Easiest way of mobile friendly blog and website optimization

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The world has witnessed advancement of technology like never before due to quick development of information technology professionals. Hence, it is important to make full use of the same in order to be in the competition. After all, technologically driven society will highly favor the things which facilitate them even further rather then restricting them. In this way, it makes easy for you to carve a niche for yourself. Why to optimize your blog for your mobile visitors? The answer is simple , check bellow.

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Mobiles are being used by increasing number of people and it offers an easy and coveted way to access web content coupled with reading blogs.The number of mobile users are increasing day by day.So today's blog post for the bloggers those are interested in mobile users.Easiest way of mobile friendly blog and website optimization.

How to optimize blog for mobile ?

There are large number of applications are found to optimize blogs for mobile but it is given the most useful  the ways to optimize your blog :-

* Drop-down menus should be avoided :-

Flash elements should be avoided as they are not at all presentable. You need to keep yourself away from slideshows which still use Flash because mobile does not show the flash particulars.

* Make use of responsive templates and themes :-

The themes give you enriching reasons for reading the content as you adjust the size of your browser. They equally make the page look presentable and systematic by maintaining every thing in place whether it is the side bar content in the form of ads or category navigation. Mobile plug-ins is much nicer with responsive themes. Hence their importance is the greatest of all.

* Make use of smart designs which mobile friendly :-

1.5 em should be the line spacing with regards to your content. Hence, even on cramped screens, text looks much easier and readers do not face any sort of issues while reading them as well.

* Introspect at mobile plug-in options :-

It is imperative to test the plug-in prior to using on the mobile devices in order to be 100% knowledgeable of your standard features as well.There are lots of plugin for make your blog mobile friendly or redirect mobile friendly version.

* Make full use of the available things :-

Various free blogging platforms are synonymous with mobile options that are not too familiar or obvious. Hence, it necessitate to know about them

* Blogger.com :-

If in case the mobile template does not activate even after your repeated efforts, then after logging to your blog, click on “Design” link and thereby after the option is on, it becomes easy for the bloggers to do the rest.

* WordPress.com :-

The mobile option is already turned on by default, as you are using WordPress.com. So it is better to customize the option as your needs.

* Description Meta tag :-

Optimizing your blog for mobile visitors is of utmost importance these days. This is because too many people access blogs from their mobile phones.

* Be creative in nature :-

In order to be the best over the rest, you need to be creative and hone your skills towards resorting to smart designs and update yourself with various things which are available on your platform. It is also important to keep a close watch on the statistics of your visitors so that you can implement mobile strategies accordingly. After all, you want to ease them in their quest of going through your blog so that they have a pleasant and everlasting experience. Thereby, they will love to come again and again as well.

Conclusion of the author :-

As you read the aforesaid article, your quest of redesigning your blog in accommodating tablet computers and smart phones will become a child’s play for sure. Now, optimize your blog for your esteemed mobile visitors in an increasingly happy way.

This article is contributed by Rajesh Namase who is a passionate internet savvy, web developer and computer security expert. His latest tool project is SEO Robotics  but he is also a technological dream blogger at TechLila.

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