Top 34 manually verified Google PR10 website-2012


Google Page Rank or PR is one of the highest searching and grossing word for bloggers and webmasters. There are more than 10 articles are written about Google Page Rank in this year-2012. So I don't want to give more details about PR , If you want to know more about Google PR then go to PR here .Top 34 manually verified Google PR10 website-2012

My today's article tries to cover the top PR 10 websites and their internal matters.I agree that there are 134 PR 10 websites are found in the internet but only 34 nos are manually verified by me so I have listed the Top 31 manually verified Google PR10 website-2012

PR 10 website list is prepared last PR update based (Aug/2012)



Why these 34 PR10 are listed here :-

I have already mentioned that 134 nos of Google PR10 websites are found in the internet but only 34 are listed here .There are a large number of causes behind this top PR10 website listing such as here listed websites are normally used by the common people and these are really useful and informative.These websites can access from any where and any time . These websites inspire any one around the world.

Rest of the list PR10 websites are normally used by techno savvy or Government officials (maximum) where some are unable to understand due to language problem(non English).

Bloggers and webmasters top goal PR10 :-

It is known to all bloggers and webmasters that every one wants to become a owner of PR10 website but only very few have succeed to reach the goal of PR10 website.This goal is setup because Google PR10 websites are always preferred in search engine result page and SERP is the prime source of traffic/visitors where visitors are the fuel of any website or blog.Do check out all these sites and you might have a better clue on how they get such a high PR score.Before taking any PR improvement actions, you should find out and analyze websites that have high PageRank score.

Conclusion :-

A concept of getting backlinks from higher PR websites has already got popularized among the bloggers and webmasters.Here listed maximum websites gives backlinks to their users or contributors if they are properly place their links.So any one can try to get higher backlinks from above listed websites.

Google Page Rank News From Web :-

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  1. Great set of websites, no wonder they are PR 10. Thanks for listing them.

  2. Nice collection is also pr 10

  3. Thanks Shalu Sharma ji @ a few of websites are redirected to their main domain but one or more specific url of those domain still PR10.

  4. Nice collection. I bet you put some awesome effort to build this list.
    I liked the picture you used :-)

  5. thanks brother @ Jakes , stay tune with our future updates.

  6. Hey Main,

    Awesome sites.
    Thanks for listing them.


  7. Hey your site is really great I came across while in search for brand info on bing and it has lots of related information on it. Will be sure to come back again and bookmark. Keep up the great work!

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