Essential Mobile Apps Simplify Daily life of Common man

Modern people has a few time to sit in front of PC or laptop so maximum internet users choose mobile to browse the internet.On the other hand IT developers are creasing the numbers of mobile applications day by day .Recently one of my friend has asked me if use of the Internet as a time waster thing. But I have replied him that it is very easy to procrastinate on the web such it is also likely have saved hundreds of hours of our working times . So it is better to say thanks to sites and apps which could n’t even dream of mere a few years ago where the apps can control daily life activities.I have been working since 2004 in internet as well as on mobile applications and it has constantly discovered new services which are making our lives easy to easier. Easily we can say that any one can perform booking flights to remembering appointments with clients, from printing a document to setting up a conference call any where,play game to making video too.Just check the top mobile applications those make daily life more easier and Essential Mobile Apps Simplify Daily life of Common man.

1. Common people needs Daily life apps :-

Mobile application has become a essential part of working people those are interested in time saving mood.Here is a few examples of application which affect our daily life.

[caption id="attachment_2860" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Essential Mobile Apps Simplify Daily life of Common man Essential Mobile Apps Simplify Daily life of Common man[/caption]

i. Google Maps for Mobile :-
Any one can look at any map directly on via phone and can find geo-location with Latitude and magnitude of target place. You can download this application for your device .
Android store :
Apple store :
ii. Weather Channel :-
It is one of the most useful apps for common people.The Weather Channel provides the most accurate , trust worthy and relevant weather information whenever and where ever. Just download this application for your device from given bellow links.
Android store :
Apple store :
iii. Uplifting Psalms Daily Bible :-
Maximum people are normally religious by nature and they want to start their day by useful Bible verses and the Free Daily Bible Verses & Scriptures allows you to access all the verses as your preset interest .This application is developed by New Life Ministries (USA).Any one can download this app from given bellow links for any type mobile device.
Android store :
Apple store :
iv. Daily Necessities :-
This application can provide you all your needs There are lots of daily necessities hidden in panda’s house and those can easily access by any user. Any one can download it free from given links bellow.
Apple store :
Android store :
v. Daily Quran Mobile :-
The second highest populous religion is Islam , so this mobile application allows users to bring the verses of Holy Quran's teachings into daily life.Any one can browses the ayat (verses) from all of the Surah any time and any where as preset or interest. Follow the links to download the application from Apple or Android store.
Android store :
Apple store :
vi. Big Photo :-
Photo or images are essential part of our daily life because images says thousands of words by single click.So this app can full fill your interest of photography with your fingerprint.It allows unlimited zoom, crop with custom dimension, resize with precision and support very big pictures and large images in your mobile device any time and any where.Any one can download this application from Apple store or Google Play.
Apple store :
Android store :
vii. Skype app :-
Skype allows to make free high quality online voice and video calls any where and any time around the globe.Any one can call skype to skype free but you have to pay if you want to call from skype to any other telephone number.Just download it from application store.
Apple store :
Android store :

2. Banking apps for common people :-

[caption id="attachment_2859" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Essential Mobile Apps Simplify Daily life of Common man Essential Mobile Apps Simplify Daily life of Common man[/caption]

i. Bank Of America App :-
Securely bank on your schedule with Bank of America with out trip to branch or ATM.This app allows to snap photos of checks and deposit them right away.
Android store :
Apple store :
ii. Wells Fargo App :-
Wells Fargo Mobile® is a fast, secure, and free* service for banking and mobile deposit is now available nationwide.
Apple store :
Android store :
iii. Discover Credit Card App :-
Stay connected to your account with the Discover Mobile App.View your account information, make payments, manage your rewards, and send money on-the-go.
Apple store :
Android store :
iv. Credit Card Machine :-
Start accepting credit cards on your mobile device today.This app securely processes credit cards while simultaneously providing valuable tools for businesses-on-the-go, all at no additional costs.
Apple store :
Android store :
v. State Bank Freedom app by SBI :-
World's largest banking network State bank of India is developed the State Bank FreedoM which offers convenient, simple, secure, anytime and anywhere banking.
Android store :
Apple store :
3. Student / book related apps :-

i. CampusBooks app :-
One of the highest downloaded application around the globe because it deals one best books of your choice from any where and any time. Any one can download the app from Apple store or Android store..
Apple store :
Android store :
ii. RedLaser app :-
This application is not only deal with books but also it covers all type of shopping in your finger print.Any one can use this application from any where , just download the application from bellow links as your device supports.
Apple store :
Android store :
iii. app :-
This is one of the most trusted mobile application which is developed by & This app allows the users browse all the data with out internet connection.Any one can download the app from Apple store or Google Play.
Apple store :
Android store :
iv. FindABook Mobile app :-
The app Find a Book is one of the most using ultimate book search tool for educators, parents, librarians and students any where and any time .You can download this app from given bellow links.
Android store :
Apple store :
v. Instapaper app : -
This mobile app allows the users to download and save any webpage and it can view offline too. Any one can download the Instapaper app from Apple store or Google Play via given bellow links.
Apple store :
Android store :
vi. TAO app :- 
Is a language text translator tool powered by Google's online translator engine with over 30 different languages to choose from.
Apple store :
Android store :
vii. WorldCat Mobile : -
Any one can search for library materials through WorldCat libraries and locate the nearest WorldCat library from any where and any time.
Apple store :
Android store : This app is unfortunately no longer available on the Android market.

4. Most using Entertainment apps :-

[caption id="attachment_2858" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Essential Mobile Apps Simplify Daily life of Common man Essential Mobile Apps Simplify Daily life of Common man[/caption]

i. Ticketmaster App :-
Watching movie has one of the mos popular form of entertainment . This app allows you to get the tickets as your interested movies any where and any time.Any one can download the app from Apple store or Google Play.
Android store :
Apple store :
ii. Fandango movie app :-
This is one of the leading movie ticketing service and one of the Web’s top moviegoer sites which is available as a free application.Any one can download the app from Apple store or Google Play.
Apple store :
Android store :
iii. iMovie app : -
Make movies right from your iPad using clips, pictures, and music any time and any where .Any one can download the app from Apple store or Google Play.
Apple store :
Android store :

5. Most using Gaming apps :-

[caption id="attachment_2857" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Essential Mobile Apps Simplify Daily life of Common man Essential Mobile Apps Simplify Daily life of Common man[/caption]

Playing game is one of popular form of entertainment for young generation around the globe.Any one can download those apps from Android store and Apple store.

i. PlayOn Mobile

ii. Fruit Ninja

iii. Doodle Jump

iv. Pocket God

v. Tower Bloxx: New York

6. Food related apps :-

[caption id="attachment_2856" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Essential Mobile Apps Simplify Daily life of Common man Essential Mobile Apps Simplify Daily life of Common man[/caption]

Food related apps are rare in webs but a large number of users increasing day by day.Any one can download those apps from Android store and Apple store.

i. Food Magazines Collection

ii. Festival Foods

iii. Food Service Radio

iv. Quality Foods IGA

v. Starbucks Finder

vi. DAFNE Online Android

7. Health care related apps :-

Health care related apps are growing more popular among the intellectuals.Any one can download those apps from Android store and Apple store.

[caption id="attachment_2855" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Essential Mobile Apps Simplify Daily life of Common man Essential Mobile Apps Simplify Daily life of Common man[/caption]


ii. Mobile at CDC

iii. MedlinePlus Mobile

iv. MEDLINE/PubMed for Handhelds

v. WebMD Mobile

vi. Skyscape's free apps

Conclusion :-

This list can make our daily life more and more easier .I have collected all these from Google Play and Apple store. However If I have missed any such important app in my listing then don't miss to comment bellow for further updates.

Mobile application news from Web :-

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Entrepreneurship and top online shopping websites in India


A large number of entrepreneurs are trying their lucks via online shopping portals and some of them have already got success in their business. Here is the question rises why the highly qualified people tried their luck in becoming e-entrepreneur in this days. The answer is very simple , such we know that maximum highly qualified people want to become own BOSS and this matrix influence them to enter e-entrepreneur market. E-commerce and online shopping are similar to head and tails of a coin.
Entrepreneurship and top online shopping websites in India

India is one of the most populated country in the world, so large number of multinational and transnational companies have targeted India as their future market.Here check out the Entrepreneurship and top online shopping websites in India .

Best Book shopping online store in India :-


1. Flipkart :- [ ]

Flipkart is one of the best online shopping destination in India. They sell almost everything from books to electronics, perfumes, stationery, toys, music, movies etc and they offers cash on delivery, free shipping EMI options for the customers.

2. IndiaPlaza :- [ ]

IndiaPlaza is the pioneer e-commerce sites in India. All in one online shopping portal .The site also has a gift plaza section which gifts should you give to your loved ones. The interesting facts is that the site offers gift delivery to your love ones or dear ones.

3. Myntra- [ ]

Myntra is an another popular and essentially an Indian online shopping portal has become very sought after among Indian audience of next generation.The portal is collaborated with well known lifestyle brands like Nike, Reebok, Puma, Converse, Ed Hardy, Lee Cooper and many world class brands. [ ]
Tradus is an online auction company that offers every thing of basic life to hi-tech luxury life.The site belongs to a subsidiary of a South African media group known as Naspers but their price change very short time duration.

5. Infibeam :- [ ]

Infibeam is an another online retail store which offers all the products ranging from electronic, books, magazines, camera, home and lifestyle products, mobile phones, rakhi gifts and many more.

6. Futurebazaar :- [www.futurebazaar ]

FutureBazaar is an another integrated online shopping portal such as eZone, Pantaloons and Big Bazaar and many more. Free home delivery The products are delivered to more than fifteen hundred cities as well as towns across the country (India).

7. Buy The Price :- [ ]

BuyThePrice is an e-shopping portal offers the best quality products to their customers at competitive prices as it is a venture of IIT-IMM alumni.The portal also facilitates free and fast delivery of products to its customers across the country.

8. Yebhi :- [ ] is a venture of the Shoe Bazaar India Pvt Ltd. is country’s rapidly growing organization in lifestyle category which become anothe hot opic among the online shoping customers.This portal offers all every things those needed in our daily life.

9. Jabong :- [ ]

Jabong is one of the another popular online shopping portal presents to its clients a wide range of options of choices.There is no extra shipping cost put to the customers by this site or the dealing parties.

10. Snapdeal :- [ ]

Snapdeal is one of the best online popular shopping portal from India.It deals on variety of products ranging from fitness centers to jewelry companies, hotels, salons, books, cloths and many more.Here is an interesting thing is that you have to pay a small sum to the site and the rest of the payment is made directly to the merchant vendor or on delivery demand.

Best online mobile shopping portals :-

Some of the best online mobile shopping sites in India to help you in your next purchase are:

1.Flipkart:- [ ]

Filpkart may be the best online shopping sites for mobile phones in India.Any one customer can cross-check the features of your desired handset like primary camera, music player, FM player, GSM, Bluetooth, dual Sim phones, 3G, Email, screen size, keypad style, etc for the total satisfaction any time and any where in India.They deliver products on doorsteps.

2. Zap Store:- [ ]

Zap store has a certain magic to make the buyer a frequent visitor by showing a clear comparison between the market price of the product and the Zap price that the website is offering.

3. Home Shop 18:- [ ]

Home Shop 18 has every thing as customers desired brand name and get the entire detail in seconds. The portal offers product codes differentiate all the products with others.

4. :- [ ] is a venture of which offers all time of of mobile phones also provides all the vital information related to its shipping, delivery procedure and payment details as well and the details about the return policy of every product all around the country.

Online Grocery Online Shopping :-

Food beverage or grocery shop are our daily life controller because food is one of the fundamental need of any living beings but only a few grocery portals have got success in online. Such as -
1. MyGrahak :- [ ]

2. BigBasket :- [ ]

3.AaramShop :- [ ]

Best online cloth shopping sites :-

Cloth is one of the fundamental needs of human race .So online entrepreneurs have invested large amount in making and controlling the online cloth shopping portals . Such as bellow-

1. Jabong : [ ]

2.Myntra :- [ ]

3. zovi :- [ ]

4. Fashion and You :- [ ]

5. Fetise :- [ ]

6. Bestylish :- [ ]

7. Shersingh :- [ ]

8. FreeCultr :- [ ]

9. Yepme :- [ ]

10. InkFruit :- [ www. ]

11. :- [ ]

Best Shopping Sites for women :-

Woman or girls are the controller of any society and online marketers and entrepreneurs have invested millions and millions of dollar in woman marketing shopping portals.

1. Femella :- [ ]

2. DonebyNone :- [ ]

3. ShopNineteen :- [ ]

4. Lady Blush :- [ ]

5. Madame Online :- [ ]

6. Her Style :- [ ]

7. Style Ever :- [ ]

8. Lady Bug :- [ ]

9. Aaneri :- []

10. Oye Girl :- [ ]

11. Zivame :- [ ]

Baby and kids shopping Sites :-

Baby and kids are the future of any nation , so online marketers spread the wings via baby shopping portals .

1. BabyOye :- [ ]

2. Firstcry :- [ ]

3. Hoopos :- [ ]

4. Hushbabies :- [ ]

5. Redlily :- [ ]

Best Online jewelry shopping portal :-

Ornaments is one of the best valued beauty tools for Indian woman .Online portal has the large collections of fine and elegant Gemstone Jewellery , quality diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, tanzanites & bracelets, pendants, necklace, rings, earrings, anklets and brooches; you get every ornament in an exclusive range .

1.BlueStone :- [ ]

2. CaratLane :- [ ]

3. JewelsKart :- [ ]

4. Surat Diamond:- [ ]

5. Johareez :- [ ]


Final thoughts of the Author :-

Entrepreneurship is not a very simple task , it needs patience and long time strategies .Specially our Indian people are not familiar with online shopping till date except a few techno related geeks and their relatives. However a large numbers of online shopping portals have got success or partial success in their aims .In future times online shopping will become highest profitable business in India.So large number of bloggers have migrated their business to e-entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship related news from web :-

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Top 50 entrepreneurs and marketers Guru influenced me and my business

There are thousands of marketers and entrepreneurs have expressed their thoughts via books or works.I have got a chance to meet physically only a few of them but these marketing gurus have influenced me and my works.

Top 50 entrepreneurs and marketers Guru influenced me and my business

Top 50 entrepreneurs and marketers Guru forever

So I am going to mention top 50 marketers and entrepreneurs who supposed to most prominent of them are Top 50 entrepreneurs and marketers Guru influenced me and my business.

1. Steve Jobs :

He was the chairman, co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc. I am blind fan of his marketing style and he was an aggressive and demanding guru in corporate and IT world.

2. Peter Drucker :

He is not only well known for his writings on decentralization but also simplification in marketing style. He is also advocated respect for workers in any industry. He also expressed the notion of company’s primary responsibility was serving customers instantly.

3. Warren Buffet:

Warren Buffet is one of the well known for investing, business and philanthropy over his books and works. His discipline and ethics are most well known among the corporate world bosses. We remember him for his famous quote “we enjoy the process far more than the proceeds” which is till applicable in corporate world.

4. David Aaker :

David Aaker is one of the greatest master at branding and project planning. His outstanding contribution to the field of marketing can change any business firm with in few months.I have seen as his books always present the theories of marketing with mixing of real life experiences.

5. Tom Peters :

Tom Peters is known for hitting the bull’s eye rather than beating about the bush instantly. We love his famous quotes “Love You Competitors” has a lot of meaning, provided you understand better marketing world.

6. Jim Collins :

Jim Collins is known to us because of his clear titles of his books as well as its contents on entrepreneurship and marketing. His book " Good to Great ; Why Some Companies make the lead …. And Others Don’t ” till inspires me .

7. Jack Welch :

Jack Welch was the head of GE which had 300 separate businesses but he restructured GE by resorting to huge layoffs of the real time market and founded the doctrine of exclusively maintaining operations of each and every sector.

8. Malcom Gladwell :

Malcom Gladwell is a think tank of corporate world till date as his book “The Tipping Point” has played an excellent performance in public relation, marketing or communication professionals as well as corporate bosses doctrine.

9. Al Ries :

Al Ries may be the best think tank of e-entrepreneurs.His best quote is “Marketing is not selling. Marketing is building a brand in the mind of the prospect.” The other famous quote is “To be a good marketing person you have to know all these tactics, and then you have got to select the right tactic to win your particular battle." Those are played a long term roles in corporate world.

10. Mark Flavin :

Mark Flavin is one of successful entrepreneur who has started his journey from ZERO and become successful marketing guru.We remember him for his quotes on marketing is as follows: “There is only one way to climb a mountain, step by step."

11. Ted Koppel :

Ted Koppel has brainstorming power to convert any thing and any where .This English-born American broadcast journalist has expressed in his quotes “In the days of Caesar, kings had fools and jesters. Now network presidents have anchormen.” which is influenced thousands till date.

12. Chris Rempel :

The king of affiliate marketing is Chris Rempel who says "I have laid everything out on a silver platter, and yet, the sad fact of the matter is that a large number of people who read this book won’t do a damn thing about it. And yet, they will somehow be the victim.” So we can easily determine his excellency .

13. Thomas Nagle :

Thomas Nagle is not only an American philosopher but also University Professor of Philosophy and Law at New York University . He has quoted “There is a tendency to seek an objective account of everything before admitting its reality.”Hence our thinking has no limit on the eyes of marketing.14. Wroe Alderson :

Wroe Alderson is one of his most famous marketing think tank or modern corporate world. His famous quote says “A Primary objective of marketing theory is to explore the various roads toward marketing efficiency.”

15. P.T Barnum :

He was an American showman, businessman, scam artist and entertainer and his success mantra “Every man’s occupation should be beneficial to his fellow-man as well as profitable to himself. All else is vanity and folly.”

16. Sam Walton :

Samuel Moore alias Sam Walton was an American businessman and entrepreneur who is better known as the founder of Sam’s club and Wall-mart. His marketing skill and the attention drawing strategies till useful in corporate world.

17. Philip Knight :

Philip Hampson alias Phil Knight is an American business magnate and philanthropist who is known for being the chairman and chief executive officer of Nike inc.

18. Neil McElroy :

Neil Hosler McElroy was United States Secretary of Defense but he was known for the general manager at Procter and Gamble where he focused on training, development of managerial competence and expansion of the product line and marketing which till influenced by millions of corporate personnel.

19. Philip Kotler :

Philip Kotler is the S.C. Johnson & Son and a professor of International Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.He is the author of book “A Framework for Marketing Management” which is one of the best seller B2B book around the globe till date.

20. Theodore Levitt :

He is an American economist and professor at Harvard Business School.His famous quote on marketing “Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things” and this has become a mantra for entrepreneurs.

21. George Day :

George Day is a Geoffrey T.Boisi professor of marketing at Whaton university of Pennsylvania and Co-Director of the Mack Center for Technological Innovation. His famous book is “Strategic Marketing Planning the Pursuit of Competitive Advantage” which is till one of the best selling great one.

22. Michael Porter :

Michael Eugene Porter is the Bishop William Lawrence University Professor at Harvard Business School. who is one of the most respected marketing gurus in modern world.

23. Seth Godin :

Seth Godin is an American entrepreneur, author and public speaker who is better known as marketing guru of entrepreneurs around the globe.He focuses on the consumer behavior in marketing and entrepreneurship real mantras.

24. Mike Filsaime :

Michael J. Filsaime alias Mike Filsaime is an American author, software developer, personal improvement coach, social media expert and business consultant who is better known as Internet Marketing guru of gurus.His famous book is Butterfly Marketing. The concepts are mentioned easily in his books those are till useful in internet marketing filed.

25. Willie Crawford :

Willie Crawford is one of the world's leading joint venture expert and internet marketing mentor.His teaching based on Internet Marketing and time management mantras.His e-books become a popular tools for internet marketing professionals.

26. Ewen Chia :

Ewen Chia is one of the most successful Asian Internet Marketing Guru and Expert Affiliate Marketer who hails from Singapore.He is one of the famous author of books on internet marketing and working from home through the internet. He is well established an expert affiliate marketing guru .

27. Eric Rockefeller :

Eric Rockefeller is one of the most successful affiliate marketers around the globe who has been considered crazy for mentioning that there one may not need pay per click advertising campaign for inviting more traffic to any website just do as he has done .

28. Tellman Knudson :

Tellman Knudson is the CEO and ultra distance runner and Overcome Everything Inc who is also a Certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner Expert. He has expressed a view in his book that asking questions is a tremendously powerful thing so ask advice from people who are smarter and people who have done those you are trying to do.

29. Costa Dedes :

Costa Dedes is an Internet marketer who gets success via his book “Tom Traffic System” where he has explained nearly all the aspects of internet marketing and e-entrepreneurship mantras.

30. Nick Nelson :

Nick Nelson is one of the famous public relationship expert who catches the minds of corporate bosses.He writes in books such as the most expensive marketing is that does n’t work which depend on client's relationships with this idea in mind and produce marketing campaigns .

31. Gary Vaynerchuk :

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the co-founder and CEO of a social media brand consulting agency, video blogger, co-owner and director of operations of a retail store, and an author and public speaker of various entrepreneur seminars.He has the power to bring an abundance of energy to any event .Any one admires as an inspiration.

32. David Meerman Scott :

David Meerman Scott is an American online marketing strategies guru , and author of several books on marketing such as The New Rules of Marketing and PR.He is an expert in the field of corporate marketing strengths and weaknesses who marketers would love to meet face-to-face on the ground.

33. Chris Brogan :

Chris Brogan is an American well known author, journalist, marketing consultant, and frequent speaker about social media marketing strategies.I think ,there is no one who does n’t love Brogan ! He is a true social media guru and an incredibly pleasant and helpful person for any business.

34. Brian Solis :

Brian Solis is one of the best American industry analyst who is an expert of new marketing and communications for corporate world.His long association has made him an expert with many insights of real industry.

35. Mitch Joel :

Mitch Joel is a noted American journalist and publicist who is also the president of Twist Image, a digital marketing agency and the founder partner cum president of Distort Entertainment.He has already become a social media marketing guru in the US and hopefully soon in Europe and around the globe.

36. Tony Hsieh :

Tony Hsieh is an American internet entrepreneur guru and venture capitalist who is also the CEO of the online shoe and clothing shop Zappos.He has revolutionized customer relationship management and would be the best expert to speak on marketing and entrepreneurship.

37. Jeremiah Owyang :

Jeremiah Owyang is one of the best Industry Analyst in the US and founder of Altimeter Group.There is no doubt as he is one of the best expert to review technology related products .He is also a guru of social media with experience on both the vendor and brand side as recent survey says like so.

38. Robert Scoble :

Robert Scoble is a pioneer American professional blogger and technical evangelist who is well known for his blog Scobleizer .He has expressed in a seminar that SEO is n’t important and SEM should be renamed OM for Online Marketing to represent the ‘holistic approach’ that small business owners need to take.

39. Guy Kawasaki :

Guy Kawasaki is a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, bestselling author and an employee of Apple inc.He has glorified his experience in his books which are inspired many entrepreneurs and startups. There is no one in corporate world boss who does not know Guy Kawasaki.

40. Ken McArthur :

Ken McArthur is an expert author, marketing guru, legendary creator of Impact, and the resident expert in forming partnerships and collaborations in corporate world.Recently I have read his book named as Impact: How to Get Noticed, Motivate Millions and Make a Difference in a Noisy World,” which is deeply inspired me .

41. Felicia Slattery :

Felicia Slattery is an expert communication consultant, speaker, and coaching guru communication trainers.She teaches Felicia teaches the value of being able to communicate effectively in any format which can make successful entrepreneur.42. Bob the Teacher :

Bob Jenkins alias Bob the Teacher is an internet business marketing teacher who is become a celebrity marketing guru.Bob teaches the method how to use a variety of marketing tools and not be afraid of them. Tele-seminars, squeeze pages, mind mapping, Squidoo, Twitter,Hubpages and many more.

43. Darren Rowse :

Darren Rowse is an Australian professional blogger, expert speaker, consultant guru and founder of ProBlogger.He is also the editor and founder of Digital Photography School and SnapnDeals. He has written some best selling e-books which makes him more popular than before. Affiliate marketing and job board marketing are his another credit.

44. Ken Evoy :

Ken Evoy is a Canadian toy maker who is also the founder and Chairman of the Board of SiteSell and Site Build It for web building and hosting.Ken teaches the importance of a content-rich site for business in virtual world as well as real world.

45 .Marlon Sanders :

Marlon Sanders is considered as a founding fathers of Internet Marketing in the UK. His famous book "The Amazing Formula that Sells Products Like Crazy" is one of my favorite till date.His lots of great products and Marlon's Marketing In a Minute newsletter are always attract the newbie entrepreneurs as well as established corporate bosses.

46 . Mike Litman :

Mike Litman is a professor of Concordia University, Wisconsin who knows your dream and attach action to it which surely will bring to you the success.He is the author of the best-selling book "Conversations With Millionaires." There is no doubt any one can be inspired from his book.

47. Carrie Wilkerson :

Carrie Wilkerson hails from Dallas ,USA who is better known as "The Barefoot Executive ".She teaches professionally and personally the corporate life to teaching high school to sales, to information marketing, consulting, and even virtual service provider.She shows real-life examples and tough love translates to every audience, gender, genre and generation as a speaker.

48 . Wendy Y. Bailey :

Wendy Y Bailey hails from Atlanta who is a certified life and business coach with a passion for coaching groups based on persuasive marketing, sensory learning and influence. She is not only a group coaching expert but also coach of coaches who can show how to incorporate skills into business model.

49. Allan Gardyne :

Allan Gardyne is one of the pioneer Australian Internet marketing guru with a very surprising distinction of Entrepreneurship and affiliate marketing.He is the founder and owner of AssociatePrograms which disappointes me. Any one wants to know how to make a living as an affiliate marketer then must connect this guru.

50 . Mark Hendricks :

Mark Hendricks is an Internet entrepreneur who is the founder of the Internet-Success-System. Hendricks drew upon his 25 years of experience in sales and marketing. He reveals The Secret, the popular Oprah-endorsed book that holds the keys to success in life .Any one can easily get in touch with this marketing guru.

Thoughts of the Author :-

These 50 marketing and entrepreneur guru have influenced me and my works , and I have listed here by thinking that this list may be helpful to our readers. But I am not sure about your thinking about the list , if i have missed some one then don't hesitate to drop a few sentences in comment box.

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