured Image" (You need to change files on your server), Set and edit "Post Format",Set and edit "Custom Fields",Set and edit "Excerpt",Set to allow comment or not., Set post to private or public,Edit previously published (online) posts,Edit previously published (online) pages, Delete previously published (online) posts,Delete previously published (online) pages,Upload images to blog media library,Multiple blog support.
In order to use Blogsy with a self-hosted WordPress blog you need to have XML-RPC enabled.
To enable XML-RPC:
Sign into your WordPress admin panel.
Click on 'Settings'
Click on 'Writing'
Scroll down to 'Remote Publishing'
Check XML-RPC if it's not checked already
Save your settings.

Blogger :-

Blogger is owned by Google and one of the most popular blogging platform which also owns Picasa. So, Google chooses to use Picasa for the blog's media library. Set up that Picasa account in Blogsy to have access to your blog's media library.Major facilities of blogsy apps in blogger.

1.Publish posts
2. Publish pages
3. Publish drafts
4. Schedule posts
5. Set past dates for posts
6. Set labels
7. Set and edit image captions
8. Create labels
9. Edit previously published (online) posts
10.Edit previously published (online) pages
11. Delete previously published (online) posts
12. Delete previously published (online) pages
Multiple blog support
To set up your blog in Blogsy the time & date and timezone on your iPad must be set to the time and timezone you are in at the time you set it up.

Posterous :-

Posterous is also a well known blogging platform via which a large number of bloggers established them.The major facilities of posterous in blogsy apps.

1. Publish posts
2. Publish pages
3. Set past dates for posts
4. Set tags
5. Create tags
6. Set and edit image captions
7. Turn Autopost on and off
8. Set post to private or public
9. Edit previously published (online) posts
10. Edit previously published (online) pages
11. Delete previously published (online) posts
12. Delete previously published (online) pages
13. Upload images with the post
14. Multiple blog support

TypePad :-

Typepad is one of the pioneer blogging platform and which still has a classic virtue.The main attraction of typepad in blogsy are given bellow.

1. Publish posts
2. Publish pages
3. Publish drafts
5. Set past dates for posts
6. Create Keywords
7. Set categories
8. Set and edit image captions
9. Set comments to Hidden, Open or Closed
10. Edit previously published (online) posts
11. Edit previously published (online) pages
12. Delete previously published (online) posts
13. Delete previously published (online) pages
14. Upload images to blog media library.
15. Multiple blog support

Movable Type :-

Movable Type is become more popular among the newbie blogger as easy to publish and customize option.Blogsy apps give the facilities bellow-

1. Publish posts
2. Publish pages
3. Publish drafts
4. Schedule posts
5. Set past dates for posts
6. Create tags
7. Set and edit image captions
8. Set to allow comment or not.
9. Set post to private or public
10. Edit previously published (online) posts
11. Edit previously published (online) pages
12. Delete previously published (online) posts
13. Delete previously published (online) pages
14. Upload images to blog media library.

Joomla :-

Joomla is one of new generation blogging platform which is used around the world techno savvy blogger and webmasters to show their online prsence.Blogsy apps can easily move their presence in right ways.The major attraction of blogsy in Joomla platform.

1. Publish posts
2. Set past dates for posts
3. Set categories
4. Set and edit image captions
5. Edit previously published (online) posts
6. Delete previously published (online) posts
7. Upload images to blog media library.
8. Multiple blog support

Drupal :-

IT professional's recent choice of blogging platform is Drupal , so a large number of bloggers use this platform via blogsy app .The major high lights of blogsy apps in Drupal.

1. Publish posts
2. Publish pages
3. Set and edit image captions
4. Edit previously published (online) posts (not version 7.x)
5. Edit previously published (online) pages (not version 7.x)
6. Delete previously published (online) posts
7. Delete previously published (online) pages
8. Upload images to blog media library.
9. Multiple blog support
To use Blogsy you need to (1) activate the Blog API module on your site (2) enable full HTML and (3) choose the content type that you want to use.7.x users have to manually install the Blog API module.
You can get it here (blogapi.tar).Go to Administer -> User management -> Permissions -> blogapi module and enable "administer content with blog api" for authenticated user.

IBM Connections :-

IBM connection users more more efficient in blogsy to manage their blogs and blogging presence .The majaor options of IBM in blogsy are-

1. Publish posts
2. Publish pages
3. Schedule posts
4. Create tags
5. Set and edit image captions
6. Edit previously published (online) posts
7. Delete previously published (online) posts
8. Upload images to blog media library.
9. Multiple blog support
To use Blogsy with IBM Connections you need to check the option 'Enable Blogger and MetaWeblog APIs for you Blog?' Go to Settings -> General and check the option 'Enable Blogger and MetaWeblog APIs for your Blog?'

Tumblr :-

Tumblr is one of the highest user based blogging platform in the virtual world.Some of well known celebrities and political leaders uses Tumblr for their online presence.Blogsy has more efficient options for Tumblr users.

1. Publish text posts
2. Publish photo posts
3. Publish quote posts
4. Publish link posts
5. Publish chat posts
6. Publish audio posts
7. Publish video posts
8. Schedule / Queue posts
9. Save as draft
10. Set tags
11. Set and edit image captions
12. Set slug
13. Edit slug
14. Set autotweet to posts
Publish posts with markdown
15. Edit all kinds of previously published (online) posts
16. Delete all kinds of previously published (online) posts
17. Multiple blog support

MetaWeblog :-

Meta Weblog is one of oldest blogging platform which was widely used and till a large number of users use it for their blogging presence.The major options of blogsy in Metaweblog.

1. Publish posts
2. Set categories
3. Edit previously published (online) posts
4. Upload images to blog media library
5. To use this MetaWeblog setup your blogging platform has to support MetaWeblog.
For some of these platforms you will also need to enable MetaWeblog in the admin of your blog.
API URL : You need to enter the full URL to the XMLRPC endpoint.
Blog Name : This is the name that will be used to identify your blog in Blogsy.
Blog ID : Typically the blog ID is '1' but some blogging platforms have their own unique blog ID. You should be able to ask your blog platform company to figure out your blog ID if it is not '1'. For more help visit official site.

Conclusion :-

These are the main blogging platform presently become popular among the blogger and techno savvy .As far our observation says that  mobile internet users are growing twice per year.So blogsyapp can create another movement of mobile blogging industry.

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Best expectations regarding the speed of VPN with cost effective

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VPN or Virtual Private Network has become more popular now this days among the bloggers and webmasters. VPN gives you the luxury of connecting to machines by using internet in a safe and secured way. Although VPN stands out to be quite convenient, but it is certainly not necessary when it comes to connecting remote clients to Linux or Unix server. People who are quite concerned about the fast and electrifying connections can naturally ask the basic question as to how fast a VPN service can go.

[caption id="attachment_2727" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Best expectations regarding the speed of VPN with cost effective Best expectations regarding the speed of VPN with cost effective[/caption]

Best expectations regarding the speed of VPN with cost

The answer is very simple. Its speed can be at par with the network of other connections. You can even check bellow list for the speed of VPN service The best thing is that the speed can further enhance manifolds, if there is a fast and electrifying internet connection at both the networks. Although, beyond doubt, VPN servers can be quite fast, however, there are still some easy steps which you need to take in order to have even faster VPN internet speed.

VPN providers facilities :-

To be rest assured of the offerings of a VPN vendor, you can evaluate its services on the basis of varied parameters, such as VPN protocols support, level of VPN encryption they offer, the location of servers and the number of IP address they have for you, cost consideration and speed among others. Of all these, cost is undoubtedly a factor to think about. It would be good if you approach a VPN service that proves true to your price expectations as well.If incase your VPN give you the luxury of selecting an authentication key size, then it is always better to select a smaller one in order to speed up your connection. It is basically done for VPN and Tunnelblick software clients. Normally, Open VPN creates a 128 bit encrypted data channels along with 256 bit encrypted control channel. Mostly, VPN providers lower the control channel to 128. Thus, it reduces the connection time in a significant way. On the other hand, if you replace the VPN’s host name with the IP address, then it can speed your VPN connection. After all, if you run a VPN directly on a faster CPU, it minimizes the connection time. Hence, it makes your VPN speed to be electrifying as compared to running VPN on a router.

Restrictions less firewall VPN :-

It is important to choose a VPN which has “no” or “least” data packet. The setting of your firewall should be done in such a way that it should give the luxury of your VPN to flow without any sort of restrictions. The firewall is not going to restrict your VPN, but it can prove to be of a great hindrance by slowing the CPU speed. Hence, on the same lines, it is equally important to get in touch with a great internet provider as well. While you are in the process of looking for a fast server for your VPN, it is imperative to know the country where the server is located. After all, the distance between the server and the country’s server is highly important in determining the speed. If the distance is quite huge, then it is going to slow the speed. It happens due to the time which the data packet takes back and forth from VPN to server. You can check through “ping” command the speed between your computer and server. This is the command which examines the length of time the information takes to reach sever.

Top 10 VPN service providers cost effectiveness :-

The entire market is full of reliable and cost-effective VPN service providers. Among all of them, below are some of the most recognized companies that assure the most feasible prices for all their services.
Provider                                                       Starting Price
1 . PureVPN                                                $9.95/month
2 . Hidemyass                                             $11.52/Month
3 . StrongVPN                                             $21/3 months
4 . Private Internet Access                      $6.45/month
5 . ExpressVPN                                            $12.95/Month
6 . SwitchVPN                                             $5.95/month
7 . Overplay                                                 $9.95/month
8 . Cryptocloud                                            $19.95/month
9 . TuVPN                                                      $12/month
10. VyprVPN                                                $14.99/month

Conclusion on VPN speed :-

As you type of the word “Ping” and enter, you will be armed with complete data and information. Hence, in this way, you get the luxury of choosing from several servers which are available. Hence, you can select the server with is synonymous with least connection time. Similarly, you can also make the choice of picking the server which is quite close to you as well.

Guest post contributed by Arsh Kapoor

Arsh Kapoor is a professional blogger , SEO service provider and content developer who runs his latest news website .

VPN or Virtual Private Network news from web ==>>

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Gossip gives high voltage traffic loads in Bloggerazzi -2012

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Bloggerazzi is may be new word for some one but it is used from the starting of blogging. Gossip gives high voltage traffic loads in Bloggerazzi, now this days. It is also seen that a large number of many mainstream newspapers have implemented bloggerazzi-style in their blog section into to their own official news sites with high voltage traffic loads . Bloggerazzi the word is derived from paparazzi (Blog + razzi ), actually bloggerazzi is directly related to gossip and gossiping. So first, we try to understand gossip which is a broad term that is defined in several different ways.

[caption id="attachment_2721" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Gossip gives high voltage traffic loads in Bloggerazzi  Gossip gives high voltage traffic loads in Bloggerazzi[/caption]

Gossip gives high voltage traffic loads in Bloggerazzi

In general, gossip involves the creation and repetition of rumors regarding an individual who is not present to offer his or her perspective on the purported events under discussion. Generally, gossip has little or no basis in fact and is sometimes intended to convey a negative image of an individual. This process of spreading rumors is utilized in just about every setting from reporting on the movements of public figures to discussing situations involving family, friends, and acquaintances. Recently a survey says that it is difficult to police copyright infringement and defamation in the virtual world of internet, from time to time individuals or organizations will take action against stolen photos or libelous statements made by the bloggerazzi but those are rare cases and nothing is going to happen at last. Check out the full coverage.

1. Why bloggers engage in bloggerazzi :-

It is not unusual for people who engage in the spreading of gossip to not consider themselves to be gossips. The rationalization is that the individual is simply conveying information that was shared from another source and thus is not the author of the data. Thus, he or she is not responsible for the reliability of the information. Also, there may be no real malice behind the distribution of the rumor. This is often the case when repeating a rumor about friends who are presumed to be going through a rough period with a spouse, or there is speculation on why an acquaintance recently left a job.But gossip is not always negative in content. It is possible to create and spread rumors about rumored positive events or attributes of another person. For example, the word may begin to spread that an individual is thinking about marrying someone that he or she has dated for some time. While the rumor may in fact be considered good news to those that hear it, the information may not be factual and could lead to negative consequences for the subject of the gossip.

2. Positive points of bloggerazzi :-

Gossip has its roots in speculation and conjecture about events or attributes of people rather than focusing solely on facts that can be easily proved. Just about everyone engages in gossip in some manner. Business associates may share gossip about people they work with. Neighbors may speculate on details of the private lives of other people living in the neighborhood. Even well meaning friends may get together and hash over what they think they know about a mutual friend who is not present. There is no setting for human interaction that automatically precludes the potential for gossip. Gossip is spread through verbal, print, and electronic communications.A unknown blogger can become famous with in over night.

3. What are the requirements of bloggerazzi :-

i. A silent untraceable phone like the TracPhone
ii. An encrypted email address
iii. Juicy subjects with many a secret to hide that cant help but get into more trouble
iv. A good hand at writing/typing cleverly
v. Hit off hit site with big post on your juiciest subject. Mention the mysterious air about them .
vi..Get a special and very personalized phone number.
vii. Get Google alerts on things like 'bloggerazzi' or 'the latest trends'.
viii. There's nothing wrong with product placement. The non-commercial type if unless your blog is the Lower East Side tell all.
ix..Quote titles,places- inject irony and sarcasm into your posts.
x. Always be creative in your bloggerazzi article or comments or improvements.

4. Must avoid Bloggerazzi warning :-

i. If you reveal any extremely private information or details that could land you/them in trouble-you could be tracked down and arrested for blogging about someone without their consent.
ii. If not properly protected, your site may be considered 'harmless' by you, but 'a nuisance' by others. the site manager /police officers may shut it down.
iii. While many forms of gossip are relatively innocuous, gossip has the potential to ruin lives and reputations.So be always harmless bloggerazzi.

Conclusion :-

Bloggerazzi or Gossip doesn't high light about own subjects only posts the juicey gossip.It contains an opinion in the slice of secrets which can ruin some one's life .For this reason, it is usually a good idea to double check all types of information regarding other people before passing it on to another individual.

Guest post contributed by Shazidamain

Shazidamain Global Research Center is a multi- talented firm of your business related problem solutions. Catch Shazidamain at Google+

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Mobile phone friendly website design and marketing trends-2012

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Mobile phone friendly website design and marketing trends-2012  generate new waves in virtual world of internet but here is the question risen that why you should have a mobile friendly website design . Our today's blog post tries to find out the reply of this particular question.

[caption id="attachment_2714" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Mobile phone friendly website design and marketing trends Mobile phone friendly website design and marketing trends-2012[/caption]

Last month I went through a several seminars or webmasters and bloggers where the some similar questions were asked by some webmasters and bloggers.In the last couple of years there is a steep increase in number of mobile internet user which make every business owner to think to have a mobile friendly website then here are some reasons which will surely influence you to have a mobile friendly site.

1. Why and how mobile friendly website gets :-

Do you own a smart phone? If yes then do you use it for making calls and sending sms only? I think more than 90% of readers will say no. Considering your smart phone habits you'll realize that how much time you spend on surfing the web, using social networking sites or searching for something on Google. Now after considering your smart phone habits you have surely got the idea that why a mobile friendly website is necessary for your business.There are thousands of websites those helping businesses create a mobile friendly website.Here is one of the most trusted Google acquired website Gomo's video , take a look

2. Lead or Follow thousands instantly : -

If you have a mobile friendly site for your business then you will get an advantage over your competitors. Mobile friendly site will help you to have more customers for you. A mobile friendly site will provide a wide range of mobile marketing opportunities. Now it’s up to you that whether you want to follow your competitor or want to lead.

3. Behind cause of Increasing Mobile Internet Users :-

In the past few years we all experienced a steep increase in the nos of mobile internet user. As the data stated Google, there is a steep increase in searches using mobile devices in the past two years. About 70-80% of US citizens have smart phones and most of them use their smart phones to surf the net. So, in this increasing era of mobile internet technology you can’t ignore the need of a mobile friendly website for your business.

4. More Revenue Opportunities from mobile users :-

When a regular site is seen by user on smart phone then he/she can’t see the ads which are on your regular site, this is because that almost all ads use adobe flash platform and mobile browser don’t support adobe flash ads. But if you have a mobile friendly website for your business then you can easily use different kind of ads for your website which will help you increase your revenues.

5 Mobile Users Need A Simple And Fast Website :-

This is a fact that mobile users need a fast loading as all users don’t have 3g connections which give them high surfing speed. They expect the site to be a simple and fast so that they can surf that site quickly and easily. You should make your site easily navigable so that reader can have the maximum exposure of your website’s content.

6. Mobile Friendly Website Reduces The Need Of Apps :-

If you have an attractive mobile version of your website then the need of app for every smart phone (specially for Android, Blackberry and iOS) will get reduced because you can use your website’s mobile version to give your customers what they need. It would be cheap and reliable also as compared to develop respective apps for every OS available in the market.

7. Final benefits of mobile friendly site :-

The benefit of this is that if the user is mobile then they don’t have to copy your phone number down they can simply tap the screen to instigate a call, they can be directed to a map of your location so they can find you and see any special offers that you have which could be tailored to mobile users.

Guest Post Contributed by Ashish Kamble

Ashish Kamble is a serial e-entrepreneur and operations head of the Parigh Technologies which offers SEO services. Catch him  at mashking .

Mobile phone friendly website news from web :-

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Top 34 manually verified Google PR10 website-2012


Google Page Rank or PR is one of the highest searching and grossing word for bloggers and webmasters. There are more than 10 articles are written about Google Page Rank in this year-2012. So I don't want to give more details about PR , If you want to know more about Google PR then go to PR here .Top 34 manually verified Google PR10 website-2012

My today's article tries to cover the top PR 10 websites and their internal matters.I agree that there are 134 PR 10 websites are found in the internet but only 34 nos are manually verified by me so I have listed the Top 31 manually verified Google PR10 website-2012

PR 10 website list is prepared last PR update based (Aug/2012)



Why these 34 PR10 are listed here :-

I have already mentioned that 134 nos of Google PR10 websites are found in the internet but only 34 are listed here .There are a large number of causes behind this top PR10 website listing such as here listed websites are normally used by the common people and these are really useful and informative.These websites can access from any where and any time . These websites inspire any one around the world.

Rest of the list PR10 websites are normally used by techno savvy or Government officials (maximum) where some are unable to understand due to language problem(non English).

Bloggers and webmasters top goal PR10 :-

It is known to all bloggers and webmasters that every one wants to become a owner of PR10 website but only very few have succeed to reach the goal of PR10 website.This goal is setup because Google PR10 websites are always preferred in search engine result page and SERP is the prime source of traffic/visitors where visitors are the fuel of any website or blog.Do check out all these sites and you might have a better clue on how they get such a high PR score.Before taking any PR improvement actions, you should find out and analyze websites that have high PageRank score.

Conclusion :-

A concept of getting backlinks from higher PR websites has already got popularized among the bloggers and webmasters.Here listed maximum websites gives backlinks to their users or contributors if they are properly place their links.So any one can try to get higher backlinks from above listed websites.

Google Page Rank News From Web :-

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Real time business success with perfect Info-graphics design for entrepreneur

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Graphic design is not fully new thing in business and marketing world but info-graphics is fully new theme for e-entrepreneur and bloggers.Experts says that Real time business success with perfect Info-graphics design for entrepreneur.Our today's article will try to disclose the internal key factors of graphic and info-graphic designand related success methods either in blogging or e-marketing world. Real time business success with perfect Info-graphics design for entrepreneur

Info-graphics credit :- Hubspot marketing

Real time business success with perfect Info-graphics design

Let us start with the most obvious point of all--effective and professional graphic design is always going to look better with your website than anything you can create. Even if you create something that is beautiful, it still looks like an amateur made it. A professional graphic designer will be able to make the graphic design element look professional, original and well designed. Here we are trying to disclose the tasks those are done by a graphic designer and how those help to get success in blogging or business .

1. Graphic designer will make element look original

Originality is the key if you want to stand out from the crowd. Whether the graphic designer is coming up with your point of sale, signs, website or even you’re decorating, the designer is able to make the piece look original and custom made. They are able to create pieces of such high quality that even a layperson can see that they are good.

2. Graphic designer is able to tailor exact specifications

You will have a very good idea of what you want and will probably have a few guidelines as to how you want the designed element to look. It is up to you to let your graphic designer know what these requirements and specifications are. However, unlike many other professionals, a graphic designer will be able to tailor your design element to suit your specifications--even if this includes going back and adjusting their work so that it is perfect.

3. Graphic designer will make the designed element look professional

There is nothing worse than poorly designed graphic design. If something is unprofessional or amateurish--it can be smelled four blocks down the street. It is vital that if you want to create a genuinely professional business profile and image that you use a professional designer, so that he or she can do a professional job. Unless you are selling lemonade at ten cents per Styrofoam cup, you are not going to be able to create your own graphic design.

4. Graphic designer is able to create an element to suits business

Your business will operate within a certain sector of American industry. This may be the metal working industry, retail industry, leisure industry, etc. A professional graphic designer will be able to create effective graphic design that is suited to your business and the sector that it operates within.

5. Graphic designer will make the element well organized & laid out

It is very easy to create sales literature, signs and websites that are unorganized and look boxy or scrappy. This is a big trap for people who design for themselves, because they are not aware of their own flaws. A professional graphic designer does this sort of thing for a living. This means that he or she knows how each aspect of designs should fit together. Their design will flow correctly, will lead the eye, and will look professional.

6. Graphic designer is able to create & reflect company image

Your company has spent its time building up an image, a reputation and a brand. These may slip at any moment with something as silly as a slipped word or mis-typed memo. So why would you open yourself up to further threat by creating poor graphic design. A professional is going to be able to craft a perfect graphic design element that suits your image and builds upon your current reputation and brand. Your graphic design should be an ambassador for your brand.

7. Graphic designer can create design elements that reflect beliefs

This is a very basic part of marketing. It involves putting your money where your mouth it. If you advertise that your products are the highest quality then you cannot have graphic design that is low (or even medium) quality.

Conclusion :-

If you advertise that your brand has a simple solution then you cannot have convoluted graphic design. If you claim that your company cuts through the bull and gives clear answers then your graphic design cannot be foggy or unclear.

Guest Post contributed by Sonia Jackson

Sonia Jackson is a graphic designer and well known blogger who is helping to solve all problems with writing different essays and research papers via graphic design in a short time .Catch Sonia at

Info-graphics and business success news from web :-

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