15 Basic blogging tips to generate high traffic for professional bloggers

Blog and blogging are the head and tails of a coins but only a few of us knows the actual value of blogging.A large number of bloggers claim that they are professional bloggers but a few of them get success in the process of professionalism of blogging.The key criteria of professional bloggers are not very easy to find out. However , my today's article tries to understand the basic blogging tips , basic professional bloggers criteria, boost blog traffics and improving content metallurgy with real time reliability sourcing.

[caption id="attachment_2740" align="aligncenter" width="640"]15 Basic blogging tips to generate high traffic for professional bloggers 15 Basic blogging tips to generate high traffic for professional bloggers[/caption]

It is the big question for every professional blogger that how to generate traffic or audience to blog because traffic or visitor is the fuel of any blog or website. My past a few couples of years' experience says that the major key criteria of professionalism in blogging and 15 Basic blogging tips to generate high traffic for professional bloggers.

1. Choose reliable blogging niche :-

There are thousands of blogging niche but you have to choose which one ! my reply in this query is very simple such as which subject is more interesting for you and you can collect relevant data of that niche with in short time. Some time it is seen that there is no data is available for our interested niche , then my view in that context that you have to choose the niche approximate like to your interest which still informative and source and search able.Previously I have written a blog post about top 20 blogging niche.

2 . Host software must be WordPress :-

There are large number of blogging software and platform are available in internet ,now this days.Recently I have written another blog post about top blogging software and platforms.However, my first choice is Wordpress because it has thousands of extra facilities among others software.So go to Wordpress.org and install the latest version of the blogging software.

3 . Install friendly SEO Plugins :-

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the top rated topic in the virtual world of internet .It is seen that every professional blogger and webmaster has passed her/his half of online presence in researching the word SEO.They searching for friendly SEO plugin as prime criteria of any blog or website.So you can install good SEO plugin with less loading time.There are thousands of SEO plugin in wordpress where some are paid version and some are free .If you are fully new then my first choice is WP SEO plugin by Yoast.

4 . Choose fast loading WP theme :-

Wordpress theme is another plus point of blogging and bloggers.There are thousands of free and paid wordpress theme are available in virtual world.You have to choose one of them but keep in attention that your theme must be fast loading and easy to customize as your needs.Customized and fast loading theme may a cause of higher traffic.

5. Social share buttons to each post & Pages :-

Social media has become a part of common lives , now this days.It is seen that every where in the world ,social media is used for every business or social changes.As for example , we can say the recent Egypt , Libya, Syria and USA president election.So your every blog post must carry the social share button which can offer easy share for any common user in social media.Here one thing keep in mind that there must be a social media profile in major social media networking site for your blog which can easily recognize your blog or you as a brand.

6. Choose real time relevant keyword :-

Meta keywords have extra features in blogging via which common users , internet savvy as well as search engines recognize your blog post . Direct audience can easily understand your post as what you are going to say in your blog post(s) .So my little experience says that your keywords must be relevant to your blog post or article which bears the full story with in a second.There are a lots of keyword research tools such as Google Adwords tools,Market Samurai,expert keywords tools and many more.But my notion in this matter that manual keyword choosing is the best way to get more attention and appreciated.

7. Offer guest posting (out going and incoming) :-

Guest posting is one of high grossing word for professional bloggers ,now this days.Guest post offers by the bloggers and for the bloggers.Directly , you can say that you have to write blog posts for others blogs and you have to publish others written blog posts in your own blog.This process has give you 2 times benefits such as your guest author surely visit your blog time to time and other your host bloggers also visit your blog by the time to time due to confirm your ability and performance.In case of guest blogging , my opinion is that you should avoid guest posting in those bloggers who have contributed in your blog because it may be a cause of Google's penalty for manual link exchange.

8. Blog commenting (out going and incoming ) :-

Blog comment is one of the most active features of professional blogs and bloggers.Every bloggers has expressed his/her idea or notion in particular matter or topic.So other can easily post a comment on it by expressing his /her mind on that topic via which your thoughts are spreading over all and some time it may become viral.Blog commenting system helps to form online community.

9. Use blog feeds syndication :-

RSS and Atom feeds are more popular syndication in modern blogging.It has seen that every professional blogger uses one of them or both to syndicate his/her blog to spread the posts every where with in few seconds.Feed syndication is one of reliable source of blog traffic.There a large number of feed service provider in virtual world but I am using Google feedsburner to syndicate my blog post.

10. Regular blog post entry :-

Regular blog posting or content entry is the plus point of blog and major difference between website and blog.It is known to all that major search engines like fresh contents which is updated regularly.Successful bloggers' expert says that daily update or content entry is the better to get attention from search engine as well as audience.

11. Keeping attention to blog audiences :-

Keeping attention on your audience is most import matter for a professional blogger , if you have no audience then there has no value of your website or blog , however your contents are much worthy .So must give entry the needs of your audience which can make your blog trust worthy and re access able .I am sure giving importance to audience minds can decrease your bounce rate .

12. Regular evaluating changes to the blog :-

Changing is a genuine factor in every where either online or real world.So your blog should be taken similar action in time to time duration.It is seen that audience express their view to change the design or theme or font or any customization.As per my knowledge says that every six month gap , it needs to change blog design with major or minor re shuffle categories.

13. Informative customization of 404 page :-

Some time it is seen that visitor ping wrong url or misspelled url or edited url then the server shows 404 error page.So you can customize this page more informative and easy navigation able.Such the audience may not determine that he/she has entered the wrong page .There are thousands of well customized 404 page available online.Just check them and do your own as your visitors needs.

14. Real time ping with online community :-

There are two types ping have been used online such as when ever any new blog post is published then it is pinged to search engines and another ping is share the new post with social media or online other communities where you are active.These two type ping can bring tones of visitors to your blog post.

15. Performance analysis with Google Analytics :-

Google Analytics is one of the most reliable source for tracking your blog visitors and check your blog performance in various directions.You can easily check the keywords are doing good for your blog and you can target that particular audience or geo location. Google Analytics has so many features and is considered as the best tool for getting to know more about the source of traffic coming to your blog and you can also track conversions. My own notion in this case that all most all the webmasters and bloggers should use this excellent tools to review their blogs or website performance .

Final thoughts of author :-

These 15 basic blogging tips are not the all key criteria of professional bloggers as there are others factors also affect to get attention from search engine as well as audience but these 15 professional blogging tips can give your blog a new direction.If I have missed any important factor(s) then don't miss to comment bellow.
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