Mobile phone friendly website design and marketing trends-2012

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Mobile phone friendly website design and marketing trends-2012  generate new waves in virtual world of internet but here is the question risen that why you should have a mobile friendly website design . Our today's blog post tries to find out the reply of this particular question.

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Last month I went through a several seminars or webmasters and bloggers where the some similar questions were asked by some webmasters and bloggers.In the last couple of years there is a steep increase in number of mobile internet user which make every business owner to think to have a mobile friendly website then here are some reasons which will surely influence you to have a mobile friendly site.

1. Why and how mobile friendly website gets :-

Do you own a smart phone? If yes then do you use it for making calls and sending sms only? I think more than 90% of readers will say no. Considering your smart phone habits you'll realize that how much time you spend on surfing the web, using social networking sites or searching for something on Google. Now after considering your smart phone habits you have surely got the idea that why a mobile friendly website is necessary for your business.There are thousands of websites those helping businesses create a mobile friendly website.Here is one of the most trusted Google acquired website Gomo's video , take a look

2. Lead or Follow thousands instantly : -

If you have a mobile friendly site for your business then you will get an advantage over your competitors. Mobile friendly site will help you to have more customers for you. A mobile friendly site will provide a wide range of mobile marketing opportunities. Now it’s up to you that whether you want to follow your competitor or want to lead.

3. Behind cause of Increasing Mobile Internet Users :-

In the past few years we all experienced a steep increase in the nos of mobile internet user. As the data stated Google, there is a steep increase in searches using mobile devices in the past two years. About 70-80% of US citizens have smart phones and most of them use their smart phones to surf the net. So, in this increasing era of mobile internet technology you can’t ignore the need of a mobile friendly website for your business.

4. More Revenue Opportunities from mobile users :-

When a regular site is seen by user on smart phone then he/she can’t see the ads which are on your regular site, this is because that almost all ads use adobe flash platform and mobile browser don’t support adobe flash ads. But if you have a mobile friendly website for your business then you can easily use different kind of ads for your website which will help you increase your revenues.

5 Mobile Users Need A Simple And Fast Website :-

This is a fact that mobile users need a fast loading as all users don’t have 3g connections which give them high surfing speed. They expect the site to be a simple and fast so that they can surf that site quickly and easily. You should make your site easily navigable so that reader can have the maximum exposure of your website’s content.

6. Mobile Friendly Website Reduces The Need Of Apps :-

If you have an attractive mobile version of your website then the need of app for every smart phone (specially for Android, Blackberry and iOS) will get reduced because you can use your website’s mobile version to give your customers what they need. It would be cheap and reliable also as compared to develop respective apps for every OS available in the market.

7. Final benefits of mobile friendly site :-

The benefit of this is that if the user is mobile then they don’t have to copy your phone number down they can simply tap the screen to instigate a call, they can be directed to a map of your location so they can find you and see any special offers that you have which could be tailored to mobile users.

Guest Post Contributed by Ashish Kamble

Ashish Kamble is a serial e-entrepreneur and operations head of the Parigh Technologies which offers SEO services. Catch him  at mashking .

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  1. The usage of mobile internet continue to increase, more and more people use their mobile phones to browse the internet rather than send text messages and call. Thus, it is necessary for every website to have mobile friendly designs to gain more traffic.


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