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Bloggerazzi is may be new word for some one but it is used from the starting of blogging. Gossip gives high voltage traffic loads in Bloggerazzi, now this days. It is also seen that a large number of many mainstream newspapers have implemented bloggerazzi-style in their blog section into to their own official news sites with high voltage traffic loads . Bloggerazzi the word is derived from paparazzi (Blog + razzi ), actually bloggerazzi is directly related to gossip and gossiping. So first, we try to understand gossip which is a broad term that is defined in several different ways.

[caption id="attachment_2721" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Gossip gives high voltage traffic loads in Bloggerazzi  Gossip gives high voltage traffic loads in Bloggerazzi[/caption]

Gossip gives high voltage traffic loads in Bloggerazzi

In general, gossip involves the creation and repetition of rumors regarding an individual who is not present to offer his or her perspective on the purported events under discussion. Generally, gossip has little or no basis in fact and is sometimes intended to convey a negative image of an individual. This process of spreading rumors is utilized in just about every setting from reporting on the movements of public figures to discussing situations involving family, friends, and acquaintances. Recently a survey says that it is difficult to police copyright infringement and defamation in the virtual world of internet, from time to time individuals or organizations will take action against stolen photos or libelous statements made by the bloggerazzi but those are rare cases and nothing is going to happen at last. Check out the full coverage.

1. Why bloggers engage in bloggerazzi :-

It is not unusual for people who engage in the spreading of gossip to not consider themselves to be gossips. The rationalization is that the individual is simply conveying information that was shared from another source and thus is not the author of the data. Thus, he or she is not responsible for the reliability of the information. Also, there may be no real malice behind the distribution of the rumor. This is often the case when repeating a rumor about friends who are presumed to be going through a rough period with a spouse, or there is speculation on why an acquaintance recently left a job.But gossip is not always negative in content. It is possible to create and spread rumors about rumored positive events or attributes of another person. For example, the word may begin to spread that an individual is thinking about marrying someone that he or she has dated for some time. While the rumor may in fact be considered good news to those that hear it, the information may not be factual and could lead to negative consequences for the subject of the gossip.

2. Positive points of bloggerazzi :-

Gossip has its roots in speculation and conjecture about events or attributes of people rather than focusing solely on facts that can be easily proved. Just about everyone engages in gossip in some manner. Business associates may share gossip about people they work with. Neighbors may speculate on details of the private lives of other people living in the neighborhood. Even well meaning friends may get together and hash over what they think they know about a mutual friend who is not present. There is no setting for human interaction that automatically precludes the potential for gossip. Gossip is spread through verbal, print, and electronic communications.A unknown blogger can become famous with in over night.

3. What are the requirements of bloggerazzi :-

i. A silent untraceable phone like the TracPhone
ii. An encrypted email address
iii. Juicy subjects with many a secret to hide that cant help but get into more trouble
iv. A good hand at writing/typing cleverly
v. Hit off hit site with big post on your juiciest subject. Mention the mysterious air about them .
vi..Get a special and very personalized phone number.
vii. Get Google alerts on things like 'bloggerazzi' or 'the latest trends'.
viii. There's nothing wrong with product placement. The non-commercial type if unless your blog is the Lower East Side tell all.
ix..Quote titles,places- inject irony and sarcasm into your posts.
x. Always be creative in your bloggerazzi article or comments or improvements.

4. Must avoid Bloggerazzi warning :-

i. If you reveal any extremely private information or details that could land you/them in trouble-you could be tracked down and arrested for blogging about someone without their consent.
ii. If not properly protected, your site may be considered 'harmless' by you, but 'a nuisance' by others. the site manager /police officers may shut it down.
iii. While many forms of gossip are relatively innocuous, gossip has the potential to ruin lives and reputations.So be always harmless bloggerazzi.

Conclusion :-

Bloggerazzi or Gossip doesn't high light about own subjects only posts the juicey gossip.It contains an opinion in the slice of secrets which can ruin some one's life .For this reason, it is usually a good idea to double check all types of information regarding other people before passing it on to another individual.

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