Online popularity sickness and community success factors

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Recently I have got an email from a old friend who has become a newbie blogger as he has stated that he wants become popular in online community, so I have to help him to become popular among the online internet users. I have mailed him a lots of suggestion and practices those have been earned from my past 10 years in online.

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When I was writing that mail , my beloved wife ( Shazida Khatun ) asked me to publish the mail as blog post with a minor moderation such our readers can understand and take benefit from the process of becoming popular among online community. Check out the Online popularity sickness and community success factors.

Friend faces popularity sickness in online community :-

My friend writes in her mail " It seems wherever I go, I can never get good publicity, even if I post good work. Some of my 'ibles are well written, yet have less views and what-not compared to some really cheap 'ibles. On Youtube, my channel doesn't have many views on the videos, and I have put a lot of work into them. How are people like Kipkay and Kiteman, or Plasmana popular ? Is there some big picture that I am not seeing ? My Facebook fan page  also have only a few fans , similarly Twitter account also less followers. Another my grief ness is that Google+ page also have less than 100 followers. Please help me how to become popular in online community ."

Why needs popular online community :-

Internet business and marketing has already gone to community building strategies. Online websites for blogging is the growing business in today’s time with a rapid action curriculum . Blog creates the intermediate channel to the customer from our one site or blog, as we market the products and services. It is the new form of the direct marketing, we use the website online for marketing of goods and attract the customers or in this case we call them the visitors on our sites, so for this we need to be visibility in the market with the proficiency.

How to get instant large online community :-

To gain the strength in the marketing business online we need to be strict on the visibility among the competitors and the completion is really tough these days. The new techniques we must be using to gain that edge on the competitors with distinct advantages.Creating online communities of customers and workers has been one of the hotter topics in business and technology this year. Whether you're on the business side, in IT, or are just trying to build virtual teams around shared goals, online communities are rapidly becoming a popular way to organize people and accomplish work in a highly collaborative manner. It's beginning to be understood that communities aren't just for socializing but for getting things done. Some successful community professionals express surprise that community building is such hard work. If you do this badly, everything else (getting people to join, participate, invite others) is much harder. If do this really badly, you've killed your community before you begin.

Core factors of online community popularity :-

Now and then, the ability to choose precisely the right word will become useful. Retrieving the perfect words while under duress or in order to vie for the upper hand in an argument is even better. But using a word almost, but not quite, correctly is worse than not using the word at all. Instead, think of your growing vocabulary as a key that gives you access to a wider variety of literature. Some of that, of course, will have happy endings. Try reading somewhat difficult texts in fields that interest you.
i.    Become a brand instead of boss
ii.  Become helpful to any one
iii. Quick response to query
iv. Giving thanks or credit
v.    Real and informative interaction
vi. Talk less work more in forum
vii. Audience oriented target
viii. Offer of needed gift to audience

Final thoughts of author :-

Becoming a online popular personalities is not a very simple task , as my past couple of years experience says that it needs long time to bring the community on your own track . But if one time have succeeded the online community formation then it will remains with you forever. My suggestion in this case , you have to become popular in major social media such as Facebook, Twitter , Google+, Pinterest , Stumbleupon and Delicious. These social media can bring the popularity to you as well as your website and blog too.

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