Extroversion and Introversion of Blogging Psychology

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Personalities development must be related to your daily works and it will create a reputation on audience around speaker or performer.Professional bloggers are also a kind of performer , so they have too attract audience via their blog posts or articles.I have already right a few articles on psychological effect on bloggers and blogging .

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Todays' blog post tries to discuss the four factors of personalities those are mainly cover Extroversion and Introversion.Check out the comparative research result of Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholy and Phlegmatic.Blogging is also a performing matter which affects psychological phenomena on every blog post and articles. Here is the coverage of  Extroversion and Introversion of Blogging Psychology.

1. Choleric,Lion, Sensor,Entrepreneur,Adventurer Mode :-

Choleric Positive Attributes:-

Born leader, independent, self sufficient, dynamic, active, objective, goal setter, usually right, not easily discouraged, stimulating, confident, direct, aggressive, self-confident, inventive, rational, strong willed, values achievement, courageous.

Choleric At Work: -

Authoritative, decisive, results oriented, hard worker, venturesome, teller, hates having someone look over their shoulder, outspoken, trouble shooter, delegates responsibility but not always authority, thrives on opposition, insists on production, excels in emergencies, strategic analysis.

Choleric Negative Attributes:-

Impatient, possessive, rash, proud, unsympathetic, bossy, uptight, has little need for friends, crafty, won't give up when losing, not complimentary, uses people, ignores details, bored by trivia, driven, opinionated, judgmental.

Choleric Wants Others To:-

Obey, give the facts, support their plan, work efficiently, communicate directly, be logical, stay objective, play by the rules, compete, challenge them, strive for excellence, be conservative.

Choleric To Well Known Cholerics:-

Jean Luc Picard, Bill Gates, John Wayne, Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, Margaret Thatcher, Napoleon Bonaparte, Ayn Rand, Marie Curie, Douglas MacArthur.

2. Sanguine,Otter,Feeler,Artist,Performers Mode :-

Sanguine Positive Attributes: -

Talkative, attractive, humorous, friendly, engaging, curious, emotional, cheerful, spontaneous, apologetic, doesn't hold a grudge, sincere, artistic, visionary, fun-loving, inspirational, optimistic, persuasive, encourager.

Sanguine At Work: -

Seller, creative, entertains, energetic, enthusiastic, flashy, volunteers, charms others to work, thinks up new activities, colorful, wants to be popular, good on stage, good at networking, likes teamwork.

Sanguine Negative Attributes: -

Exaggerates, talks to much, dwells on trivia, loud, naive, interrupts, wont listen, wastes time, forgets obligations, makes excuses, fickle, egotistical, phony, disorganized, self-conscious, eclectic, craves acceptance, sloppy.

Sanguine Wants Others To:-

Listen, give sincere compliments, don't pen them in, give them room, take care of the details for them, give them a chance to speak, give feedback, laugh at their jokes, accept them unconditionally, show affection, have a good time, react to their art.

Sanguine Well Known Sanguines: -

Lwaxana Troy, Elvis Presley, Neil Simon, Michael Jordan, Madonna, Hugh Hefner, Elizabeth Taylor, Mozart, Seinfeld.

3. Melancholy,Beaver,Thinker,Epimethian Mode:-

Melancholy Positive Attributes: -

accurate, analytical, perfectionist, orderly, conscientious, precise, scheduled, detailed, practical, consistent, sensitive, inquisitive, discerning, controlled, genius prone, purposeful, serious, listener, philosophical, musical, artistic, efficient, consistent, deliberate, factual.

Melancholy At Work: -

neat, tidy, list maker, economical, organized, engineering, likes graphs and charts, sees problems and solutions, frustrated by interruptions, motivated by high standards, likes instruction.

Melancholy Negative Attributes: -

antisocial, self-centered, depressive, negative, moody, unforgiving, critical, sulks, low self image, suspicious of people, antagonistic, hard to please, skeptical, rigid, passive-aggressive, hypochondriac, pessimistic, gloomy, brooding.

Melancholy Wants Others To:-

give lots of clear detailed information, respect their space, give them time to do it right, appreciated their effort, communicate with facts, Not get too personal, let them think, justify deviation from the norm, relate it to the present.

Melancholy To Well Known Melancholies:-

Seven of Nine, Barbara Walters, George Bush, Queen Elizabeth II, Colin Powell, Mother Teresa, Special Agent Mulder.

4. Phlegmatic,Golden Retriever,Intuitor,Harmony Mode :-

Phlegmatic Positive Attributes:-

Sympathetic, kind, calm, inoffensive, dry humor, low key, peaceful, agreeable, pleasant, responsible, ethical, listens, balanced, watcher, relaxed, empathetic, romantic, mystical, nurturing, flexible, tolerant, thoughtful, adaptable, contemplative, deep.

Phlegmatic At Work: -

Teaches, patient, diplomatic, mediates, mentors, counsels, good with people, administrative, mediation, paced, reliable, loyal, steady, stable, follows through, status quo, predictable, politically correct, competent.

Phlegmatic Negative Attributes: -

Abstract, idealistic, shy, hides emotions, avoids conflict, fearful, unenthusiastic, quiet will of iron, judges, sarcastic, selfish, low energy, passive, dislikes change, distant, skeptical, undemonstrative, paranoid, self deprecating, impractical, slow to act, lazy.

Phlegmatic Wants Others To:-

Stay calm, be courteous, seek meaning, trust them, value them, spend time with them, not rush them, give advanced warning of change, give them time to reflect, respect their boundaries, relate authentically, allow them to get used to things.

Phlegmatic Well Known Phlegmatics: -

Obi-wan Kenobi, Mohandas Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt, Albert Schweitzer, Carl Rogers, Margaret Mead, Charles Dickens,
Compiled by Richard Powell for the Armchair Academic.

Conclusion of the author :-

A comparison of this information with other personality theories may be vary from each other but reality will be the same. Expression method can change the meaning and the thoughts of the author(s) bloggers. It has also seen that Extroversion and Introversion have deeply rooted to outgoing, active, energetic and reflective, ruminating, quiet, reserved respectively.
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  1. Texas based Sophia is the author of the book called, The Introvert’s Way: Living a Quiet Life in a Noisy World and describes that
    “I do like having extroverts among my friends because when I want a little razzle-dazzle, it’s fun to know someone who makes things happen. When you’re in the mood, an extrovert is a happy noise. Extroverts are game, they’re up for it, whatever it is, and that lifts my energy.”
    An extrovert who commented on the post gave me a spanking for that paragraph, saying: “If that’s truly the way you perceive your relationships with extroverts, then I hope you can understand why people can get the impression of arrogance. I don’t have to be ‘in the mood’ to spend time with my friends, regardless of their intro- or extroversion. Friendship shouldn’t be conditional on your mood.”
    I understand why this reader took umbrage, but I think this is a pretty good representation of one way introvert/extrovert friendships hit problems. Extroverts don’t know what it means to not be in the mood for people, so they might take it personally when an introvert says, “I think I’d rather stay home tonight.”


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